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10 Corporate training tools


June 27, 2023



Corporate training tools

Corporate training is a great way to make sure your employees are always at the top of their game. To help you with this, we've put together a list of the top corporate training tools that'll let you enhance your team's skills, knowledge, and competencies in the workplace.

1. SC Training (formerly EdApp)

SC Training (formerly EdApp) is a multi-awarded corporate training tool that excels in delivering innovative, convenient, and engaging solutions for modern training needs. It takes pride in its mobile-first microlearning approach to improve overall learning outcomes.

Corporate training tool - SC Training

You can kick off your training by looking into free corporate learning and development programs in SC Training (formerly EdApp)'s vast course library. Currently, it hosts more than 1,000 pre-built courses tailored across industries like sales, construction, healthcare, and retail. You can use them as is, but you can also customize them according to your learning goals or company brand.

Corporate training tool - SC Training Prebuilt courses

But if you'd like to do the courses yourself, you can use SC Training (formerly EdApp)'s cloud-based and intuitive Creator Tool. Here, you can create high-quality training content with over 80 interactive templates at your disposal.

Corporate Training Tool - SC Training (formerly EdApp) Creator Tool

And don’t worry if you don't want to create lessons from scratch, or if you're just looking for the best way to make a course that requires minimal effort. You can take advantage of their newest Create with AI feature. With this, your content will be automatically generated simply by typing out certain topics that you want your course to cover. Not only will you save plenty of brain power, but you'll also have your content ready in no time!

Corporate traiing tool - SC Training's Create with AI

You can also maximize your training's effectiveness by coupling your courses with gamification elements. SC Training (formerly EdApp) has game-based templates like image-word match, true or false, letter jumble, and memory (matching tiles). These games will create a playful learning experience that'll keep your learners engaged and motivated throughout their training.

Corporate training tool - SC Training (formerly EdApp) Gamification

Once you’ve delivered your material, you can monitor and track learner progress effortlessly with its reporting and analytics tool. As a training manager, you'll have a built-in admin dashboard, so you can assess performance, identify skill gaps, and analyze behavioral trends.

Corporate training tool - SC Training Reporting and analytics

And that isn't everything! You'll also have access to other equally useful functionalities in SC Training (formerly EdApp). These include add-on course creation services, AI Doc Transformer (coming soon), practical assessments, and more.

Corporate training tool - SC Training Course Creation Services

To top it off, you get to access all these amazing features when you join for free as SC Training (formerly EdApp)'s dedicated to helping you revolutionize your training initiatives.

Cost: Free (up to 10 users)

Key Features:

  • Mobile-first microlearning
  • Editable course library
  • Creator tool
  • Create with AI
  • Gamification
  • Reporting and Analytics
  • Course creation services (add-on)
  • AI Doc Transformer (coming soon)
  • Practical assessments

Transform your training with the best corporate training tool! Sign up with SC Training (formerly EdApp) today.

2. Teachfloor

If you're looking to train employees on a large scale, Teachfloor is an ideal choice for a corporate training tool. It'll give you everything you need for a virtual school concept, including a curriculum builder, lesson scheduler, student report, and instructor review.

Corporate Training Tool - Teachfloor

It’ll also let you perform both synchronous and asynchronous training. You can conduct virtual live classes and sync live events with Zoom, or create courses and streamline them with automation tools. As a bonus, you can apply unique company branding to your courses with Teachfloor's white-label feature.

Cost: Free (within a 15-day trial); paid plans start at 69 USD monthly

Key Features:

  • Curriculum builder
  • Flexible learning
  • Zoom integration
  • Automation tools

3. Eduflow

Trusted by companies like Google, Avado, and Backbase, Eduflow has become a solid option when it comes to corporate training tools. It boards a set of useful features for course-making, social-based learning, and data tracking.

Corporate Training Tool - EduFlow

For one thing, Eduflow has a powerful rich-text editor that'll let you use integrations to import content from other software. Once courses are delivered, you can also leverage its collaborative features to implement group activities, peer reviews, and feedback. You can always keep track of how everything's going with the platform's data-driven insights.

Cost: Free; paid plans start at 49 USD monthly

Key Features:

  • Rich-text editor
  • Social learning
  • Peer reviews
  • Data dashboard

4. GoToTraining

GoToTraining is a corporate training tool with a user-friendly interface for customizing registration, organizing training materials, and sharing courses. It'll allow you to distribute training materials via email for self-paced learning or conduct live online sessions for real-time interaction with your team.

Corporate Training Tool - GoToTraining

You can also enhance engagement and learning retention rates using exams, collaborations, and group exercises during live sessions. You'd be glad to know that all training courses and assessments are easily accessible, so your learners can revisit them at their convenience.

Cost: Contact GoToTraining

Key Features:

  • Custom registration
  • Online conferencing
  • Collaborative learning
  • Assessments

5. WorkRamp

Like most online learning tools, WorkRamp offers comprehensive solutions for an improved training experience. Its intuitive interface and data dashboards will make it easy for you to address various training needs in onboarding, skills development, and compliance training.

Corporate Training Tool - WorkRamp

As for training content, you can take advantage of their advanced authoring features. It'll allow you to have instructor-led virtual training sessions and customized learning pathways.

Cost: Contact WorkRamp

Key Features:

  • Data dashboards
  • Advanced course builder
  • Instructor-led sessions
  • Customer learning cloud

6. FutureLearn

FutureLearn is another great corporate training tool designed to help employees develop their skills and advance their careers. It has thousands of expert-led programs on different topics in business, healthcare, history, coding, and the creative arts.

Corporate Training Tool - FutureLearn

FutureLearn's self-paced courses are delivered online primarily through videos, exams, and discussions. Plus, one of the best things about it is that it's also a social community, so your teams can engage in meaningful conversations with other users through their enrolled courses.

Cost: Contact FutureLearn

Key Features:

  • Vast program library
  • Instructor-led courses
  • Social learning
  • Certificates available

7. Learner Mobile

If you want to keep your training materials simple but still have the necessary features, you might want to consider using Learner Mobile. Its user-friendly e-learning tools offer an interactive and engaging training experience that your teams will have no problem navigating.

Corporate Training Tool - Learner Mobile

As a training manager, you can create and deploy personalized courses to your teams in just minutes. Its intuitive content creator tool will let you build content for compliance training, job aids, knowledge checks, and how-to videos. You can even implement badges, certifications, and integrations and access clear insights and reporting to monitor progress.

Cost: Free (within a 30-day trial); paid plans start at 2.95 USD monthly per user

Key Features:

  • Content creator tool
  • Badges and certifications
  • Integrations
  • Insights and reporting

8. Whatfix

Whatfix is a digital adoption platform with corporate training tools for employees' onboarding process, remote training, and performance support. Its advanced system will allow you to seamlessly build content, deliver training, and analyze results.

Corporate Training Tool - Whatfix

Using its authoring tool, you can build interactive training content even without any coding experience. It's also flexible enough to let you create personalized condition-based walkthroughs based on your learners' roles, competencies, and locations.

Cost: Contact Whatfix

Key Features:

  • Authoring tool
  • Personalized training
  • Detailed reporting and analytics

9. eduMe

At eduMe, you'll discover plenty of training materials tailored specifically for frontline workers. They have an experienced in-house learning design team that makes sure courses are designed professionally to give learners an effective learning experience.

Corporate Training Tool - eduMe

Although you can rely on their design team, it's not a strict and typical one-way training delivery. That means your employees can also use eduMe's content creation tools or their Tiktok for Training format to create lessons. That way, they can share their own best practices and knowledge with the rest of the workforce.

Cost: Contact eduMe

Key Features:

  • Content builder
  • Microlearning
  • Social media-based training

10. EducateMe

EducateMe is a multi-functional platform with an interface that's convenient both for administrators and learners. Aside from being an LMS for corporate training, it's also perfect for cohort-based courses, boot camps, and acceleration programs.

Corporate Training Tool - EducateMe

With this online training tool, you can develop programs with linked learning activities like interactive assignments and quizzes as a way to engage your teams. Plus, if you want to manage live sessions or classes, EducateMe streamlines it for you via automation tools powered by Zoom and Jitsi integrations.

Cost: Free (within a 14-day trial); paid plans start at 2.5 USD monthly per user

Key Features:

  • Course builder
  • Assignments and quizzes
  • Automation tools
  • Zoom and Jitsi integrations


Ella Mar

Ella is a content writer for SC Training (formerly EdApp), an award-winning e-learning management system designed to help companies deliver high-quality workplace training. In her free time, she enjoys painting, reading, or playing with her cat.

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