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Deloitte selects SC Training (formerly EdApp) for Impact Day, contributing to our editable course library


December 3, 2020



SC Training (formerly EdApp) Deloitte Impact Day

Each November, Deloitte enables their employees to take one day to contribute their skills and labor to community causes for Impact Day.

As an organization, Deloitte is motivated to make an impact that matters in their communities. The industry leader believes that a positive workplace culture is vital to follow this through. With a continued commitment to diversity and inclusion, Deloitte aims to ensure all their employees feel valued and an overall prioritization of wellbeing is supported.

As part of their mission, Deloitte’s Impact Day is held in November every year to make a positive contribution in their communities. In the past, Deloitte has chosen to support The Salvation Army, assist the homeless, support children in need, work at schools or animal shelters, or take part in strategy sessions to further activate Deloitte’s purpose.

Making a positive difference in 2020

This year, Deloitte selected SC Training (formerly EdApp) as a part of their Impact Day, by contributing invaluable courseware in an effort to drive our EducateAll initiative, in partnership with the United Nations Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR). We’re on a collective mission to democratize learning and providing a free, comprehensive library of world-class, fully editable content is bringing us a big step closer to achieving this.

SC Training (formerly EdApp) for Deloitte - Editable Course Library

Designed for individuals and small businesses looking to upskill themselves or further their education, the Educate All initiative is empowering and educating millions of learners around the world, from South America to Afghanistan, to Sudan, the Middle East, and everywhere in between.

I’m proud to have led two successful events this week for #ImpactDayAU – A tradition where Deloitte enables our people to take one day leave to contribute their skills and labour to community causes.Together with the United Nations Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR) and SC Training (formerly EdApp), we had the opportunity to create courseware to help empower and educate millions of learners around the world for #EducateAll.
Jennifer Siu, Manager, Leadership & Learning, Deloitte Australia
UNITAR and SC Training (formerly EdApp) - Editable Course Library

Creating beautiful, impactful learning content

This year, 50 of Deloitte’s professionals chose to volunteer with SC Training (formerly EdApp) for Impact Day. With our powerful yet agile authoring tool, contributors at Deloitte easily created new microlessons as a contribution to our completely free, editable course library. The authors at Deloitte created course content on subjects like bullying and harassment, diversity and including, and providing equal opportunities to support businesses and individuals alike through highly-interactive and effective microlessons.

It’s amazing to see organizations like Deloitte that have contributed to our Educate All initiative, in an effort to open up learning opportunities around the globe that can be accessed straight from your smartphone, and for free.

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