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3 Strategies To Keep Tech-Hungry Millennials Happy In the Workplace


July 19, 2019



3 Strategies To Keep Tech-Hungry Millennials Happy

Millennials are beginning to take over nothing specific, but rather everything. From surging into the workforce to our technological wizzes. You name it, they know it. You ask for it, they know how to answer it. The only thing the rest of us can do that is sometimes out of their control is to keep millennials happy in the workplace. Technology and millennials come as a package deal in the midst of our digital age, meaning the adoption of technology-based programs is essential.

The typically-understood high expectations of millennials can be frightening for some Baby Boomers, unsure how to approach the generation of rising power. But we are here to say it is a myth and that it is a whole lot easier than it is made out to be.

We provide you with three, guaranteed to be effective, strategies to keep your tech-hungry millennials satisfied in their roles.

1. Make sure training is responsive and instantaneous to keep up with demand

In our technological age, we are becoming increasingly familiar with our questions being immediately answered with access to thousands of sources with relevant information just on that one question. In light of this, it is important for training to remain responsive and up-to-date, suiting the needs and preferences of employees. When training suits learners, motivation and engagement are simultaneously boosted, contributing to the successful growth of the corporation. A way to make training responsive is by implementing a microlearning mobile LMS where learners are able to access their course content on their own devices and in their own time. Instead of learners revolving time around training, it’s time for training to revolve its time around them.

2. Accomodate increasing digital consumption

Digital consumption is significantly growing by the day, making it pivotal for the accomodation of digital needs and preferences of millennials. As we see the significant reduction of hard-copy newspapers and magazines, the use of technological devices and applications is indicative of the future direction of digital consumption and it’s only going one way… up. To keep up with ever changing trends, it’s time to flip the chameleon switch and move with the times. The ‘times’ being to manoeuvre from traditional training programs to modern, digital ones.

3. Focus on mobile-based training

If you see a millennial, you’ll most likely see a mobile phone that comes with them. Wherever they go. Yep, we heard some even take them underwater. From who we heard that from is irrelevant, all you need to take from this is that whatever shows up on a millennial’s smartphone is what they are most likely to engage in. Training made mobile means that learners are able to access the content of their choice at a time of their convenience. This means that employees will not only progress through more training, but also will be more knowledgeable and retain more information about the company and corporate processes.


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Guest Author Daniel Brown

Daniel Brown is a senior technical editor and writer that has worked in the education and technology sectors for two decades. Their background experience includes curriculum development and course book creation.

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