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6 Reasons Why a Mobile Learning Tool Improves Enterprise Learning


June 18, 2019



Mobile learning tools offer a plethora of benefits to the successful functioning of enterprise learning. Learning is improved through the consolidation of new knowledge for learners, whether they are in the onboarding stage or for ongoing learning. 

We have gathered six distinguished reasons why strong mobile learning tools are essential for enterprise success.

1. Interactivity is offered to learners

Effective microlearning modules incorporate interactive elements to engage learners and boost productivity. Rather than learners having to sift through an abundance of thick and tedious information, they are able to experience learning in bursts, where they are able to physically complete their training through game-like quizzes and other exercises.

2. The implementation of gamification

Gamification is the implementation of gaming elements into corporate training. Yep, the introduction of aspects such as leaderboards, point scores and badges. There’s no better way to introduce a little healthy competition, whilst simultaneously fully informing employees of company protocols, processes and products.

3. The ease of accessibility and flexibility

The ability to access online courses on mobile devices means employees can learn on-the-go, fitting into their blocked up schedules and fast-paced lives. Whether it is on their train commute or waiting for a flight. Not only beneficial to employees, employers are able to set aside less time for face-to-face training, meaning employees and employers are more productive in a day.

4. Employee progress can be tracked and analysed

Keeping track of employees’ learning progress can be difficult without a system set in place. How do you know if they have completed their training, or if they are struggling with the content? Mobile learning tools allow for the progression of employees to be monitored and maintained throughout ongoing employee training.

5. Content creation made easy

Good authoring tools make content creation easy by offering an array of aesthetic and logistically effective templates. The templates can be easily branded and themed, as well as content being able to be edited when trends are arising in the industry or company.

6. Boosted employee engagement in enterprise values and objectives

Spaced repetition facilitates the retention of new knowledge from microlearning modules. Good authoring tools offer this spaced theory, where learners are reminded of previous information presented to them in short intervals. This instills motivation in employees, meaning engagement is boosted and values, and objectives are achieved.


Want to implement an mLearning authoring tool?

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Guest Author Daniel Brown

Daniel Brown is a senior technical editor and writer that has worked in the education and technology sectors for two decades. Their background experience includes curriculum development and course book creation.

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