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10 Types of employee training programs for your modern workplace


May 13, 2024



Employee Training Programs

Training is an essential part of workplace development and productivity. In particular, employee training programs help foster knowledge and promote a positive company culture that centers on adaptability and improvement.

In this article, we’ve compiled a list of the necessary programs that you can implement at work for better employee experience and performance. It doesn’t matter what industry you belong to; these programs are useful and range in topics from diversity to evacuation training.

What is an employee training program?

An employee training program pertains to specialized training targeted for the enhancement of skills, knowledge, and performance of employees. The programs have various options, from compliance to technical skills training for individual and organizational development needs.

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What are the benefits of employee training and development programs?

Employees can perform their tasks better through these training programs and update their knowledge of certain tools and techniques. Employee training also increases employee retention, improves employee engagement, enhances team functionality, and addresses skill gaps.

Investing in employee training courses can help the business’s lasting success, especially in boosting sales and profitability. So, if you’re looking for where to start, here are some programs you should implement in your organization.  

Employee training program #1 - Workplace safety

Safety training is an important employee development program, especially for workers involved in physical labor, such as construction workers and medical professionals. The constant exposure to hazardous environments and chemicals can put them at risk of accidents, injuries, and fatalities.

Employee Training Programs - Workplace Safety

These frontline workers must be aware of the possible accidents that can occur, preventative measures, and emergency drills.

You can implement a workplace safety program as a way to introduce your team to the potentially dangerous chemicals they may encounter at work. At the same time, the correct safety measures for unfortunate events in the workplace.

SC Training Creator Tool

There are different ways to do a safety program, whether it’s in-person or online through employee training software like SC Training (formerly EdApp). Its in-app authoring tool lets you create training materials that fit your company’s branding without hassle.

SC Training Microlearning

The platform also has a course library containing microlearning courses that learners can access on computers, mobile phones, and tablets – whenever and wherever.

Recommended training programs for workplace safety:

Explore hundreds of interactive employee training programs with SC Training! Get started today and sign up for free.*

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Employee training program #2 - Orientation

The orientation training program is essential for newly hired employees who need an introduction to the company, culture, rules, and responsibilities. This training can set them up for success in adjusting to their new work environment and role.

Employee Training Programs - Orientation

SC Training’s New Hire Safety Orientation is a helpful program that you can use to effectively orient new employees on managing emergencies, hazard communication, ladder safety, and more. It’s an all-in-one training program that covers safety basics while at work and can efficiently inform employees in modern workplaces. 

Recommended training programs for orientation:

  • New Hire Safety Orientation by SC Training

Employee training program #3 - Compliance

This mandatory employee training program is industry-specific and educates workers on the corporate policies and laws that apply to their roles. It aims to minimize workplace problems and legal violations, as well as promote a good working environment and maintain a good reputation.

Employee Training Programs - Compliance

More often than not, compliance training is mandated by regulations and laws, depending on your region. Employees should know the necessary regulatory standards and new policy changes to avoid further compliance issues. There are different types of compliance training, including anti-harassment, diversity, data protection, and more.

Recommended training programs for compliance:

Employee training program #4 - Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity training is one of the best employee training programs. It involves teaching employees how to handle confidential and sensitive information. It also focuses on using tools and systems to protect personal and work information.

Cyberattacks have been happening frequently, which calls for the need to implement cybersecurity measures at work. Good cybersecurity can contribute to the company’s success by preventing important information from getting into the wrong hands.

Employee Training Programs - Cybersecurity

Good cybersecurity can strengthen your company’s organizational security and avoid monetary losses, damaged reputations, and regulatory fines. Take advantage of SC Training’s Create with AI feature to make a cybersecurity course for your employees without hassle.

Recommended training programs for cybersecurity:

Employee training program #5 - Leadership

Leadership training programs are designed for leaders to improve management skills, handle work situations, and develop leadership capabilities. There are different management styles for handling a team and managers can find an effective strategy to help them nurture their employees.

Employee Training Programs - Leadership

SC Training has tons of leadership training programs that are perfect for first-time and experienced leaders in your company. These training programs can easily be accomplished at your own pace anywhere and anytime, through mobile devices, tablets, or desktops.

Recommended training programs for leadership:

Employee training program #6 - Diversity

Organizations also need a diversity training program to put inclusion into practice in the workplace. This training focuses on recognizing discriminatory behaviors and stopping unconscious bias among employees.

Employee Training Programs - Diversity

Implement this employee training plan to reduce prejudice and encourage positive interactions between employees from different backgrounds – race, religion, gender, nationality, sexual orientation, etc. More than that, an inclusive work culture can improve productivity and problem-solving dynamics.

Recommended training programs for diversity:

Employee training program #7 - Technical skills

This employee training program focuses on teaching hard skills that are essential to your company's operations. Technical skills training is industry-specific and is meant to improve your employees’ task performance.

Employee Training Programs - Technical Skills

Technical skills are important in your workplace so that employees have the competence and confidence to perform their daily tasks and help your business grow. Skills-based training includes technical writing, first-aid training, construction training, and more.

Recommended training programs for technical skills:

Employee training program #8 - Soft skills

A soft skills training program for employees centers on personal development such as communication, problem-solving, emotional intelligence, and teamwork, among others. Soft skills are just as important as technical skills. However, it may be more challenging since it involves new ways of thinking and changing behaviors.

Employee Training Programs - Soft Skills

Despite that, this type of training can build empathetic leadership skills, increase employee satisfaction, improve teamwork, and enhance the quality of customer service. Once you’ve established the current soft skills gap in your workplace, it’s easier to know the areas for improvement and develop strategies to address them. You can conduct face-to-face training or do online courses through SC Training.

Recommended training programs for soft skills:

Employee training program #9 - Quality assurance

Quality assurance training helps employees improve their processes to make sure the final product meets high-quality standards. At the end of the day, the state of the finished product can influence customer satisfaction and promote brand loyalty.

Employee Training Programs - Quality Assurance

Some of the benefits of QA training include building customer relationships, educating employees, reducing waste, and establishing trust with customers. If you want your team to know the latest quality requirements, check out SC Training’s Quality Control course and use the built-in authoring tool to personalize the training.

Recommended training programs for quality assurance:

Employee training program #10 - Evacuation plan

You never know when the next emergency may happen, so your team should have proper training on how to evacuate safely. You need to have policies set in place for the safety of your staff and to prevent significant losses to your company in case of a catastrophe.

Employee Training Programs - Evacuation Plan

Take advantage of SC Training’s Evacuation Plan course and use it as a foundation for your training. You can edit the layout to fit your branding or adjust the content to align with your company's emergency procedures.

Recommended training programs for evacuation:


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