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How to do customer service training


January 29, 2019



customer service training

Knowing how to do customer service training is an important thing for any organization wishing to attract new customers and retain their old ones. Below are ways on how you can conduct an effective customer care training program.

Create a plan

What do you wish your customer support team to learn? You don’t want to waste their time with unhelpful information and unstructured training.

Begin by listing everything your team should know. What skills should they add to their already existing knowledge to effectively complete their jobs?

Structure the training program in a manner that it covers what you deem important for that session/period. Always ensure the skills learned build upon the previous training. Additionally, it’s vital to identify training gaps as you progress with the training.

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Host regular training sessions

You should frequently schedule training sessions for your customer service staff. Regular training can help maintain knowledge and skills. More so, regular sessions are an ideal way of teaching complex issues and notifying the team of any organizational changes. Training can be conducted via an on-site classroom environment, eLearning, on-field, or via any other method which suits your organization.

Use employees as trainers

In your customer service department, there are those employees who are more competent, skilled, and experienced more than the others. Ask these employees to share their knowledge and skills with their colleagues. They can train the new customer service staff joining your organization or help in teaching continuous training courses. You can opt to provide them with standard information to use or encourage them to develop training materials themselves. Do not forget to reward them when they do a good job. This form of training is called, Peer Learning.

Access your training program regularly

You must have a way of determining whether your training program is effective. To achieve this, you must put measures in place of monitoring whether or not your customer care team is meeting your earlier-set goals.

Conducting regular performance reviews can help you monitor achievement levels. Ask the team how they are fairing, what they would like to learn and what they are struggling with. You can use the feedback to determine if they are meeting training goals. You can also fine-tune your training program based on this very same feedback you get from them.

How to do customer service training: Conclusion   

All said done, remember, effective employee training is presented in smaller, routine chunks, rather than one-time educational blips. There are many other factors you should consider when training your customer support team; by first utilizing the aspects mentioned-above, you are guaranteed of increased competency in your customer service department. Hopefully this has helped you identify how to do customer service training.

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