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Top 10 Employee Training Guides


January 28, 2023



Top Employee Training Guides

Investing in employee training guides, also referred to as employee training manuals, is key to sustaining a pool of qualified and motivated staff. These valuable resources make sure that your new hires can quickly get up to speed on their roles, and that your existing ones remain confident and competent about their work tasks. In this post, we’ll look at the top employee training guides offered by SC Training (formerly EdApp).

1. Onboarding – Retail

Onboarding is highly crucial in the world of retail, especially since the success of businesses largely depends on a team’s ability to communicate and deal with customers. If you need an onboarding guide for your retail business, then you can use SC Training (formerly EdApp)’s Onboarding – Retail course and share it with your newly hired staff. 

Employee Training Guides - Onboarding Retail

This employee training guide kicks off with a short lesson about company values, or the set of company traits and principles that will help your staff contribute to the business’ success. Following that is a short lesson on store procedures, which can be a great way to make sure that your store’s business operations go smoothly on a day-to-day basis. 

It also takes a deep dive into the most important techniques that every retailer should know of – cross-selling and suggestive selling. Having a strong grasp of these retail techniques will help your team reach their sales target faster and establish a strong relationship with their customers. 

The great thing about SC Training (formerly EdApp) is that most of its courses can be edited without the need for any complicated authoring process. Update this employee training guide and incorporate the guidelines and processes specific to your retail store through its user-friendly course maker tool. Even better? You can include your logo and branding requirements to give your team a customized learning experience!

Employee Training Guides - SC Training (formerly EdApp) Course Maker Tool

Keep your team’s knowledge up to date in minutes with SC Training (formerly EdApp)’s employee training guides. Sign up for free to get started!

2. Call Center Customer Service

SC Training (formerly EdApp) has also created an excellent employee training guide for customer support professionals who need to communicate with their customers through calls. The Call Center Customer Service course has five short lessons detailing the most important customer service skills. Your team will learn how to prepare calls, as well as hold and transfer their customers to other departments. 

Employee Training Guides - Call Center Customer Service

This training documentation also discusses the right voice, tone, and etiquette that every call center representative should master to establish a warm and enthusiastic relationship with their customers. Towards the end of this course, your team will find some tips and tricks on how to successfully help out difficult customers. 

What’s great about this training guide is that it comes in a microlearning format, meaning, every topic is presented in short chunks. Taking this course is engaging and interactive, which is far better than simply giving your employee a traditional employee training manual in PDF. 

3. New Hire Safety Orientation

Regardless of the industry, it’s crucial for newly hired employees to receive the right safety training before joining your company. They should know the safety practices implemented within your organization, from using the fire extinguisher to control fires to following an evacuation plan.

Employee Training Guides - New Hire Safety

It would also benefit them a lot if they have a safety guide that they can easily refer back to whenever they need a refresher. For such, look no further – SC Training (formerly EdApp)’s New Hire Safety Orientation is your best solution. The multi-part course includes step-by-step instructions on how to respond to certain situations like fire, accidents, and emergencies, how to use personal protective equipment (PPE), and how to use tools like ladders as safely as possible. 

This training guide can already be shared with your team as is, although you can also modify the content and update it with your own safety procedures. Pro tip – enable some gamification features like leaderboards and lesson timers to make learning more fun and engaging!

Employee Training Guides - SC Training (formerly EdApp) Leaderboard

4. The Bar World of Tomorrow

SC Training (formerly EdApp) has collaborated with industry experts to bring the highest quality of training guides and learning materials to its users. Among these industry experts is none other than Pernod Ricard, the world’s leading provider of premium vodka. Their training guide on The Bar World of Tomorrow was built for the bartending community, aiming to share with them some knowledge and ideas on how to build and maintain a greener, more responsible, and inclusive bar world.

Employee Training Guides - The Bar World of Tomorrow

In this employee training guide, your crew will find some useful tips on how to source fresh ingredients, manage your ice supply, and save and maximize your store’s water and energy. It will educate them on different sustainable bar set up solutions that can help cut down your bar’s waste by an incredible margin. What’s more, there are also lessons on how to serve alcohol responsibly and maintain a culture of well-being among your team. 

Just a quick heads up that SC Training (formerly EdApp)’s sponsored courses, such as this Pernod Ricard course, can’t be edited to keep its content’s quality. But the good news is that it remains 100% free to use, plus it’s accessible through any device, including laptops, tablets, and even smartphones.

5. Food Safety Standards

When it comes to the food and beverage industry, it’s vital that your crew remain compliant with their local’s food safety standards. This set of standards serves to protect consumers against foodborne illnesses and any related diseases, and to make sure that the food they are consuming is ultimately safe.

Employee Training Guides - Food Safety Standards

Your team can use SC Training (formerly EdApp)’s Food Safety Standards as a guide to gain an in-depth understanding of the food safety standards observed in countries such as the United States, Australia, and the United Kingdom. This is also the perfect opportunity to educate them about the importance of a Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) plan and how to develop one for your business. 

Here, your team will also learn the most recommended food safety practices to keep their full compliance with industry standards. Some of the practices discussed include steps on keeping the food at safe temperatures, sanitizing hands to prevent contamination, and reporting any symptoms that may indicate airborne illnesses. 

6. Leadership Strategy

Having strong and strategic leaders is one of the cornerstones of a thriving company. It is through their skills that your company would be able to survive any crisis that may come your way. They also play a vital role in making sure that your company’s able to reinvent itself to remain on track with the ever-changing trends in your industry. 

Employee Training Guides - Leadership Strategy

SC Training (formerly EdApp)’s Leadership Strategy serves as a great employee training guide to teach your existing and potential leaders the skills and qualities of a strategic leader, and equip them with some tips and techniques on how to become one. To help your leaders better understand the context of this topic, this guide has also included strategies that leaders in the past, like Hilary Clinton and Howard Hughes, used in order to adapt to changes. 

Towards the end of this guide, there’s a run-down of different leadership strategies that must be changed and adjusted to overcome challenges and crises, like the COVID-19 pandemic. It offers theoretical and practical solutions to employee retention, burnout, decision fatigue, and other problems caused by the pandemic.

7. Bloodborne Pathogen

SC Training (formerly EdApp)’s Bloodborne Pathogen is a great employee training guide that can be used by professionals who are usually exposed to blood and other bodily fluids. They can always turn to this training material to learn more about bloodborne pathogens and the illnesses they can cause, such as hepatitis B (HBV), hepatitis C (HCV), and human immunodeficiency virus (HIV). 

Employee Training Guides - Bloodborne pathogens

This employee training material goes into detail about how transmission usually occurs. Then follows a step-by-step guide on how to report potential exposure to bloodborne pathogens or any other potentially infectious materials (OPIMS). Your staff will also find some tips on how to prevent potential exposure to this harmful microorganism, like taking an HBV vaccination and using the right personal protective equipment (PPE) in the workplace. 

8. Electrical Standards (Dentistry)

If you’re handling a team in the dentistry setting, then you’ll definitely find SC Training (formerly EdApp)’s Electrical Standards (Dentistry) highly valuable. 

Employee Training Guides - Electrical Standards Dentistry

To provide top-notch care to their patients, dentists not only need to be knowledgeable about various aspects of dental care, such as the cost of veneers, but also regularly use portable electrical equipment such as dental vacuums, drills, and intraoral cameras. This puts them, as well as their clients, at high risk of electric shock or burn. In this SC Training (formerly EdApp) guide, dental specialists will learn everything they need to know about Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s (OSHA) electrical regulations. Following this set of regulations will help them prevent any electrical-related accidents from occurring. 

This employee training guide shows the most common electrical hazards in the dentistry setting. Your dental workers will be taught how to identify and assess electrical hazards and how to control them as suggested by OSHA. And lastly, they’ll gain a better understanding of the safe work practices that can help them reduce the risks associated with the use of electrical equipment. 

9. OSHA First Aid Training and Standards

Perhaps you’re looking for a good first aid training guide for healthcare professionals? Then look no more – SC Training (formerly EdApp)’s OSHA First Aid Training and Standards course is free to use and share with your teams. 

Employee Training Guides - OSHA First Aid Training

This employee training guide takes a deep dive into the purpose of first aid, the specification of the OSHA First Aid Standard and OSHA CPR Standard. It explains what it means to be exposed to bloodborne pathogens and the importance of taking precautionary measures to protect themselves from the illnesses that these harmful microorganisms can cause. 

It also emphasizes the difference between life-threatening and non-life-threatening emergencies through a series of real-life pictures of injuries. Knowing these types of emergencies is vital in terms of determining the right first aid treatment to administer. 

The last part of this compliance training course explains the process of assessing the victim, which is highly crucial before attempting to perform first aid. It also sheds light on the importance of always having a first aid kit on hand as well as the equipment that should go in this kit.

10. OSHA for Workers (US only)

SC Training (formerly EdApp)’s OSHA for Workers makes a great employee training guide as it specifies everything your team needs to know about the ins and outs of the OSHA standards. This one’s the best training material to give to workers who are daily exposed to a range of workplace hazards, such as chemical exposure, falling objects, extreme temperatures, and more. 

Employee Training Guides - OSHA for Workers

In this employee training guide, your team will learn more about OSHA and its role in keeping workers protected from the common risks they face as part of their job. It also helps them understand better their rights and responsibilities as a worker, and the safety measures that should be provided to them by their employers. 

In any case your workers feel unsafe in their workplace environment, this training manual lays out the process of filing a complaint online, by phone, fax, or mail to the nearest OSHA location. It also explains the specifics of whistleblower protections, giving your workforce the confidence that they can file a complaint without worrying about retaliation.

This SC Training (formerly EdApp) training guide comes in a series of interactive slides with games and quizzes in between to reinforce better learning retention. If needed, you can also activate the custom certification feature to have a certificate issued to your team once they have completed the training. Although do take note that this certification can only be used as proof of learning, and not as an official OSHA certificate.

Employee Training Guides - SC Training (formerly EdApp) Certificate


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