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11 Sales Enablement Apps


May 20, 2022



Sales Enablement Apps

Sales enablement apps are used to help your sales team from the start of the sales process all the way through the end. These apps help you to train your sales force, gather potential customers and guide your team to close sales. Sales enablement apps are important as they will boost revenue and help to grow your business. We’ve listed 10 sales enablement apps that you and your teams can use to implement your sales strategy and achieve your sales goals.

1. SC Training (formerly EdApp)

Not all customers, products, and marketplaces are the same so it is in your best interest to get a sales enablement app that allows you the ability to create flexible, tailor-made sales training material, so your sales team can continuously adapt according to your sales metrics. SC Training (formerly EdApp), a mobile-first app, utilizes gamification techniques that are sure to keep your sales team engaged throughout courses to ensure that they learn enough to differentiate between a sales funnel and sales pipeline properly, create a strategic selling plan that allows them to ensure ROI, and boost their overall sales performance. You even have an opportunity to keep your salespeople sharp by having micro-learning lessons delivered to them in a timely manner and then test their understanding with quizzes that utilize spaced repetition. All of this is trackable through analytics and reports so you will never miss a beat. If your sales force is based internationally, you can deliver content in multiple languages with its intuitive AI translation tool.

Sales Enablement App - SC Training (formerly EdApp) Sales Courses

Price: Free

Features: LMS, Authoring Tool, Editable Content Library, Spaced Repetition, Mobile Learning, Microlearning, Rapid refresh, Elearning Gamification, Active Learning

2. Juro

Juro is another mobile sales enablement platform. Juro’s all-in-one contract automation software enables sales teams to self-serve on contracts, rather than relying on legal teams to run the entire contract process for them. The contract software enables sales teams to create a contract in seconds using automated templates and pull data directly from Salesforce and other CRM systems to make populating contracts quick and easy. It also automates the rest of the contract lifecycle, making contract management accessible beyond legal teams. By doing this, Juro removes the bottlenecks that hold business teams back from closing deals and provides them with the foundations for faster and more efficient revenue capture.

Sales enablement app - Juro

Price: Different paid plans for startups, teams, and scaling companies

Features: Template editor, approval workflows, negotiation functionality, native eSignature, smart storage, renewal reminders, permission controls, and more.

3. Reply

Reply is a sales enablement app that is ideal for sales workers and entrepreneurs who need help with organizing their sales and marketing strategy. The app is useful for identifying sales prospects and it’s great for outreach, especially with its email search feature. The platform also has a browser extension feature that makes it easy to reach potential clients on sites like Linkedin by identifying them and then adding their contact details to your system. You have the option to create the sequence in which your potential clients are contacted such as manual emails or calls, but you can also automate the entire process. Keep in mind that the platform could get pricy when used for a large team.

Sales Enablement App - Reply IO

Price: 5-0

Features: performance stats, checklists, Unlimited email searches via LinkedIn, built-in dialler, create workflows

4. Membrain

Membrain is a sales enablement app that has a CRM dedicated to sales. The platform is aimed at improving sales techniques for companies involved in B2B sales and will guide your team through the entire sales process, so no problem even with complicated sales. You will have the option to store sales contacts directly to the Membrain CRM plus you get the option to create additional fields for more data such as email, website, or any other thing you want. The intuitive software helps you to identify your best customers and guides your sales team to increase sales, improve customer relationships, and solidify sales effectiveness through better customer understanding and executing growth plans. However, you may have to use a separate software to provide additional sales management training materials to your sales team.

Sales Enablement App - Membrain

Price: Upwards of 9/month

Features: Prospecting, Opportunities, Active Pipeline, CRM, Add-On Modules, Integrations, Android and iOS, Agenda Overview, Salesforce Integration, Opportunity Management, Bi-Directional Sync, Sales Analytics

5. Process Street

The Process Street app can be used to follow up with previously generated leads, send out valuable welcome packages to newly acquired clients, and schedule meetings, which are important things that can be used to grow sales. You can also get your team involved with this app by creating sales checklists from templates with the platform’s drag and drop feature then assigning them to your team. You can keep track of completed tasks with the embedded progress bar and task-by-task notifications. Process Street is integrated with Zapier so you have connections to over 1000 platforms. The platform is great but we’re sure you’d also like it if you could use such a wonderful platform to also train your sales staff.

Sales Enablement App - Process Street

Price: 5-custom pricing

Features: Conditional logic, assignments, Zapier integration, approval system, checklists, track progress, collaborate with colleagues, Automation

6. LevelEleven

Sales require a lot from the people involved, as much as from the tools at their disposal. LevelEleven recognizes this and approaches sales enablement from the angle of improving your sales team as individuals. It uses three pillars to accomplish this—Motivate, Engage, and Coach. For the coaching aspect, you can develop your sales team with actionable feedback and customizable templates all in one location. Boost employee engagement and get them focused on customer experience and other behaviors that will drive sales. You can use the feedback feature of LevelEleven to course-correct and keep your team on the best growth path. The final pillar, Motivate, is often seen as the most important. Motivate your sales team by using the platform to create healthy sales contests. If you had the option to deliver micro-learning lessons with LevelEleven though, that would put it over the top.

Sales Enablement App - Level Eleven

Price: Contact for details

Features: Gamification system, Detailed analytics, Coaching system, Progress tracking

7. Chorus.ai

Another sales enablement app is Chorus.ai. This app is a conversation intelligence platform that analyzes the conversations and performance of their sales reps from their sales meetings and delivers data-driven insights that will show you the most effective sales strategies and methods that your team can take advantage of. This allows you to improve the content of your sales coaching methods to better the skills of your team. Chorus.ai is only available as a paid plan, with no free ways to access the tool. Additionally, the platform has no course or authoring tool.

Sales Enablement App - Chorus

Price: Paid plans

Features: Calls and meeting analysis, delivers data-driven insights, data gathered can be used to improve the skills of your team

8. Gong

If you’re in need of a platform that captures communication, analyzes data, delivers insights, and provides coaching to your sales representatives, then Gong is the one for you. Gong can assist you all throughout your onboarding and training at the start of your coaching process up until deal execution and strategic initiatives, basically providing you with actionable steps that will get your sales representatives quickly accomplishing their goals. Gong mainly works as a revenue intelligence tool, but it can support you in your sales enablement with its integration feature. 

Sales Enablement App - Gong

Price: Paid plans

Features: Captures communication, analyzes data, delivers insights, deal execution, strategic initiatives, onboarding

9. Trainual

Trainual is an excellent sales enablement app that you can use to onboard or refresh your current employees’ knowledge without location restrictions. Building learning materials, like sales handbooks, retail manuals, checklists, and orientation outlines, is easy and hassle-free, thanks to its 150+ free pre-built templates. While it does not support SCORM or other eLearning formats, there is the option of embedding images, videos, and multiple-choice questions. If you want to document your organization’s policies and procedures, this sales tool also offers around 30+ free Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) templates that you can use, so you no longer have to start from scratch. 

Sales Enablement App - Trainual

Price: Free, paid plans start at 9 USD per month

Features: 150+ pre-built templates for training courses, 30+ free Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) templates for policies and procedures, Images, videos, and multiple-choice questions

10. uQualio

uQualio is a sales enablement app that you can use to build and deploy sales training courses for your employees. Using their video-based course builder, you can design high-quality sales training programs from scratch. You can even create videos out of your screen recordings, upload pre-recorded content, or add Vimeo and Youtube links to your sales training program. If you want to track your learners’ completion rates and address their learning gaps, take advantage of the tool’s easy-to-use reporting features. The best part of using uQualio is that you don’t have to worry about online accessibility as the video learning tool can be accessed on both desktop and mobile devices.

Sales Enablement App - uQualio

Price: Free trial, paid plans start at 9 USD per month

Features: Video-based course builder, course progress and user activity reports, mobile accessibility, Youtube & Vimeo support

11. Seismic

Seismic is a powerful sales enablement app that provides a centralized hub for your sales team to access everything they need to succeed. Here, you can personalize your content to deliver meaningful messaging, stories, and more. To make things easier, you can automate content and leave it up to Seismic when it comes to content workflows and approval processes. To help sales grow faster, this sales enablement app also comes with actionable insights with content analytics to empower your teams to focus on the right avenues.

Sales Enablement App - Seismic

Price: Available upon request

Features: Content personalization, automation, analytics


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