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5 Ways to Capture Tacit Knowledge with SC Training (formerly EdApp) Learning Management System


August 26, 2022



Tacit Knowledge Management - SC Training (formerly EdApp)

Tacit knowledge is the one tool in your toolbox that your competitors won’t be able to steal from you. There’s just one thing – this knowledge is incredibly hard to express and communicate. But what if there’s a way to capture it and make it available to your employees? Here, we’ll take a look at some ways to improve your tacit knowledge management using the top-notch digital learning management system (LMS), SC Training (formerly EdApp). 

1. Create a centralized knowledge base

Start improving your organization’s tacit knowledge management by building a centralized knowledge base. Collect all the tacit and explicit knowledge held by your employees and educators, including organizational data and processes. And from there, store everything in a single repository. This way, it’s easier for your team to access knowledge whenever they need it. 

Tacit Knowledge Management - Create a centralized knowledge base

No need to look further – SC Training (formerly EdApp), one of the most reliable knowledge management tools today, can help you build a centralized knowledge repository. 

What’s great about this company training software is that it uses cloud-based technology to store tacit knowledge and other elearning materials that are vital to the success of your organization. This helps make sure that all of your content is backed and kept in a secure and safe location, giving you the peace of mind that you’ll never lose any of your organization’s knowledge. You can even import training courses like management training courses, safety training courses, retail training courses, NY forklift training courses, and other similar programs from their comprehensive course library.

Tacit Knowledge Management - SC Training (formerly EdApp) cloud-based technology

This cloud-based technology also makes content available right away to your team using their own devices. They can access it through their laptops and desktops, and even their hand-held devices like smartphones and tablets.

Join SC Training (formerly EdApp) for free (up to 10 users) and start using the best tacit knowledge management tool today!  

2. Encourage collaboration

Another great way to capture the tacit knowledge of your organization is through collaboration. Remember that tacit knowledge is hard to put into pen and paper, so it would be a good idea to encourage all your people, from upper management to interns, to share their knowledge. Give them a safe space where they can voice out their ideas, opinions, insights, and questions. By doing this, you can rest at ease that no tacit knowledge will end up going to waste. 

Tacit Knowledge Management - Encourage collaboration

SC Training (formerly EdApp)’s in-lesson discussions feature is just the perfect solution to encourage collaboration through your organization. In its most basic form, Discussions is a ‘forum’ style feature that can be offered to your learners like a lesson. Here, you can post some questions or topics that your learners can discuss with each other and exchange tacit knowledge in the process. This feature can be used to reinforce best practices, demonstrate policy and procedures, share customer stories, and more.

Tacit knowledge management - SC Training Discussions

Built with the learners in mind, SC Training (formerly EdApp)’s Discussions supports emojis in discussions. And not only can they send a text-style response, but also add images and videos to effectively explain their thoughts and viewpoints.

3. Use video to share knowledge

Since tacit knowledge is mostly subjective and experiential, video learning becomes extremely important in the knowledge-sharing process. 

Tacit Knowledge Management - Use video to share knowledge

Video learning comes in different forms. There are explainer videos where experts describe a process or share a technique and interactive videos that give new hires the opportunity to participate. There are also live videos where everyone meets virtually and discusses topics or even stories in real-time. Video learning, regardless of its form, offers a convenient way for your top talents to share their tacit knowledge and an effective way for the rest of your employees to receive this knowledge. 

SC Training (formerly EdApp), as a very diverse training platform, can be used to create training videos and share them among your employees. Through its top-notch course creator tool, you can create courses and include videos within your lessons. Upload a tutorial video demonstrating a certain process or a video hosted on either Vimeo or Youtube. And the best part, you can even add multiple videos to the same slide. 

Tacit Knowledge Management - SC Training (formerly EdApp) Video course

This LMS platform and learning technology also offer a blended learning feature. Get to deliver knowledge and track team retention from video courses in one place. Maximize the multimedia content and test it during live sessions. With this feature by SC Training, you can get the best out of your learners.

Tacit knowledge management - SC Training Blended learning

4. Make use of gamification

Gamification has been proven to be an effective way to support learning and knowledge sharing across organizations. By using game-based and m learning elements like leaderboards, reward points, badges, and certificates, you can make a learning environment a fun and exciting experience for your employees. Gamification is also a good way to improve learner engagement and tacit knowledge retention and recall as it reduces barriers to learning and development.

Tacit Knowledge Management - Make use of gamification

SC Training (formerly EdApp) employs several excellent gamification tools to help increase the likelihood of tacit information knowledge being embedded in the long-term memory of many learners. For one, its course authoring tool is packed with game templates that can be used to gamify some of your quizzes or activities in just a few easy steps – no need for any coding experience. From there, you can ask your team to put the tacit knowledge they have stored in their memory into practice. 

Tacit knowledge management - SC Training Gamification

This software also features in-lesson achievements that will elevate your team's learning motivation. Activating this function allows you to keep your team engaged throughout their course with banners and badges. Celebrate their progress and milestones with this integration.

Tacit knowledge management - SC Training Achievements

5. Support learning with additional reading materials

Another effective tacit knowledge management strategy is to support and simplify your learners’ learning journey with additional reading materials. Books, modules, and user guides can definitely help cement the tacit information knowledge in their memory. Plus, these instructional materials can come in specifically handy whenever they need a refresher on an important topic or find a solution to a problem they can’t seem to solve.

Tacit Knowledge Management - Support learning with additional reading materials

At SC Training (formerly EdApp), you’ll find a handful of ready-made courses that you can share with your team. These courses cover a variety of topics, like OSHA compliance, cyber security, leadership, communication, and time management. Microlearning being at the forefront of their learning strategy, these learning materials have been broken down into short and more digestible modules that only take a short time to finish. 

Tacit knowledge management - SC Training Course library

Most of these courses are made fully editable. Using SC Training (formerly EdApp)’s drag-and-drop course creator tool, you can simply add knowledge that you’d like to share with your team, or include learning resources like PDFs, PPTs, or ebooks. You can even edit the course design and add your logo and branding requirements to give your learners a more personalized learning experience with customization.

Tacit knowledge management - SC Training Creator tool

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Jeanellie Avelino

Jen is a learning expert at SC Training (formerly EdApp), a mobile-based training platform that helps corporates and businesses bring their training solutions to the next level. She carries an extensive writing experience in a variety of fields, including architecture, the gig economy, and computer software. Outside of work, she enjoys her free time watching her favorite series and documentaries, reading motivational books, and cross-stitching.

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