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The 10 best healthcare LMS for 2024


February 27, 2024



Healthcare LMS

Continuous learning is essential to keep up with industry advancements and high-quality patient care. Today, healthcare learning management systems (LMSs) are transforming healthcare training through accessible, efficient, and engaging course content.

What are healthcare learning management systems (LMS)?

Healthcare LMSs are online training management platforms that allow you to create, distribute, and track learning materials in the healthcare industry. 

These platforms usually offer features like course creation, content management, assessments, and reporting. If you’re in the process of choosing an LMS for your organization, look for the following features:

  • User-friendly interface: Consider an LMS that’s intuitive and easy-to-navigate for a smooth learning experience.
  • Content creation and management: Make sure the platform has intuitive tools that you can use to create and manage engaging course content.
  • Mobile compatibility: Check if it’s mobile-friendly, so your learners can access training materials on multiple devices and learn on the go.
  • Reporting and analytics: The LMS should offer robust reporting features for monitoring learner progress, assessment results, and overall training effectiveness.
  • Compliance management: It should support regulatory compliance and allow you to easily track training completion and certifications.
  • Integration capabilities: The platform should be able to integrate with other systems like HR platforms or electronic health records to manage data efficiently.

Now, let’s go through the best healthcare LMSs that you can use to streamline your training processes and upskill your workforce.

Healthcare LMS #1 - SC Training (formerly EdApp)

SC Training (formerly EdApp) is a top-rated LMS that offers healthcare organizations a powerful platform for training and development. It uses a mobile-first microlearning approach to create convenient and engaging learning experiences.

Healthcare LMS- SC Training

You can kickstart your training through SC Training (formerly EdApp)’s extensive library of ready-made courses. It includes courses tailored to healthcare topics, such as HIPAA compliance, OSHA first aid, and medication management. You can deliver them as is, but you can also customize them according to your branding or learning goals.

If you’d rather build a course from scratch, you can use the platform’s intuitive creator tool. Here, you’ll be able to access microlearning templates and incorporate them into your courses. Templates include game-based quizzes and interactive slides.

Healthcare LMS - SC Training Creator Tool

You can also use the AI-powered course creator to generate content for specific healthcare topics you want your course to cover. Once you’ve delivered the course, learners can conveniently access it anytime, anywhere, using any device.

Then, SC Training (formerly EdApp)’s analytics suite gives you valuable insights to track learner progress and compliance. You have full control over users and courses through the admin experience, allowing you to identify skill gaps, analyze behavioral trends, and optimize training initiatives.

Healthcare LMS - SC Training Reporting and Analytics

The platform also offers course creation services, social and peer learning, practical assessments, in-built integrations, and more.

Cost: Free (up to 10 users)

Key features:

  • Mobile-first microlearning
  • User-friendly creator tool
  • Create with AI
  • Extensive course library
  • Customization
  • Built-in gamification
  • Course creation services
  • Social and peer learning
  • Comprehensive analytics and reporting
  • Compliance tracker
  • Integrations

Train your medical staff using the best healthcare LMS! Get started with SC Training (formerly EdApp).

Healthcare LMS #2 - Relias

Relias is another healthcare learning platform that enhances workforce education through high-quality learning content. It lets you simplify mandatory training, offer continuing education to meet licensing requirements, and foster professional development among your staff.

Healthcare LMS - Relias

The platform’s solutions include recruiting and staffing services, learning and performance modules, and compliance management tools. Plus, it has a library housing thousands of courses created by healthcare and adult learning experts.

Cost: Contact for pricing

Key features:

  • Course library
  • Content delivery tools
  • Validated assessments
  • Competency evaluations
  • Integrations

Healthcare LMS #3 - HealthStream LMS

With HealthStream LMS, you can train and educate your team of healthcare professionals, from frontline staff to admin leaders. It gives access to third-party courseware, medical product training, and industry-sponsored continuing education courses.

Healthcare LMS - HealthStream

HealthStream features reporting tools so you can monitor and evaluate your staff’s performance and compliance. It also has personalized learning pathways and automation features to help you address knowledge gaps and make sure your learners receive the training they need.

Cost: Contact for pricing

Key features:

  • Content authoring and video tools
  • Virtual classroom
  • Personalized learning paths
  • Assignment engine
  • Reporting and analytics

Healthcare LMS #4 - iTacit

iTacit is an employee experience software that also serves as a healthcare learning management system. You’ll be able to improve workforce communication, deliver training modules, and automate workflows all on one centralized platform.

Healthcare LMS - iTacit

Through the platform’s training resources, you can make sure that your workforce is equipped with the right skills and knowledge for their roles. You can also use its compliance tracker to gain insights on training progress. Or, take advantage of its employee engagement and task management tools for non-training initiatives.

Cost: Contact for pricing

Key features:

  • Course content editor
  • Automated learning paths
  • Gamification
  • Compliance tracker
  • E-commerce integration

Healthcare LMS #5 - Invince

Whether you’re onboarding employees or fostering talent development, Invince is a useful healthcare LMS designed to enhance your staff’s productivity, performance, and engagement. You can easily navigate the platform and access advanced functionalities like skill management and content authoring.

Healthcare LMS - Invince

Invince also has a comprehensive solution for meeting the learning needs of enterprises with its SaaS LMS, AI-powered features, and mobile readiness. It caters to extended enterprise training and offers tools to track learner progress and assess training effectiveness.

Cost: Contact for a custom quote

Key features:

  • Content authoring
  • Pre-made courses
  • AI recommendation engine
  • Learning paths
  • Gamification

Healthcare LMS #6 - MedTrainer

MedTrainer is a simple and efficient LMS medical solution that helps healthcare organizations stay on top of their compliance requirements. The platform makes it easier for healthcare professionals to stay compliant by bringing together training, credentialing, and documentation in one place.

Healthcare LMS - MedTrainer

Like most LMS for healthcare, MedTrainer offers industry-specific courses, like CPR/BLA certification, and offers real-time progress tracking. It also simplifies tasks with features such as document management, incident reporting, and safety data sheet management.

Cost: Contact for a custom quote

Key features:

  • Course library
  • Custom coursework
  • Reminders and notifications
  • Automated onboarding
  • Reporting and tracking

Healthcare LMS #7 - EthosCE

EthosCE helps medical associations, hospitals, and education companies streamline the process of meeting accreditation requirements. It’s best for healthcare professionals who are managing their continuing medical education (CME).

Healthcare LMS - EthosCE

The platform’s elearning portal supports online registration, discussions, and networking for interactive and social learning experiences. It offers flexible pricing options to accommodate the needs of different healthcare organizations.

Cost: Contact for pricing

Key features:

  • Custom branding
  • Social learning
  • Rich multimedia courses
  • Assessment tools
  • Analytics

Healthcare LMS #8 - Opus

Opus is a mobile-friendly healthcare LMS that allows organizations to create and deliver on-the-job training to their frontline staff. It lets you incorporate media-rich content and auto-translation to make training accessible and engaging for diverse healthcare teams.

Healthcare LMS - Opus

Opus also offers AI-assisted training creation and analysis, as well as a marketplace where teams can access off-the-shelf training courses. Courses include topics like allergen safety and sexual harassment prevention.

Cost: Starts at 89 USD/month

Key features:

  • Microlearning
  • Automated course assignments
  • Blended learning
  • Marketplace
  • Open-source templates

Healthcare LMS #9 - Teachable

Teachable is known for being a versatile LMS where you create and sell online courses, coaching programs, and downloadable content. It’s a no-code platform that you can use to build healthcare training materials without the need for technical skills. 

Healthcare LMS - Teachable

Compared with other LMSs, Teachable is also an e-commerce solution that offers tools such as integrated payment processing, subscriptions, affiliate marketing, lead magnets, and tracking pixels.

Cost: Free; paid plans start at 59 USD/month

Key features:

  • AI content generator
  • Payment options
  • Sales and marketing tools
  • Creator support
  • Analytics and reporting

Healthcare LMS #10 - Trakstar Learn

You can also deliver dynamic and effective training through Trakstar Learn. The learning management platform offers features such as course creation, quizzes, and assessments.

Healthcare LMS - Trakstar Learn

With Trakstar Learn, you’ll be able to convert existing course content and preserve rich multimedia materials, including animations, embedded videos, slide builds, and audio. Through its dashboards and advanced reporting features, you can track and measure the elearning metrics necessary for making informed decisions about your healthcare training programs.

Cost: Contact for a custom quote

Key features:

  • Course creator
  • Quizzes
  • Template library
  • Reports and dashboards
  • SCORM and API


Ella Mar

Ella is a content writer for SC Training (formerly EdApp), an award-winning e-learning management system designed to help companies deliver high-quality workplace training. In her free time, she enjoys painting, reading, or playing with her cat.

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