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How Microlearning Helps Train An Ever-Growing Workforce


October 24, 2019



Microlearning Helps Train An Ever-Growing Workforce

Every corporate organization wishes to expand and reach a national, and then a global level. However, that’s not easy. It takes years of careful planning, a flawless business strategy, countless market analyses, financial readiness, legal readiness as well as organizational readiness, and finally there’s the question of training your ever growing workforce.

Most corporate organizations wishing to go global are able to take care of all of the above mentioned aspects, but face problems handling the training of such a huge number of employees, which keep on increasing exponentially while the time to train them remains limited. Microlearning, as a digital learning strategy, is perfect for organizations who are expanding, and have to train an ever-growing workforce.

In this article we’ll discuss why.

1. Microlearning Is A Mobile Learning Strategy

Not every employee in a corporate organization has a desk job, or access to a personal computer in their office. In fact, a number of employees in corporate organizations spend a great part of their time in the field, and out of their offices. Thus, it becomes difficult for such employees to access training everyday, and mind you, modern employees do require training everyday, not just once in six months. Because microlearning is designed to be accessed on smartphones, laptops and tablets i.e. mobile devices, it solves the problem of employees having to sit down in front of a personal computer to access training modules or courses. Microlearning can be accessed anytime, anywhere as the learner/employee chooses. Thus, it can be used to train new employees very quickly, and bring them up to speed and at par with their older counterparts.

2. Microlearning Is Short

Everything has to be simplified in this modern world, even information being provided to develop skills and knowledge. This is because the modern individual is drowning in information. Microlearning is designed in a way that only leaves relevant information to be absorbed and retained by learners, and leaves out any irrelevant information. As a result, microlearning modules are at the most 5 minutes long. Modern employees don’t have time to spare for hour long training courses, and thus microlearning is the perfect solution for them. Organizations that are expanding will have a large number of employees, and due to its short duration, microlearning is easy to design and develop, which makes it easier for the instructional designers to create a lot of modules quickly.

3. Microlearning Is Just-In-Time Learning

An expanding organization means that a lot of new employees need to be hired. These new employees not only need to be onboarded quickly, they need to be brought up to speed to the older employees within a matter of weeks. This is only possible through just-in-time learning. Microlearning modules are 5 minutes short, as mentioned before, and a lot of them are video-based, allowing employees to quickly learn a skill or absorb information about a subject in real time. New employees can even apply skills and knowledge side-by-side as they are learning them by consuming the microlearning module, which makes them efficient right from the start.

4. Microlearning Uses A Number Of Engaging Formats

Learning has changed. In fact, it is highly doubtful whether we were using the correct form of learning to develop skills and knowledge in learners/employees in the past at all. Long columns of never-ending text interspersed with images which bored employees out of their wits are out. Microlearning uses various engaging formats and techniques such as video-based learning, game-based learning, simulations, 3D models and whatnot to make sure that an employee pays undivided attention during the 5 minutes of the module. This increases absorption and retention of skills and knowledge, which is very important for an expanding organization. Engaging microlearning modules also mean that employees don’t find it a pain to consume same microlearning modules twice or thrice, which reinforces learning.

An organization is made up of its employees, and it is the employees which decide its fate. This is doubly true when an organization is expanding, and wishes to go global, as it is assimilating a lot of new employees from all the corners of the world into itself. If proper training isn’t provided to these employees, the number of efficient employees could very soon be overpowered by inefficient ones. Microlearning has proven itself to be the most suitable digital learning strategy for modern-day employees, and it is up to organizations to bank on that.

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Guest Author Daniel Brown

Daniel Brown is a senior technical editor and writer that has worked in the education and technology sectors for two decades. Their background experience includes curriculum development and course book creation.

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