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SC Training (formerly EdApp) and Degreed: A seamless integration


May 19, 2020



SC Training (formerly EdApp) and Degreed: A seamless integration

As leaders in the mobile-first microlearning space, we are experts in integration. Learning Management System (LMS), Learning Experience Platform (LXP), and Learning Record Store (LRS) systems all connect to SC Training (formerly EdApp), enabling you to deliver your best and most effective training and L&D programs yet.

To facilitate your strongest L&D plan, we believe that integrating the best SC Training (formerly EdApp) features into your current learning system should be simple by enhancing the experience rather than complicating it. One of our most popular integrations is Degreed. As a world-class LXP, Degreed is designed to build and develop work-ready skills, and if you’re a Degreed user, integrating with an LMS has never been as simple as with SC Training (formerly EdApp).

In this article, we walk you through how the lms integration works, what it does, and how it looks, as a seamless experience for you and your learners.

World-class authoring

Mobile-first microlearning

Creating lessons on SC Training (formerly EdApp) means that you’re working with a mobile-first authoring tool that is incredibly lightweight and agile, enabling you to easily create and deliver your bespoke content. Trusted by the world’s largest brands, authoring with SC Training (formerly EdApp) makes creating beautiful and engaging microlessons simple and quick. Unlike many eLearning platforms, no prior technical skills around design or coding are needed.

As an intuitive platform, SC Training (formerly EdApp) enables you to put together effective microlessons in minutes, meaning you can have your lessons up and completed by your learners within weeks, not months. A mobile-first platform also means that your teams can access and complete your microlessons in as little as five minutes straight from their mobile devices. Rather than putting time aside for outdated training sessions, we have found that adapting to your learners’ behaviour by breaking material into small, bite-sized chunks means that learners are more likely to complete and retain the information. This also gives them the freedom to access and complete lessons when it suits them, on a morning commute or in between meetings, for example.

Template libraries

Along with seamless integration capabilities, our SCORM compliant authoring tool also includes a template library where you can choose from a collection of 50 templates to suit a dynamic range of learning methodologies. Our team of learning experts have assessed and built the most effective lesson structures to deliver to your learners. 

Introducing Data Driven Authoring & Updated Template Library

On top of a template library, SC Training (formerly EdApp) also hosts an editable microlearning content library. This powerful library boasts over 60 lessons (and counting) that are there for you to select, edit with your own content and branding and deploy to your learners within minutes. Features like these fully-customisable courses save a tremendous amount of time on content creation, simplifying the authoring process and slashing the time required to deliver to your cohorts. And best of all, new content is added every week, providing you with ongoing quality lessons in a wide range of topics.

Better learning 

To ensure amazing learning experiences and learning outcomes, SC Training (formerly EdApp) also harnesses the power of data-driven authoring. This means that we can provide constant insight into the length of your lessons, which sequence of templates are the most practical for retention, and in which order you should construct your content.

Other effective SC Training (formerly EdApp) features include pre-built games. Gamification has proven to engage, and boost long-term memory by reinforcing concepts in a fun way, all while creating incentive and even a healthy competition between learners. What’s more, our popular spaced repetition and algorithm-based Brain Boost features deliver lessons at increasing intervals until knowledge is fully embedded in your learners’ long-term memory. 

Now that we know the powerful capabilities of SC Training (formerly EdApp)’s award-winning authoring tool, let’s get into the Degreed integration.

How the integration works

The SC Training (formerly EdApp) and Degreed integration uses your company’s active directory, via single-sign-on (SSO) to keep users up-to-date in both SC Training (formerly EdApp) and Degreed.

Combining SC Training (formerly EdApp) and Degreed delivers a symbiotic learning experience which leverages the strengths of both platforms.

  •       SC Training (formerly EdApp) provides the tools to rapidly create, share and track highly engaging, bespoke microlearning.
  •       Degreed leverages AI to automatically select the best content (authored, freemium, or licensed) to meet individuals’ needs and build required skills.

The integration allows you to push this content into Degreed, via API, as part of a curated content collection. It also enables insights and analytics to be automatically recorded in Degreed, providing integrated learning analytics. After creating your courseware on SC Training (formerly EdApp)’s platform, simply share the content with Degreed by the click of a button.

Degreed tracks against over 1500 skills. The combined data from our systems is used to benchmark progress and analyse individual and team capability. Keeping employers ahead of the curve and ready for the future of work.

Mobile Learning

Single-sign-on and course completion

As with most LMS, we have implemented two-way verification and SSO with Degreed. This approach ensures a seamless learner experience by removing the clunky login steps found in traditional eLearning.

The integration also means that completion rates are automatically communicated from one platform to the other. This enables holistic reporting and gives authors a live channel to publish and promote new content to target audiences.

Take a look at this short video to see the integration in action: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1pOEM00hCaI

Ready to integrate?

The ability to integrate with SC Training (formerly EdApp) gives you the power to harness Degreed’s analytical capabilities while simultaneously creating your own enhanced learning content.

If you are using Degreed or have another system that you would like to discuss integration with then please get in contact at enquiries@edapp.com or talk to your friendly contact here at SC Training (formerly EdApp).

Or if you want to try SC Training (formerly EdApp)’s award-winning LMS for free then please sign up here.


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