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January 16, 2019



microlearning will shape the future of work

The future of work is rapidly changing and evolving. One hard and fast rule with any rapid change is that learning will be a core part of how we manage change. Microlearning is rapidly becoming one of the primary tools for managing staff through this shift. This post will take a quick look at how microlearning will shape the future of work.

Microlearning for millennials

Millennials, love them or hate them, are the future of work. They are arguably the smartest generation that we’ve had and they have grown up firmly entrenched in the digital world. Like it or not they are the ones that will drag the rest of us forwards. But one common complaint from managers is the difficultly of engaging them.

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Microlearning is perfectly-placed as a tool to engage Millennials. Short, quick bites of information delivered on the go are much more appealing to anyone under the age of thirty than rote memorization in a classroom. It’s not that the younger generation have shorter attention spans; to say this is to put a negative spin on a widespread change in learning style. They process information and engage with the world in a different way and if companies want to get the most out of their unique skills they need to approach them in the right way.

How microlearning will shape the future of work

Constant upskilling

The faster things change in business the faster we need to up-skill people. These matters are only going to accelerate and we need to find a solution for it. So many technical skills or levels of product knowledge are constantly evolving in a way that means what you learned last year is no longer relevant. This means that, not only do we need to find ways of quickly getting information in front of staff, but also we need solutions that can quickly-update courseware. Information in courses is quickly deprecated and legacy LMSs are too clunky to allow for the quick updating of courses. Having a slick online authoring tool and a way to send new lessons to thousands (or tens of thousands) of staff at a time is the default must have feature, now.

So how will microlearning shape the future of work?

Learning in the workplace is becoming more and more fragmented. Staff are expected to have T-shaped skillsets: in-depth knowledge of one area with a basic-to-moderate understanding of a number of other areas. So how do you ensure people continue learning across all of these fragmented areas? Make sure people are up-skilled across multiple areas including product knowledge, technical specs and simple company on-boarding processes.

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Microlearning vs Traditional Learning

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