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10 Employee training LMS to improve team learning


April 29, 2024



Employee training LMS

Using a great learning management system (LMS) gives your team members a powerful tool that helps them reach their fullest potential. With so many options for employee training LMS, however, choosing the right one can be taxing.  

This article explores some of the best online employee training software. Along the way, we’ll talk about what to look for and what factors to consider in choosing the right employee training system for you.  

What are the key features of an employee training LMS?  

When looking for an LMS for employee training these are the tools to look for. Your learners will have the best possible learning experience with the following features. 

  • Course creation: An LMS should let you easily create learning courses and materials customized to your team’s needs and objectives. The best ones include AI assistance and course templates in their course creation.  
  • Reporting and analytics: These systems give you access to your team’s performance and knowledge gap data. A good reporting and analytics feature helps you identify how to improve learning. 
  • Tool integration: To avoid the hassle of going back and forth between applications, an LMS should be capable of integrating those programs. Be sure the software can house your HRM, SSO, content solutions, and other relevant platforms.  
  • User management: This refers to the control over user accounts, roles, and permissions. User management lets you direct the flow of information and learning paths.  
  • Interactive learning: Great employee training LMS gives interactive tools that improve learning motivation and engagement. Multimedia functions, gamification, leaderboards, and point tallies can all work to bring learner enthusiasm to your course. 
  • Mobile friendly: Employing training software that is mobile-responsive makes your courses accessible. Learning becomes available regardless of time, place, and device.  
  • Social learning:  This LMS feature lets members learn from each other using discussion boards, chat boxes, and virtual classrooms. Collaborative learning improves engagement in courses and is an exercise to maintain knowledge. 
  • Certificates: Certifications standardize your workplace learning and prove that your team has met the standards. LMS certificates also serve as a reward for your learner’s hard work and effort. 
  • Customizability:  Your company has a visual identity. An LMS should allow you to integrate your branding, logo, colors, and themes into courses to make it look and feel like your own. 

Now that you know what to look for, here are 10 excellent online training programs for employees you could choose from.  

Employee training LMS #1 – SC Training  

Let’s start with SC Training. This premier employee training LMS is a mobile-first application that empowers you to build engaging learning materials with its creator tool. Drag-and-drop all the content you need and have your best training ready in minutes.  

Employee training LMS - SC Training Creator tool

No time to create your learning materials? Let SC Training’s Create with AI do all the work. This powerful feature generates excellent courses and lessons for you with the click of a button. The best part is that you can do all of that from your phone. 

Employee training LMS - SC Training Create with AI

If you don’t have enough time, you don’t even have to think of building your own courses from scratch. The platform’s course library houses top-notch, industry-grade learning materials, ready to be sent to your team. Most courses are customizable, so you can still edit them according to your team’s needs. 

Employee training LMS - SC Training Course library

With the application’s mobile-first learning, courses can be completed anytime, anywhere, on any device. Gone are your worries about disrupting your team’s work.  

Control your team’s learning path using course management. Group your courses in paths of topics or relevant users to make sure that your team stays on the right track.  

Employee training LMS - SC Training Course management

Cost: Free (up to 10 users)  

Key features:  

  • Customizable course library  
  • Practical assessments  
  • License and credential tracker  
  • Team analytics and reporting suite  
  • Learner and admin management  
  • Freeform and sequential learning paths  
  • Create with AI  
  • Course creator tool  
  • Group training  
  • Heads up notifications  
  • Automatic language translation  
  • Certificates 

Train your teams using the best employee training LMS! Join SC Training today.

Employee training LMS #2 – Vedubox LMS 

Vedubox LMS maximizes management for a precise learning experience. The application’s vast manager feature gives you full control of users, content, and processes to produce great learning content.  

Employee training LMS - Vedubox LMS

This LMS also features replay training, a tool that lets your learners save their online courses and sessions for replay, later. It allows them to take their learnings at their own pace while strengthening their knowledge retention.  

Cost: Plans start at 1.58 USD/month/user 

Key features:  

  • Live session training  
  • Unlimited administrators  
  • Gamification  

Employee training LMS #3 – 360 Learning  

This LMS for employee training saves you from the hectic work of tracking all your learners’ training performance. 360 Learning eases your program administration by automating user enrollment, compliance, and reporting. Now all these time-consuming tasks are away from your hands.  

Employee training LMS - 360 Learning

The system helps you save more time with its authoring suite. Create courses quickly using their templates or send a prompt to the AI author.  

Cost: Plans start at 8 USD/month/user  

Key features:  

  • Seamless tool integration  
  • Assistance from experts  
  • Skills pulse  

Employee training LMS #4 – Tovuti LMS  

With Tovuti LMS, you’d get to offer workplace learning with higher engagement using their interactive content. Increase your team’s retention using the application’s social and gamified content.  

Employee training LMS - Tovuti LMS

This application displays an intuitive user interface fit for mobile use, making learning easier and more accessible for your team.  

Cost: Price available upon request  

Key features:  

  • Customizable learning paths  
  • Social profiles and collaborative learning  
  • AI-powered content creation  

Employee training LMS #5 – Kallidus Learn 

With an easy interface and an automated reporting system, Kallidus Learn simplifies workplace learning not just for your team, but for you as well. Your learners finish courses faster, while you manage better. 

Employee training LMS - Kallidus Learn

This eLearning portal hosts numerous features that are designed to deliver a dynamic experience. It also boasts a wide-scoped interactive course library and a customizable learning path creator.  

Cost: Price available upon request  

Key features:  

  • Right-sizing implementation  
  • Performance management  
  • Compliance reporting  

Employee training LMS #6 – Workleap  

If knowledge retention is your highest priority, then Workleap is an excellent choice for you. Their requalification management tool keeps your learner’s skills sharp after they complete their course. Set a time for your learners to retake the courses to test retained information.  

Employee training LMS - Workleap

On the other hand, Workleap’s knowledge management gives you the option to either fully automate or fully control course enrolments and learning paths. This allows you to fine-tune the whole experience throughout the software.  

Cost: Plans start at 1,800 USD/year/user  

Key features:  

  • Course automation  
  • Hybrid learning capabilities  
  • Content dripping  

Employee training LMS #7 – Eloomi  

Eloomi is another great option if learner retention is your focus. This employee training LMS uses its employee retention test with data analytics to retain knowledge, reacquire skills, and reengage team members.  

Employee training LMS - Eloomi

The targeted skill development features map and align the skills of your employees to their wants and the objectives of the company. In turn, your learners fit your company better. 

Cost: Prices available upon request  

Key features:  

  • Curated training from industry providers  
  • Automated training  
  • Simple, scalable interface  

Employee training LMS #8 – WeSchool  

With its flexibility and emphasis on community training, WeSchool stands out on the side of social learning. The platform champions collaboration using wall discussions, chat pages, and live session integrations.  

Employee training LMS - WeSchool

Learning management in WeSchool is simplified. Its tool integration easily houses the many tools you’d need to better control your learners and your content.  

Cost: Prices available upon request  

Key features:  

  • Customizable layout  
  • Extensive data monitoring  

Employee training LMS #9 – Coassemble  

Coassemble removes any barriers to entry with its link-based access system. There is no need to ask your learners to create an account or download an application. Just send them straight to what matters most, learning.  

Employee training LMS - Coassemble

Coassemble lets you transform your plain documents into interactive learning courses in minutes. Full lessons, quizzes, and multimedia functions all can be produced from your past paperwork.  

Cost: Plans start at 7.50SGD/month/user  

Key features:  

  • Custom course creation  
  • Course templates  
  • AI-generator  

Employee training LMS #10 – Cypher  

Cypher makes learning more enjoyable through its interactive and social learning functions. Leaderboards and points tallies are scattered throughout the learning path to elevate involvement. Collaborations are encouraged with forum boards and chat spaces. 

Employee training LMS - Cypher

Its adaptive learner automation adjusts to your members based on their previous performances throughout the lessons. The learning experience becomes more dynamic using recommended materials and paths.  

Cost: Price available upon request  

Key features:  

  • Strong software security   
  • Dedicated customer support  
  • Customization and branding.  

How to choose the right employee training LMS for you?  

You’ve familiarized yourself with what to look for. We’ve narrowed down the exceptional options for you to choose from. The question now is, what should you consider in choosing an employee training system? Here, we’ll give you the 4 factors to consider.  

  • Budget: Like most things, budget can be your biggest deciding factor in choosing an LMS for employees. Fortunately, there is a wide range of pricing offers. 
  • Size of your team: If you’re providing learning for a big team, pick a platform that can smoothly support many users. Conversely, handling a small team using an LMS with complex management tools leaves you paying for more, while using less. 
  • Needs: How many program features and functionalities does your team truly need to have the best learning experience? Pick an LMS that offers the right features to fulfill your objectives.  
  • Managers: Don’t forget to consider how many course managers, user managers, and administrators your team plans to have on board. Be sure to check if the application seats enough managers, as well as how it affects the previous factors.  


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