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10 Free Safety Training Videos and OSHA Courses


September 1, 2023



Free Safety Training Videos and Elearning Courses

Regardless of your occupation or where you work, at some stage, you will encounter hazardous materials and dangerous incidents.

This is where occupational health & safety training comes in. OSHA compliance and other safety training videos and other eLearning courses are an easy way to ensure that your workers are equipped with knowledge and practices to do their day-to-day jobs with their health and safety in check. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) requires companies to provide free OSHA 30 hour training so they can avoid the distress and costs brought on by accidents or illnesses. So it’s important that your work processes and work environment are according to the occupational safety and health act. 

That being said, your safety committee doesn’t only need to implement safety training but also make sure that it is well received by making it practical and engaging to employees. Below are 10 safety training videos and eLearning courses that are all free to access to help do the trick.

1. New Hire Safety Orientation – SC Training (formerly EdApp)

On a daily basis, people get hired for new jobs. It’s important to make sure that new hires are aware of the safety information in the workplace as they’re unfamiliar with their new work area. This training equips them with the health and safety hazards of the job and helps avoid any risks and ensure employee safety compliance.

The New Hire Safety Orientation course by SC Training (formerly EdApp) is perfect for getting new employees to comply with the company’s safety training requirements. By increasing their safety awareness, they’ll be able to perform their job functions safely and efficiently. What makes this course the best is that the information in the modules is short and engaging, making for a modern and superior workplace safety training strategy. As it follows a microlearning approach, employees are more likely to retain this vital information. This is also editable so you can use it as a template for creating inspection courses or other similar safety training courses tailored for your own team. 

Free Safety Training Video - SC Training (formerly EdApp)

Try SC Training (formerly EdApp) today and keep your team safe with free safety training videos and OSHA courses!

2. Safety In The Workplace – SC Training (formerly EdApp)

This Safety in the Workplace course by SC Training (formerly EdApp) covers safety situations that can happen every day in the office. Employees will learn that accidents like slips, trips, and falls are best controlled by preventing them before they even happen. They will also be informed of the company’s safety culture and how cleanliness and tidiness will help avoid and reduce such hazards.

This course also contains workplace training videos and visuals which paint a clear picture of what has to be done. This course can be edited and personalized to tailor fit your company’s needs, then distributed to your teams within a few minutes.

Free Safety Training Video - SC Training (formerly EdApp)

3. Fire Safety – SC Training (formerly EdApp)

It’s no secret how destructive fires can be and the devastating aftermath it leaves. No industry is exempt from the possibility of experiencing a fire in the workplace, which is why it’s essential that employees are aware of what to do in case a fire breaks out. But more importantly, the best protection from a fire is to prevent it from happening in the first place.

This free refresher Fire Safety course by SC Training (formerly EdApp) provides quality fire safety training that can also be edited to include other information specific to your workplace, such as floor plans and evacuation routes. It discusses the Fire Triangle, which talks through the different elements that can cause a fire and can help successfully identify them as the first step towards prevention.

Free Safety Training Video - SC Training (formerly EdApp)

4. ServSafe Reopening Guidance – COVID-19 Precautions

The food and hospitality industry was hit the hardest when the pandemic began. Fortunately, restaurants are now allowed to operate again with some restrictions after a long hiatus.

As they prepare to reopen in a totally different climate, it’s important that the staff is aware of the precautions required to ensure the safety and well-being of themselves and guests. 

This free OSHA training video from ServSafe is perfect for training employees who will be getting back to work. While this is not a one-size-fits-all operation that can be followed as restaurant and regional protocols may vary, this video can be used in general as it covers basic topics from learning all about COVID-19, proper health and hygiene, disinfection and sanitation, and safe service and social distancing.

Free Safety Training Video - 19 Precautions

5. Fall Protection ABCDs – 3M

According to the World Health Organization, falls are the leading cause of accidental workplace injuries and deaths around the world. It is seen as a major health risk which is why initiatives, such as providing safety-at-work training, are vital in the workplace.

This Fall Protection ABCDs safety training video by 3M aims to raise awareness by helping organizations stop fall fatalities and injuries. It focuses on the four key pillars which are Anchorage, Body Support, Connection, and Descent & Rescue.

It clearly defines each component, gives concrete examples and even real-world calculations to make sure that the concepts are fully understood and can be applied in real-life situations. This industrial safety video training is mostly geared towards the construction industry but can be used as training for any other workers who will be at elevated work areas.

Free Safety Training Video - 3M

6. Food Safety Standards (US, UK or AU) – SC Training (formerly EdApp)

Unsafe food practices can affect your health, other people’s health, and your business too. This training helps employees in the food industry learn about the different guidelines in handling food based on the FDA (US), FSA (UK), and FSANZ (AU) food codes, so you’re sure that it’s up to standard.

The Food Safety Standards course will help you identify food safety procedures, such as determining the correct temperature in handling food, and your employees’ role in making sure that they are not just practicing these techniques, but that they are also of sound health when performing their job.

Like most SC Training (formerly EdApp) courses, this business training course is fully customizable which can be helpful for incorporating branding and more specific concepts tailored to your business.

Free Safety Training Video - SC Training (formerly EdApp)

7. Construction Safety Training Video – Resonate Pictures

This nearly 20-minute Construction Safety Training video covers a number of topics to equip employees in the construction industry with general safety procedures. This video tackles the basics from why wearing personal protective equipment is needed, executing different tasks considering ergonomics, recognizing hazards like asbestos, understanding tagout, working in confined spaces, using power tools and gas-powered equipment, and many more. 

It also mentions the importance of having a “Toolbox Talk”, which is a meeting where any issues and observations regarding health and safety at work can be raised so that they can be addressed before the shift begins.

Free Safety Training Video - Resonate Pictures

8. The Most Epic Safety Video Ever Made – Air New Zealand

The Most Epic Safety Video Ever Made is probably one of the most entertaining airplane safety training videos. It incorporates tropes and simulated scenes from pop culture, with cameos from actors from the movie Lord of the Rings, to make airplane safety not only informative but fun to learn.

While this will surely appeal to fans of the movie franchise, it also makes for a unique and interesting watch to any passenger because of how entertaining the video is presented. It’s more like watching a movie than a safety training video which will surely keep passengers engaged. 

While it has a lot of fun elements, it doesn’t neglect to make sure that the safety measures are properly discussed and demonstrated. 

Free Safety Training Video - Air New Zealand

9. PROTECT YOUR HEARING! – Hearing Conservation Safety Training Video – Ally Safety

How loud is too loud? Oftentimes, we take our sense of hearing for granted which could one day lead to hearing loss. This Hearing Conservation safety training video is an introduction to noise and hearing conversation which discusses ways to protect yourself, whether it be in the workplace or at home.

It starts with discussing a brief history of hearing loss measures taken way back during ancient times, then transitions to modern times by letting learners know how the ear works and how hearing loss occurs. With those foundations in mind, it then discusses how to reduce noise by using modern technology, such as using apps that can limit the volume on devices or noise-canceling headphones, or by using protective equipment like earplugs and earmuffs.

Free Safety Training Video - Ally Safety

10. Sun Safety – SC Training (formerly EdApp)

Sun safety is something that doesn’t usually cross our minds on a daily basis unless we’re going on a beach trip. However, for people working in industries, such as construction or transportation where sun exposure can be prolonged, it’s important to know the risks and measures to take to prevent sunstroke, heat rash, and skin cancer.

This Sun Safety course helps learners identify how ultraviolet radiation can cause damage to our skin and eyes, and how to monitor the different levels and their effects brought about by prolonged exposure. With different gamification elements applied, this will keep learners engaged and will help with information retention.

Free Safety Training Video - SC Training (formerly EdApp)

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