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15 Free Compliance Training Courses [2023]


November 11, 2020



10 free compliance training courses

One of the most-needed eLearning courses for businesses is compliance training. Compliance training is so important that, depending on the industry or job function, it is often mandated by law that employees complete it. Failing to properly train employees about the standard laws and practices can result in pretty hefty fines, if not worse. With the importance of compliance training in mind, as well as the advantages of having it completed online, we’ll take a look at 10 of the top free compliance training courses out there on the Internet. But first, let’s define compliance training. 

What is Compliance Training?

Compliance training guides your team through the policies and procedures of your company, as well as the laws set by the federal, state, and local authorities. These rules are in place to protect your employees from potential accidents and injuries, as well as to maintain a safe working environment and avoid fines and penalties. Compliance training also boosts the daily productivity of your team and helps them work on their own without much supervision. When done correctly, it will establish a safe and productive workplace culture in which everyone feels safe executing their everyday tasks. 

1. New Hire Safety Orientation course

Another compliance course available for free for up to 10 users is New Hire Safety Orientation course. This safety compliance course for new employees is hosted on the SC Training (formerly EdApp) platform, which is a system that allows organizations to easily create their own training materials.

In this course, trainees can conveniently access all the information they need to do their jobs safely and effectively. They will learn about all aspects of safety in a microlearning format that breaks bigger concepts up into smaller parts. Multimedia and gaming features make it an enjoyable experience for trainees. SC Training (formerly EdApp) has also prepared a HIPAA compliance training course video to further support new hire safety and compliance certificate training.

Compliance Training Course - SC Training (formerly EdApp) Safety Course
Compliance Training Course - Page

2. Legal Compliance of WSH Management System

Another free compliance program that can be found on the Internet is Legal Compliance of WSH Management System. This course is hosted on Udemy and will teach you how to apply workplace health and safety.

This course is divided into 12 sections and takes a total of 2 hours and 20 minutes to complete. You will learn about all aspects of being a supervisor in a construction environment. There is also an offline component to complete to finish the requirements for this course, however, all online content is free.

Free Compliance Certificate - Legal Compliance of WSH Management System

3. Skillcast

Another place where you can find free online risk management courses with certificates is at Skillcast. You can download training materials for compliance on a wide variety of topics, including bribery & corruption, health & safety, GDPR, fraud, and information security.

Registering for free on their site allows you to download many of their learning materials. Some of these modules are in an eLearning Training Module format, although others are just in a PowerPoint slide format. While the free materials can give you a lot of information on the compliance topic of your choice, the site is more geared towards selling custom training portals for organizations. The third module looks at GxP, which considers good practices. That last module concerns international data privacy.

Compliance Training Course - Skillcast

4. Intro to Healthcare and Life Sciences (HCLS) Compliance

Another place to find free compliance certificate training on the Internet is at Amazon Web Service’s training and certificate center. One compliance course offered is Intro to Healthcare and Life Sciences (HCLS) Compliance on AWS.

This AWS course is divided up into four modules, with each one taking 20 minutes to complete. The first module is on incorporating AWS into programs for healthcare and life sciences compliance. The second module looks into HIPAA and HITRUST, which deal with standards for health care data.

This course is free but is intended for AWS Partners. You can still register as long as you have an AWS customer account.

Compliance Course - Intro to Healthcare and Life Sciences (HCLS) Compliance

5. Construction Ethics and Compliance

Another free compliance course on the Internet is Construction Ethics and Compliance. This course is hosted on the FutureLearn platform. It teaches the compliance manager and their trainees how to stay ethical and compliant in the construction industry.

Learners in this training course will be able to recognize ethical choices in the construction industry and apply methods to make decisions when they occur. They will also explore various legal and compliance requirements in construction. The course is free to take, but receiving a digital certificate involves buying an upgrade.

Free Compliance Training - Construction Ethics and Compliance

6. Financial Regulation

Another free online course on compliance is Financial Regulation: From the Global Financial Crisis to Fintech and the Covid Pandemic. This course is on the edX platform and comes from MIT. It looks at the interplay between the financial industry and regulators.

This 8-week course covers a lot of scope, including the goals and limitations of financial regulation, reforms due to the 2008 financial crisis, policy tools used to prevent financial instability, and how regulations apply to fintech software development and the recent COVID pandemic. While the instructor-led compliance certificate training content is available for free, a verified certificate of completion specifically focused on financial software development can be obtained for a small fee.

Free Online Compliance Certificate Program - Financial Regulation: From the Global Financial Crisis to Fintech and the COVID Pandemic

7. Anti Money Laundering (AML) in Canada

Anti-money laundering courses for a wide variety of countries are available at the Banker’s Academy website. As an example, Anti Money Laundering (AML) in Canada is available for free.

These informal eLearning lessons don’t require any sort of special login, although many links don’t seem to work at the time of writing, and require Flash, an outdated technology, to run. When you do view the tutorials, though, you can get a lot of useful information on the specific AML regulations in your target country.

Compliance Course - Anti Money Laundering (AML) in Canada

8. Get to Know GDPR

The free course Get to Know GDPR is available on the Alison platform. This course teaches you what you need to know to comply with customer data laws in the European Union.

The course includes 6 modules, with the last one being a course assessment. You will learn about the concept of data protection and the rights that users have to their data in Europe. You’ll also learn about the correct procedures to take in case of a security breach. Although the course is free, it involves registering and frequently receiving notification emails.

Free Compliance Course - Get to Know GDPR

9. What Is Compliance?

A good place to start is with the course called What Is Compliance? This course is offered for free by the University of Pennsylvania and is hosted on the Coursera platform.

Compliance Training Online - What Is Compliance?

As an introductory course within a larger series, this one is for 10 hours and is divided into 4 units. It starts by looking at why compliance is so essential by examining high-profile cases of non-compliance. The second unit then looks at laws and regulations that have been created to enforce compliance. The third unit examines risk management, and looks at how compliance can be used to mitigate risk. The last part of this course looks to the future of compliance risk by highlighting recent trends and developments in the field.

Once completed, there are three more courses in this series to further your knowledge in the field. Completing the course will award you with a certificate you can share with employers.

Compliance Courses Online Free #10 – Remote Worker: Safety, Health, and Security

Remote Worker: Safety, Health, and Security is another compliance course available online. This course is available from the Training Power platform.

This course addresses the timely issue of safety in remote work. It covers such topics as OSHA regulations, maintaining a home workplace, fire safety, ergonomics, and computer security. It is composed of 10 lessons, and the course can be completed in less than 30 minutes.

Compliance Courses Online Free - Remote Worker: Safety, Health, and Security

In this article, we’ve looked at several different offerings for online corporate compliance training. These compliance online training resources should give you a good idea of what type of training there is out there that doesn’t cost anything. Many offer risk and compliance certificates, although that typically involves a small fee. What other types of compliance online training resources have you found online?

11. Cybersecurity Awareness

Available in SC Training (formerly EdApp), Cyber Security Awareness is a corporate compliance training course that provides your employees with a comprehensive guide on recognizing and preventing different kinds of cyber-attacks and threats. This course begins with an introduction to injection attacks, broken authentication, and session management that are vital in understanding the common ways your employees can be vulnerable to attacks. It also covers broken access control, sensitive data exposure, cross-site request forgery, component usage with known vulnerabilities, and unprotected APIs. After understanding these threats and vulnerabilities, the course provides measures to protect your data.

Compliance Courses Online Free - SC Training (formerly EdApp) Cybersecurity Awareness

12. Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

SC Training (formerly EdApp)’s Sexual Harassment in the Workplace educates employees about the different forms of sexual harassment that can take place at work. It first defines what sexual harassment is and provides concrete examples and scenarios with which a learner can identify with. It also talks about the two types of sexual harassment which are Quid pro quo and hostile work environment.

Compliance Courses Online Free - SC Training (formerly EdApp) Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

This course will also uncover the negative effects of sexual harassment on our mental health and well-being. Lastly, it teaches learners about the appropriate responses in the event of a sexual assault.

13. HIPAA Compliance Training

This HIPAA compliance training course by SC Training (formerly EdApp) starts by defining what HIPAA is and why it was established. It then educates learners about the most essential information, such as best practices in HIPAA compliance scenarios, threats and remedies, as well as privacy, breach, and security rules. It also provides knowledge checks and sample scenarios wherein learning can be gauged and immediately applied. At the end of this course, a glossary of useful resources are provided for reference.

Compliance Courses Online Free - SC Training (formerly EdApp) HIPAA Compliance Training

This course is perfect for busy professionals as they can learn on the go in their own time since SC Training (formerly EdApp) is a mobile LMS platform. This means the course can be completed anywhere and anytime on their mobile devices, which yields higher completion rates. Also, the chief compliance officer don’t need to keep tabs on learners as you can set automatic push notifications to remind those who haven’t completed the training requirements yet.

14. Fire Safety

No industry is exempt from the possibility of experiencing a fire in the workplace. This is why it’s crucial that employees are aware of what to do in case a fire breaks out for everyone’s safety. SC Training (formerly EdApp)’s Fire Safety course is the perfect training material to deploy as it provides learners with basic knowledge about fire safety and prevention in the workplace.

Compliance Courses Online Free - SC Training (formerly EdApp) Fire Safety

It starts by introducing the Fire Triangle which teaches learners how to identify the different elements that can cause a fire as the first step towards prevention. They’ll also learn about the proper placement and use of fire extinguishers and fire blankets.

15. Ethics and Code of Conduct

Laying down the company’s ethics and code of conduct will help ensure that your employees know the acceptable behavior in the workplace. This will remove any confusion, creating a healthy workplace in general. SC Training (formerly EdApp)’s Ethics and Code of Conduct course outlines the company’s beliefs, principles, and how each employee is expected to act towards each other as long as they’re part of the organization.

Compliance Courses Online Free - SC Training (formerly EdApp) Ethics and Code of Conduct

The objective of this course is to help HR compliance officers better enforce rules and policies in the company and create a better work environment and a non-toxic culture for everyone. This interactive course has 4 microlessons that learners can take anytime, anywhere.

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Free Compliance Training Courses

As essential as compliance training is, it’s not restricted to expensive offline courses. There are actually many benefits to having your compliance training program done online. These benefits include:


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