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10 Holiday marketing strategies to teach your team


October 23, 2023



10 Holiday marketing strategies

Getting your team up to speed on holiday marketing strategies is like preparing for a feast; it takes a pinch of creativity, a dash of planning, and a whole lot of jolly collaboration.

As the holiday season approaches, it's the perfect time to empower your squad with a sparkling set of strategies to light up your marketing efforts.

From seasonal promotions to the magic of email campaigns, this article serves up delightful ideas to make your brand shine brighter than Rudolph's nose on a winter night. So, gather 'round, and let's unwrap these holiday marketing gifts for your team!

Why is holiday marketing important?

Holiday marketing strategies are the sparkling stars on top of your business tree. They’re important because they’re your golden ticket to boost sales and spread cheer during the holiday season.

People are in a festive mood, and they're on the hunt for gifts and goodies. Your holiday marketing efforts can guide them to your door (real or virtual) and make your brand the go-to for their holiday shopping.

It's not just about sales; it's about creating a memorable, heartwarming experience for your customers and building a jolly connection that can last all year.

So, don't miss out on the holiday marketing sleigh ride—it's the key to making the season extra special for your business and your customers!

Holiday Marketing Strategy #1: Social Media Campaigns

Research shows that there are 4.8 billion people in the world who use social media. Thus, it's the perfect place for your marketing strategy plans. 'Tis the season to light up your social media with holiday magic! Show your team the way to holiday marketing success by crafting and scheduling posts that showcase your festive offerings. Social media influencers can amplify your message and reach a wider audience by collaborating with them to share your seasonal promotions and engage with their followers. They can use a free social media scheduler to plan and schedule all posts on different social media platforms in advance.

holiday marketing strategies - social media campaigns

Think cozy, enchanting visuals, and don't forget to sprinkle in some holiday-specific hashtags, like snowflakes in a winter wonderland.

By sharing the joy of the season and highlighting your special holiday products or deals, you'll connect with your audience in a way that's both merry and memorable.

These holiday marketing tips will deck the halls of your social media profiles and welcome holiday shoppers with open arms and warm hearts.

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holiday marketing strategies - edapp social media and electronic communicaiton course

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Holiday Marketing Strategy #2: Planning Ahead

Teach your team the importance of planning ahead and get a head start on your holiday marketing efforts. It’s just like setting up your holiday lights ahead of time. Picture it like decorating your house for the holidays—you don't wait until Christmas Eve.

holiday marketing strategies - planning ahead

Create a detailed marketing calendar that lays out all the important dates, promotions, and content you want to share during the season. This not only keeps your team organized but also makes sure you don't miss a beat during the hustle and bustle of the holidays.

This holiday marketing strategy will light the path to a stress-free, well-prepared holiday season.

Holiday Marketing Strategy #3: Content Marketing

Holiday marketing is all about spreading cheer, and your content marketing is key to doing that. Have your marketing team craft holiday-themed blog posts, videos, and content that not only capture the holiday spirit but also offer value to your audience.

holiday marketing strategies - content marketing

Think gift guides, how-to articles, and heartwarming stories that connect with your customers during this special season.

It's like giving the gift of knowledge, inspiration, and entertainment—a surefire way to warm your audience's hearts and make them remember your brand with a smile. So get creative and wrap up some fantastic content that'll keep your customers coming back for more!

Holiday Marketing Strategy #4: Email Marketing

Email marketing during the holidays is just like sending a digital holiday card to your customers, and it's a strategy your team should embrace with enthusiasm.

holiday marketing strategies - email marketing

Sending out holiday-themed email campaigns not only informs but also engages your audience. Fill those emails with the warmth of the season, from festive visuals to exciting offers that will make their spirits bright.

It's all about staying connected with your customers, sharing your holiday cheer, and reminding them of the fantastic offerings you have.

Holiday Marketing Strategy #5: Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Unlock the magic of SEO this holiday season by teaching your team to sprinkle some keyword stardust! Show them how to give your website and content a festive makeover with holiday-related keywords for organic traffic success.

holiday marketing strategies - search engine optimization

Just like finding the perfect ornaments for a tree, using SEO tools to research the most relevant keywords can lead customers right to your digital doorstep.

SC Training (formerly EdApp) also offers a Search Engine Optimization course that will teach your team the benefits of SEO and orients them with a 5-point action plan they can use for their marketing strategy.

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So what are you waiting for? Get your website in tip-top shape for the holidays and make it easier for customers to find what they're looking for!

Holiday Marketing Strategy #6: Special Offers

The holiday season is for spreading joy and great deals, and the art of making these special offers is like wrapping a gift with a nice, festive bow. Encourage your team to create holiday-specific promotions, discounts, or bundles that will twinkle in your customers' eyes.

holiday marketing strategies - special offers

Just as a gift under the tree brings smiles, these special offers will attract customers on the hunt for holiday savings. It's about making the holiday season not only merry but budget-friendly too.

These holiday marketing ideas will definitely make your business the holiday shopping destination of choice.

Holiday Marketing Strategy #7: Influencer Collaborations

Collaborating with influencers is like having a trusted elf spread the word about your brand during the holidays. Show your team how partnering with influencers who share your brand's values can be a powerful holiday marketing strategy.

holiday marketing strategies - influencer collaborations

With word-of-mouth or friendly recommendations, influencers can help promote your holiday products or services to their loyal followers, making your brand shine in the holiday spotlight.

It's all about building trust, extending your reach, and spreading cheer through voices that people already admire. This digital marketing strategy will truly help promote brand awareness.

Holiday Marketing Strategy #8: Collaborate with Local Events

Adding a dash of local flavor to your holiday marketing strategy is like sharing the warmth of a cozy fireplace. Teach your team the value of collaborating with local holiday events or markets, especially if your business has a physical presence.

holiday marketing strategies - collaborate with local events

This weaves your brand into the festive fabric of the local community. By partnering with local events or markets, you can tap into the holiday spirit that's already in the air, creating a memorable and joyful connection with your neighbors. Your team can add value to these events by creating synergistic holiday bundles with the partners' products. Otherwise, you can sponsor ticketed events like game nights or live music events and donate proceeds to charity.

It's a chance to celebrate the season with your community, so light up your holiday presence and make your brand an integral part of the local festivities!

Holiday Marketing Strategy #9: Cross-Promotions

Think of cross-promotions as a merry dance where your business twirls hand in hand with another, spreading holiday cheer together.

holiday marketing strategies - cross promotions

The art of partnering with complementary businesses to cross-promote each other's products or services is an important holiday advertising strategy that your marketing team should know.

Just as carolers harmonize beautifully, this strategy allows your business to amplify your reach and make the holiday shopping experience even better for your customers.

It's like creating a festive package deal that combines the best of both worlds. So, strike up the holiday collaboration orchestra and watch your brand's presence harmonize into something truly special this season!

Holiday Marketing Strategy #10: Give Back

The holiday season is all about giving, so let your team know that the power of giving back through charitable initiatives is like spreading the warmest kind of holiday cheer.

holiday marketing strategies - give back

Among other holiday marketing strategies, promoting a charitable initiative or a cause-related campaign during the holidays is one that can make a genuinely positive and meaningful impact.

Just as the act of giving warms the heart, this strategy not only aligns your brand with goodwill but also encourages your customers to participate in spreading the love. It's like lighting a candle that brightens not only your brand's image but also the lives of those in need.

Make giving back a part of your holiday tradition, and watch your brand shine in the hearts of your customers this season!


Donna Dane

Donna is an elearning content writer for SC Training (formerly EdApp), a mobile-based microlearning platform designed for today's digital training needs. When she's not writing web articles, she writes lines of code or songs or anything food-related.

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