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10 Automotive Industry Training Platforms


January 13, 2023



Automotive Industry Training Platforms

Creating training courses for the automotive industry has never been easier than before – thanks to the advancement of automotive training platforms in the market. Even better? These platforms made it possible to educate and upskill your automotive workers across various locations without the expense of organizing an in-person training program. Below, you’ll get to explore our list of automotive industry platforms to find the best one you can use for your team. 

1. SC Training (formerly EdApp)

SC Training (formerly EdApp) is the go-to automotive industry training platform jam-packed with powerful training solutions and strategies that are built and backed by learning science. This platform has been used by well-known automotive companies such as Audi, Bentley, BMW, and others, so you can be confident in the quality of their training solutions.

Automotive Industry Training Platforms - SC Training (formerly EdApp)

Create automotive industry courses in minutes, not hours or days, with the use of its course creator tool. It comes with pre-set templates so you can immediately jumpstart your course creation process. You can also customize the slides with your own content and strategies for a more personalized learning experience.

Safety in the Workplace - SC Training (formerly EdApp) Course Creator Tool

This automotive training platform also takes pride in its variety of pre-made free online automotive training courses that can quickly get your workforce up to speed on the skills they need to perform their tasks. There’s a course on Safe Use of Machinery, designed to guide workers through protocols and procedures when handling different types of machinery.

Automotive Industry Training Platforms - SC Training (formerly EdApp) Safe Use of Machinery

The platform also houses a course about Safety in the Workplace, which compiles safety compliance information and safe practices to steer clear of the most common workplace accidents and mishaps. 

Automotive Industry Training Platforms - SC Training (formerly EdApp) Safety in the Workplace

Cost: Free (up to 10 users)

Key features: 

  • Course creator tool
  • Elearning templates
  • Pre-made automotive training courses

Create better learning experiences with the best automotive industry training platform today! Try SC Training (formerly EdApp) for free.


KREDO is equipped with competitive tools and features that can also help you create training content and upgrade automotive skills and knowledge of your workforce. The most popular one is their virtual reality (VR) training tool, which allows you to build an immersive learning experience for your team and practice their skills in a risk-free environment.

Automotive Industry Training Platforms - Kredo

There’s also a microlearning-based creator tool that you can use if you want to build bite-sized elearning modules, like an automotive manual or machine handling procedures. These courses can be combined with KREDO’s gamification strategy to rev up the mood of your workers and make learning more fun and thrilling. 

KREDO isn’t exactly free, but they do offer a free trial and demo, so you can check out their features first before making a purchase.

Cost: Paid plans

Key features: 

  • VR training tool
  • Elearning course creator tool
  • Gamification

3. AIAG Store

The AIAG Store is an automotive industry training platform managed by the Automotive Industry Action Group (AIAG), a not-for-profit organization of professionals involved in the automotive industry. Here, you’ll find a compilation of elearning courses that are geared towards helping automotive workers expand their knowledge and hone their skills in the field. The only catch is that your workers will only have access to these resources for 60 days following the date of their registration. 

Safety in the Workplace - AIAG Store

Apart from these online automotive training, the platform also offers free assessments to gauge your workers’ competency and readiness for their job role. They’re mostly free for both members and non-members of AIAG. 

Cost: Free and paid courses

Key features: 

  • Compilation of elearning courses
  • Free automotive assessments

4. Mykademy LMS

If you’re looking for a customizable automotive industry training platform that you can rebrand and call your own, then Mykademy LMS is the place to go. This platform has a built-in course and curriculum builder that allows you to build and personalize courses and online exams with your brand requirements. For an even more customized learning experience, you can also create a fully white-labeled website and mobile app with your own branding and domain name

Automotive Industry Training Platforms - Mykademy LMS

Just a quick heads up that this platform has limited templates to their website builder. You might have to come up with your own design if you want to be a little more creative with the look of your training. 

Cost: Paid plans

Key features: 

  • Course and curriculum builder
  • Online exams
  • White-labeled website and mobile app

5. TPC Training

TPC Training’s automotive industry training solutions include a comprehensive catalog of online and self-guided classes designed to train and educate your employees, both on-site and off-site. But if you’re more into the traditional live training with activities and discussions, TPC can also help you organize one. Even better, they can arrange weblinks for your workers who are unable to attend the training in person. 

Automotive Industry Training Platforms - TPC Training

What’s unique about this platform is that it also offers an automotive troubleshooting simulation. This feature allows workers to practice their newly taught skills in a virtual environment without the risk of equipment damage or production downtime.  

Cost: Professional plans starts at 19 USD/ month

Key features: 

  • Online and self-guided classes
  • Face-to-face training session with weblinks
  • Automotive troubleshooting simulation

6. Skill Lake

Skill Lake is a modern learning experience platform (LXP) topped with training features you can use to train your automotive workforce, making sure that their skills and knowledge are aligned with your organizational standards. Through this platform, you can build automotive-related courses with visual content, graphical illustrations, and gamification elements to maximize engagement and retention. You can even assign mentors or coaches in each course to give your team extra support on their learning journey. 

Automotive Industry Training Platforms - Skilllake

Another plus feature is that you can conduct graded assessments using this training platform. Tracking won’t be a hassle since it can automatically generate reports with a holistic view of your employees’ skills and capabilities.

Cost: Paid plans

Key features: 

  • Course builder
  • Mentoring and coaching support
  • Graded assessments
  • Automated tracking and reporting

7. Speexx 

Unlike most of the automotive industry training platforms on this list, Speexx is a digital language learning tool that uses advanced artificial intelligence (AI) to push the right training content for every individual user. The process is simple – they start with a personal assessment to identify goals and focus areas of your workers, and then use their smart algorithm to deliver the right training for them. There are also personal coaches that will guide your team throughout their learning process. 

Safety in the Workplace - Speex

Speexx also comes with a state-of-the-art learning analytics tool, which can bring all your data into one place. This makes the tracking and monitoring of your automotive training easier and stress-free. 

Cost: Paid plans

Key features: 

  • AI-based digital language learning
  • Personal assessment
  • Personal coaches
  • Learning analytics tool

8. Globibo

Globibo houses an array of credible automotive elearning training programs created and verified by subject-matter experts around the world. Whether you need training for automotive technicians or automotive sales, this course hosting platform has pretty much every content your workforce needs to hone their skills and align it with the industry’s trends and best practices. 

Automotive Industry Training Platforms - Globibo

Most of these programs come with knowledge applications and assessments for tracking and monitoring purposes. Your team will receive certificate after their training completion that they can add to their credentials.

Cost: Paid plans

Key features: 

  • Automotive elearning training programs
  • Knowledge applications and assessments
  • Completion certificates

9. Violet LMS

Violet LMS is a great option if you need to refresh the skill set of your current workforce or onboard your freshly hired employees. This LMS platform is known for its simplified course maker tool, allowing you to create courses with no knowledge of complex system functions. Thanks to the platform’s strict authentication process and regularly updated security system, all course materials as well as the personal data of your team remain secured and protected. 

Automotive Industry Training Platforms - Violet LMS

Another key feature that you might find helpful from this training platform is its easy integration with third-party hosting tools like Zoom, WebX, MS Team, and more. This makes it easier to create and host live automotive training sessions for your remote teams. 

Cost: Free and paid plans

Key features: 

  • Course maker tool
  • Up-to-date security system
  • Third-party integrations

10. Seek LMS

Seek LMS is a cloud-based automotive industry training platform focused on helping automotive industries improve their training outcomes. Among its key features is its course authoring tool, which lets you build elearning courses with different media files, like images, videos, and voice-overs. It also has rich course settings, giving you the flexibility to configure the rules of your courses. You can set an expiry date, configure delivery modes, and activate drip schedules, giving your team a seamless learning experience. 

Safety in the Workplace - Seek LMS

Another interesting feature that your automotive team will find useful is its communication channels. These channels can be used by your team to discuss topics and gain insights from one another. 

Cost: Free and paid plans

Key features: 

  • Authoring tool
  • Up-to-date security system
  • Third-party integrations


Jeanellie Avelino

Jen is a learning expert at SC Training (formerly EdApp), a mobile-based training platform that helps corporates and businesses bring their training solutions to the next level. She carries an extensive writing experience in a variety of fields, including architecture, the gig economy, and computer software. Outside of work, she enjoys her free time watching her favorite series and documentaries, reading motivational books, and cross-stitching.

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