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10 Ethics Training Topics for Better Talent Development


January 12, 2023



Ethics Training Topics

A lack of ethical training can lead your organization into internal problems, poor customer relationships, civil lawsuits, and even criminal lawsuits. If you don’t know where to start your online ethics training, we’ve come up with a list of ethics training topics that can help you get rolling.

1. Diversity, Equality, and Inclusion

Diversity, equality, and inclusion may already be included in your organization’s core beliefs. But it takes more than just statements to make sure that your teams practice them at the workplace. That’s why the first ethical training topic that makes it on our list is diversity, equality, and inclusion.

Ethics Training Topic - Diversity Equality, and Inclusion

By including this training topic in your company culture program examples, your learners will gain a better grasp of how they can build an inclusive culture. They’ll be able to learn how to treat everyone the same way in the way they communicate with and act around their coworkers. 

If you’re looking for a course, Karamo’s Diversity, Equality, and Inclusion is a great place to learn. This DEI training course dives deep into how inclusion starts with each individual and what they can do to build an inclusive working environment.

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2. Anti-discrimination

Anti-discrimination is an ethics ideas training topic that goes well together when you include diversity and inclusion training. Diversity and inclusion training focuses more on the behaviors they should uphold and the positive effects of an inclusive workplace.

Ethics Training Topic - Anti-discrimination

On the other hand, anti-discrimination training will teach them about negative behaviors and their ill effects in the workplace. Apart from losing top talent and seeing decreased productivity, a lack of anti-discrimination training can also lead your organization to litigation and civil suits. 

Looking for anti-discrimination training? SC Training (formerly EdApp)'s Equal Employment Opportunity course covers several related topics including workplace discrimination, helping your team uncover any unethical activity taking place in the workplace.

3. Workplace Harassment

Even in professional settings, bullying and harassment can still be a major headache for leaders and HR officers. Harassment, when left unchecked, can lead to serious injuries, mental health problems, and lawsuits. That’s why it’s important to include this ethics training topic in your training program.

Ethics Training Topic - Workplace Harassment

Workplace harassment training and behavior based safety programs will teach your learners about the negative effects of harassment and how it manifests in the workplace. Some harassment examples you can include are: power-tripping, ostracizing behavior, critical feedback, etc.

4. Anti-Corruption

Corruption is almost always prevalent where money goes. Sometimes, it happens when a team member becomes too greedy and wants to boost themselves up. Other times, it can happen without them knowing the consequences of their actions. Including anti-corruption training as one of your ethics ideas training topics can help stop this from happening.

Ethics Training Topic - Anti-Corruption

Anti-corruption courses typically include a definition of corruption, assessing corruption risks, and preventing it from happening. They also offer some examples of how they can be involved in corrupt practices without knowing it. This allows them to be more wary of their behaviors and take extra precautions to avoid falling into them.

5. Climate Change

Ethics Training Topic - Climate Change

Climate change is one of those ethics training topics that need to be included in your program. This is because it not only affects the people in your organization but also the rest of the world. Climate change training helps your teams understand, respond to, and adapt to the effects of the climate catastrophe by supplying them with the information, skills, values, and attitudes required to engage as change agents. By including this ethical training idea in your L&D program, you’ll also be able to foster a sustainable workplace.

6. Modern Slavery

Slavery is more commonly considered abolished, especially in today’s age. But, it’s still persistent in many parts of the world, although in a different form. Having modern slavery as your ethics training topic will teach your learners how it manifests in today’s age.

Ethics Training Topic - Modern Slavery

When including this training topic, it’s important to discuss the differences between slavery and modern slavery. You can also add some examples such as exploitative labor in third-world countries and child labor and abuse. By learning about all these things, your learners will both have a better grasp of the role they could be playing in modern slavery and how to help avoid and lift people out of it.

7. Sustainable Eating

Everyone loves to eat, but studies have shown that food and food processing contribute a lot to climate change. If you want to develop a sustainable workplace, you need to include sustainable eating as part of your ethics training. 

Ethics Training Topic - Sustainable Eating

By adding this ethics training topic, your learners will understand the bad eating practices they may be doing and how that contributes to climate change. They’ll also be able to learn and practice more sustainable eating habits such as replacing meat products in their diets and sourcing food that’s made sustainably.

8. Code of Conduct

Ethics Training Topic - Code of Conduct

Code of conduct training is an excellent tool to reinforce rules and best practices for building a healthy work environment and reducing workplace breaches. Each employee in any business comes from a distinct background and has varied perspectives and personalities, which can lead to a variety of actions. With proper training, you can regulate and monitor these to better guide your teams in making inclusive and ethical actions and decisions.

9. Sexual Harassment

It is your responsibility as a leader to prevent sexual harassment in the workplace. This is because sexual harassment can lead to uncomfortable scenarios, mental health issues, and civil complaints from your team members. Avoid that from happening by adding sexual harassment to your organization’s learning and development.

Ethics Training Topic - Sexual Harassment

Some topics you may want to cover here are gender equality, gender spectrum, how to avoid explicit remarks, and disrespectful behaviors to avoid. Including this ethics training topic in your training programs will allow you to offer a safe and secure working environment for your workers. 

10. Equal Employment Opportunity

Companies must give equal and fair employment opportunities to their employees in order to foster an inclusive work environment, particularly for minorities such as ethnic groups and individuals with disabilities. 

Ethics Training Topic - Equal Employment Opportunity

By including equal employment opportunities as your ethics training topic, your team will understand what it means to offer equal opportunity and how to avoid workplace discrimination, harassment, and violence. Learners who’re armed with this information can better establish work rules and strategies to guarantee equal opportunity. And, if an awful event occurs, they’ll also know how to conduct an inquiry effectively.


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