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10 Tools for corporate learning


July 31, 2023



Tools for corporate learning

Corporate learning is an important component of any successful business. Whether you're a seasoned executive or a fresh-faced intern, continuous learning and skill development are crucial to thriving in the corporate world. With the rise of technology, many tools are now available to facilitate corporate learning.

No more flipping through outdated textbooks or fumbling through heaps of information online. Instead, unlock your team’s potential and empower them to upskill with these carefully handpicked tools for corporate learning.

What is corporate learning?

Corporate learning is designed to enhance the knowledge, skills, and competencies of employees to keep pace with the ever-evolving landscape of different industries. In simple terms, it's an organization's way of fostering continuous growth and development among its workforce.

It involves a range of carefully tailored initiatives and talent management strategies, such as training programs, workshops, seminars, and online courses, all aimed at empowering employees to excel in their roles and take on new challenges with confidence.

1. SC Training (formerly EdApp)

If you’re looking for a cutting-edge tool for corporate learning, SC Training (formerly EdApp) is the top platform to consider. Large corporations like Coca-Cola, Unitar, Pandora, and Deloitte love using this LMS because it offers powerful features that can take corporate training to a whole new level.

Tool for corporate learning - SC Training (formerly EdApp)

What makes SC Training (formerly EdApp) stand out from the crowd is its awesome course creator tool. It's so easy to use with its simple drag-and-drop structure, allowing you to whip up beautiful courses with interactive content effortlessly.

Tool for corporate learning - SC Training (formerly EdApp) creator tool

Now, if you're pressed for time and don't want to start from scratch, no worries! Head over to SC Training (formerly EdApp)'s editable course library offering over 1,000 pre-built courses tailored to various industries like sales, construction, healthcare, and retail. You can use them as-is or tweak them to fit your learning goals and brand identity. 

What’s more? SC Training (formerly EdApp) now has a cutting-edge Create with AI feature. Simply type in the topics you want your course to cover, and voila! Your content will be magically generated for you. Talk about saving brain power and time!

Tool for corporate learning - SC Training (formerly EdApp) AI create

If you’d rather have authoring pros doing the work for you, check out SC Training (formerly EdApp)’s course creation services. With this option, a team of expert instructional designers will collaborate with you to bring your training content to life.

Aside from course creation and learning management, this learning and development software also offers powerful reporting and analytics features. These allow you to effortlessly track each team member's progress and identify areas that need improvement. 

Tool for corporate learning - SC Training (formerly EdApp) reporting and analytics

This means you can keep your training content up-to-date and make sure your team is getting the best learning experience possible. And with actionable reports and push notifications, you can even boost completion rates among those who might be slacking off a bit.

Cost: Free

Key features:

  • Creator tool
  • Course library
  • Create with AI
  • Course creation services
  • Reporting and analytics
  • Push notifications

Join SC Training (formerly EdApp) for free and revolutionize your organization’s corporate learning initiatives!

2. Open LMS

With Open LMS, you can create engaging training content and help your team boost their skills with ease. The best part is, you can build the content right within the platform using its built-in course creator tool. And if you've got your own training materials from other LMS, no worries! You can quickly import them with the platform’s SCORM support.

Tool for corporate learning - Open LMS

The cool thing is that you can keep track of how your learners are doing in real time through easy-to-use tracking and reporting tools. This way, you can make sure they're making the most out of their training. And it gets even better! This LMS is open source, which means you can add new features, integrate it with other systems, and tailor it to fit your specific needs.

Here's the catch though – if you don't have much expertise in open-source coding, the process of customizing it might be a tad challenging. But with a little effort and learning, you can make it work like a charm.

Cost: Contact Open LMS for pricing

Key features:

  • Course creator tool
  • Reporting tools
  • SCORM support
  • Open source LMS

3. eduMe

eduMe can be used as a one-stop shop for your employees to find all the training materials they need. They've got this awesome in-house learning design team that works hard to create top-notch courses for learners. They want to make sure everyone gets the best learning experience possible.

Tool for corporate learning - eduMe

You don't have to rely solely on their design team. You can get creative too and use eduMe's content builder or even try out the Tiktok for Training format to create your own training lessons. 

Through the tool’s knowledge hubs feature, your team members can even share their own tips, tricks, and knowledge with the whole team. It's like a two-way learning street where everyone can contribute and grow together!

Cost: Contact eduMe for pricing

Key features:

  • Content builder
  • Tiktok training format
  • Knowledge hubs

4. 360learning

As a manager or team leader, you'll love how easy it is to develop and deploy training content with 360learning. It boasts an authoring suite, a content integration system, and an analytics dashboard to help you keep everything in check. No need for in-person meetings, and you don't need to be a tech whiz to use the tools. You can create top-notch courses in just a few minutes, making it super convenient. 

Tool for corporate learning - 360learning

Plus, 360Learning lets you spice up your courses with all kinds of learning resources. Add corporate training videos, images, blog articles, and research to keep things fresh and engaging. Your employees will love the up-to-date and exciting content.

Oh, and it gets even better! Your workers can join in on the fun with collaborative features like discussion boards and group pages. They can also participate in meetings with you and their fellow colleagues, making the learning experience even more interactive and engaging.

Cost: Free trial, Paid plans start at 8 USD per user per month

Key features:

  • Authoring suite
  • Fully customizable courses
  • Analytics dashboard
  • Discussion boards

5. Arlo

Arlo takes your training beyond the ordinary with live and interactive webinars, peer-to-peer discussion forums, and recorded videos. Your learners will have a blast engaging with training content from anywhere they want, anytime they want.

Tool for corporate learning - Arlo

Through the tool, you can also create personalized modules for your learners to complete at their own pace, all online, hassle-free! You can even set up quizzes, keep track of scores, and monitor their progress effortlessly.

And get this – Arlo's training management system is highly innovative! It streamlines all those pesky processes and simplifies tasks. Say goodbye to wasted time, and hello to increased course registrations and training completions.

Cost: Starts at 122 USD per month

Key features:

  • Discussion forums
  • Personalized elearning modules
  • Course management
  • Live online (webinars)

6. Bridge

As a corporate learning tool, Bridge has a fantastic range of training features that will completely supercharge your training process. They've got everything you need to level up your corporate training programs. But what sets them apart is their native course authoring tool.

Tool for corporate learning - Bridge

You don't need to be a tech whiz or have any coding knowledge to use it. It's so user-friendly and intuitive with its drag-and-drop functionality. You can customize your courses like a pro without breaking a sweat.

And that's not all – Bridge has got your back with nifty analytics dashboards. You'll get all the juicy insights into your employees' training progress, helping you spot learning gaps and evaluate your team's knowledge levels.

Cost: Contact Bridge for pricing

Key features:

  • Authoring tool
  • Analytics dashboard
  • Mobile app and offline learning

7. Eduflow

When it comes to corporate learning, companies like Google, ETH Zurich, Avado, and Backbase have put their trust in Eduflow. It comes with a full set of features for creating top-notch courses, fostering social-based learning, and keeping tabs on learners’ training data.

Tool for corporate learning - Eduflow

With its drag-and-drop course authoring tool, you can create training lessons in minutes. And no matter what type of content, whether it's formatted text, images, videos, or file uploads - you don’t have to worry as the tool handles it all. You can also seamlessly import content from other interactive training software using integrations.

Eduflow lets you set up awesome group activities, peer reviews, and feedback sessions. You'll also be in the know about your team’s progress with the help of their data-driven insights.

Cost: Free plan, Paid plans start at 45 USD per month

Key features:

  • Drag and drop course authoring
  • Integrations
  • Comprehensive analytics
  • Peer-to-peer learning

8. Trainual

Among this list of corporate training tools, Trainual is another solution that's perfect for onboarding new employees and training your current team members. What's cool about it is that you can build and customize your learning materials with just a few clicks. 

Tool for corporate learning - Trainual

The tool has a whopping 150+ free templates to choose from. You can also spice things up by embedding images and videos, and even throwing in some multiple-choice questions to keep things engaging.

Once your training courses are good to go, your employees can access them from various devices like iOS, Android, and web browsers. And here's the cherry on top – Trainual emphasizes the importance of process and procedure documentation by offering playbook templates that make training repeatable and scalable.

Cost: Free trial, Paid plans start at 8 USD per user per month

Key features:

  • Course templates
  • Playbook templates
  • Multiple device compatibility

9. Innform

With Innform, you're in the driver's seat when it comes to building corporate training courses. There's no limit – you can create as many as you want, and they can be packed with awesome images and videos to keep things engaging. 

Tool for corporate learning - Innform

It’s also SCORM-compatible so if you’ve got some existing courses from other SCORM-compliant LMS, just upload them to Innform - easy peasy. After you've got your courses ready, you can create gamified quizzes to make sure your learners are soaking up that knowledge.

Oh, and here's another neat feature – Innform lets you customize certificates for your learners so they can feel accomplished after their training sessions.

Cost: Free trial, Paid plans start at £1 per user per month

Key features:

  • Authoring tool with SCORM import/export capabilities
  • Quizzes
  • Gamification elements
  • Course certificate

10. ProProfs

ProProfs is another game-changer in the world of corporate learning. It comes with a built-in course authoring tool with over a hundred ready-made templates to choose from. Just pick one that suits your style, add your own videos, images, and text, and voila! Your course can start to take shape.

Tool for corporate learning - ProProfs

Through its course library, you’ll find a treasure trove of pre-made courses covering crucial topics like compliance, sales, leadership, and customer service training. You can easily deploy these gems to your teams for some top-notch training.

If you want to know how well your learners are doing, this tool has your back with its simple online quiz maker. Test your team’s knowledge levels and get all the details of their learning progress with the tool’s AI-powered reporting feature.

Compared to other training and development companies, ProProfs makes collaboration and knowledge sharing a breeze. It offers a learning community, virtual classrooms, and discussion forums to keep your learners engaged and connected.

Cost: Free trial, Paid plans start at 2.46 USD per user per month

Key features:

  • Course authoring
  • Course library
  • Quiz maker
  • Virtual classroom


Hannah Malmstrom

Hannah is an eLearning writer who dedicates her time to creating in-depth content about SC Training (formerly EdApp), a multi-award-winning mobile LMS that has pioneered one of the most progressive microlearning solutions on the market. She brings years of writing experience in the online software industry to her current role in the eLearning sphere. When she's not writing, you can find her catching up on new anime series or re-reading her favorite novels.

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