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Top 10 change management tools to guide your team in 2024


March 11, 2024



Change management tools

In fast-paced work environments, your teams always need to be prepared for change, which can be daunting. But implementing change at work doesn’t have to be stressful, especially if you’re armed with the right tool.

In this article, we’ll explore 10 change management tools together with an overview of their costs and key features to better equip your team for any challenges. Here, you’ll find tools that cater best to your team’s needs. Let’s dive right in!

What are change management tools?

Change management tools are applications or software that help you smoothly deal with structural changes in the workplace. From simplifying concepts to fostering communication, building strategies, and more, these tools ease the transition for your team.

What are the benefits of using change management tools?

Using change management tools guarantees an organized workflow and minimal resistance, so your team won’t be left in the dark. Here are three benefits to look forward to: 

  • Cost-effective: With the right change management tool, you won’t just be saving hard-earned money, but manpower and time too! Minimize unnecessary costs so you can focus more on improving your team's productivity and overall product quality. 
  • Flexibility: Have to make last-minute changes? That’s 100% okay. The right tool can meet your team’s rising needs so don’t hesitate to try out new things.
  • Higher rate of adoption: Say goodbye to longer transition periods. Effective change management tools ease the learning curve so everyone can settle comfortably into the new roles and tasks they’ve been assigned.

We’ve gone ahead and done the research for the best out there so feel free to browse through the list to see which fit your team’s needs.

Change management tool #1 - SC Training (formerly EdApp) (for training and development)

A top-notch eLearning change management tool, what makes SC Training (formerly EdApp) a crowd favorite is that it lets you train your team anytime, anywhere — all for free! If you’re looking to reassess your operations but worry the changes might overwhelm your team, SC Training (formerly EdApp)’s got your back.

Change management tool - SC Training (formerly EdApp)

With its simple interface and editable course library, you can customize over 1000+ courses however way you want. This way, you can save time, motivate your team, and keep your lessons on brand.

Change management tool - SC Training (formerly EdApp) Course Library

But if you feel stuck in a rut and don’t know the best way to go about your new implementation, its Create with AI feature saves you from having to stare at a blank canvas all day, generating a customizable lesson within seconds.

Change management tool - SC Training (formerly EdApp) Create with AI

Also recognized as one of the best learning content management systems, SC Training (formerly EdApp)’s specialty is its microlearning feature. Deliver bite-sized, highly targeted lessons your team can finish in under five minutes. 

Through SC Training (formerly EdApp), new information is easy to digest, and knowledge retention is guaranteed. No more battling short attention spans and disrupting established workflows. Your team can freely take courses at their convenience.

Cost: Free (up to 10 users)

Key features:

  • Over 1000+ customizable courses
  • Microlearning
  • AI-powered creator tool
  • Admin and learner experience
  • Detailed analytics and reporting

Use the best change management tool for training and development. Sign up with SC Training (formerly EdApp) for free.

Change management tool #2 - The Change Compass (for portfolio monitoring)

The Change Compass is a cloud-based tool that gives dynamic solutions to support your team through change. It allows you to track change impacts all in one place, just like a compass. 

Change management tool - The Change Compass

With real-time insights to monitor progress, this change management system saves you from losing millions of dollars due to poor team performance. It also magnifies business risks so you can quickly construct initiatives and make informed decisions. 

Cost: Starts at 695 USD/plan/month

Key features:

  • Insights on change capacity 
  • Smart charting
  • Data collection tools
  • Automated insights
  • Digital change templates

Change management tool #3 - StarTeam (for process-driven development)

StarTeam guides your members through delivery procedures. Those in development can access detailed metrics to monitor changes across widespread assets. 

Change management tool - StarTeam

This change management software boasts of its single repository where your team can oversee hundreds of projects all in one place, regardless of where they view it from. StarTeam allows collaboration across the workflow engine so members can track change and monitor requests and defects.

Cost: Contact for pricing

Key features:

  • Single repository 
  • Traceability
  • Centralized management
  • Impact monitoring
  • Workflow engine

Change management tool #4 - Jira (for project management)

Jira is a change management software that encourages collaboration across different workflows. Its customizable dashboard allows for seamless integration with your existing and upcoming projects. 

Change management tool - Jira

With its built-in Scrum and Kanban boards, you can manage your team’s to-do list with minimal effort. Track each member’s progress through Jira’s drag-and-drop feature across columns.

Cost: Free (up to 10 users); paid plans start at 8.15 USD/user/month

Key features:

  • Interactive timeline
  • Drag and drop automation
  • Scrum and Kanban boards
  • Customizable workflows
  • Reports and insights

Change management tool #5 - Whatfix (for onboarding support)

Planning to introduce new technology in the workplace? Whatfix can help you with that. Like other change management tools, it makes sure your team members stay in the loop. 

Change management tool - Whatfix

Similar to an assistant, Whatfix streamlines the onboarding process to make it easy for your team to adopt new tasks. As the goal of performance management systems is to maximize productivity, Whatfix maximizes AI to simplify task procedures and content creation.

Cost: Contact for pricing

Key features:

  • Personalized onboarding
  • In-app training
  • Process automation
  • Self-service support
  • User behavior

Change management tool #6 - Wrike (for workflow integration)

With Wrike as your change management tool, it doesn’t matter if you’re handling one or a hundred projects. This project management platform’s got your back! Organize everything that matters through folders. 

Change management tool - Wrike

Wrike Spaces is also the solution for handling multiple teams as it gives each a secure workplace while still allowing collaboration across different projects. Its native proofing software saves you the hassle of switching apps as it lets you review over 30 different kinds of documents without leaving the platform.

Cost:  Free; paid plans start at 9.80 USD/user/month

Key features:

  • Project dashboards
  • Online proofing software
  • Automation
  • Resource management software
  • Online Kanban boards

Change management tool #7 - Guru (for customizable portals)

Guru is one of those inclusive change management tools. Its powerful search functionality uses AI to answer all your questions. Operate either through the web app or browser extension, so there’s no need to switch workflow stations. If you‘re unsure of the AI responses, you can use the Ask an Expert feature to filter out the person or department in charge of the request. 

Change management tool - Guru

Freely customize your team’s dashboard –  from tiny details like changing the theme to reflect your brand to important information like designating a corner for timely updates on the homepage. Guru’s efficient change management system helps your team stay aware of any adjustments at work.

Cost: Free for the first 30 days; paid plans start at 15 USD/user/month

Key features:

  • Employee intranet
  • Enterprise AI search
  • Company wiki
  • Customizable workspace
  • Permission levels

Change management tool #8 - Creately (for visual collaboration)

Creately prides itself on being the first management platform that operates on a smart visual canvas. View all your projects in one place and customize things however you like – the possibilities are endless. No need to code!

Change management tool - Creately

Like other change management solutions, Creately supports widespread enterprise needs. Its dynamic canvas can display multiple databases and be organized using built-in Kanban boards and timelines.

Cost: Free; paid plans start at 5 USD/user/month

Key features:

  • Unlimited visual collaboration
  • 2-way data linking
  • Advanced diagrams and whiteboards
  • Visual project management tools
  • Real-time text cursors

Change management tool #9 - Freshservice (for service management)

Freshservice is an intuitive IT service management solution created to sustain employee engagement. From tracking asset warranties to automating responses, change management tools like this do the job efficiently.

Change management tool - Freshservice

While it mainly caters to IT teams, Freshservice also helps businesses simplify their processes (e.g., employee offboarding and interdepartmental approvals) through its feature to automate repetitive tasks. You can also customize your self-service portal to accommodate different teams.

Cost: Starts at 19 USD/agent/month

Key features:

  • Intuitive consumer-grade service
  • Incident management
  • Unified service catalog
  • Support portal
  • Workflow automation

Change management tool #10 - ChangeGear (for simplifying processes)

ChangeGear offers an AI-based solution to help you deal with change. Looking for a cost-efficient way to track your team’s assets or update your databases? This change management tool can help you with that.

Change management tool - ChangeGear

Its self-service portal gives end-users a repository containing answers to their questions while doubling the support with the live agent feature to cater to specific requests. ChangeGear uses AI to minimize risks and make sure your team experiences exceptional service management throughout.

Cost: Contact for pricing

Key features:

  • AI-based service management platform
  • Fully customizable dashboard
  • Asset management
  • Service desk
  • Visual reporting and metrics

How to choose the best change management tool?

The perfect way to manage organizational change is to prepare for all possible scenarios. With the right change management tool, guiding your members through unknown waters will be a breeze. 

Consider what best accommodates your team’s needs while leaving enough room for flexibility should any plans change. And don’t forget to choose the most cost-effective change management tool in the market to maximize profits! 


Bea Maureen Cayone

Bea Maureen Cayone is a content writer for SC Training (formerly EdApp), an eLearning platform that delivers advanced solutions for companies to seamlessly train their teams. Beyond the workplace, she enjoys catching up on her never-ending reading list, playing the piano, and spending time with her dogs.

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