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How Morton McCann use SC Training (formerly EdApp) to deliver a blended learning approach to ISO training


February 18, 2021



Morton McCann use SC Training (formerly EdApp) blended learning approach to ISO training

When Morton McCann decided to deliver their ISO training courses entirely online they realised that a completely different approach to the training was needed.  They teamed up with learning & development specialists The Learning Map to create a set of self-paced courses that users could access from their home, in the office, or on a mobile device.  Armed with over thirty years of experience in learning design and delivery they set about selecting the right learning management platform for their customers’ requirements.

How The Learning Map use SC Training (formerly EdApp) to drive their Learner Journey

The Learning Map brings best practice from customer experience design to learning.

The workplace is crowded and busy. We need to attract and retain learners as we do our customers – giving them engaging, consistently excellent experiences that provide real value to them.

Our commitment is to deliver great learner-centric experiences that immediately add value in the workplace with real-world fast sustainable results. This blends upskilling with guided resourcing to accelerate impact and motivate learners.   

SC Training (formerly EdApp) is now a key part of our Learner Journey with self-paced learning supporting guided sessions for a fully blended solution – understanding, learning and then doing. This provides a full OUTSIDE: IN approach where the learner is centre stage, and they experience learning as memorable moments of transformation.

Why SC Training (formerly EdApp) works

The Learning Map and Morton McCann evaluated over 40 different learning platforms before selecting SC Training (formerly EdApp) as their learning management system of choice.  SC Training (formerly EdApp)’s microlearning capabilities, customization, and its mobile-first approach set it apart from the competition. 

Microlearning is one of the most effective forms of learning and has been proven to keep the learner engaged since lessons can be completed in as little as 5 minutes whilst resulting in better learning outcomes. Learners love it and so does the Learning and Development (L&D) community, as 8 out of 10 L&D professionals reportedly opt for microlearning because their learners prefer it (Boyette). 

The pandemic has accelerated demand for online learning because you just can’t get people together in a classroom.  But customers quickly realised that it could be more effective than taking people out of their jobs for days at a time.  Online learning will be a significant element of businesses’ learning-mix in future.
Steve Rudland – CEO, Morton McCann Ltd. 

Utilising built-in tools to drive results

Working with The Learning Map, and utilising SC Training (formerly EdApp)’s capabilities means Morton McCann’s courses are designed for maximum impact.

How Morton McCann use SC Training (formerly EdApp) to deliver a blended learning approach to ISO training

Need. Identifying your required learning outcome. Focus on the knowledge, skills, and behaviours that your team needs. SC Training (formerly EdApp)’s highly customizable tools including custom playlists and user groups to help you create an entirely bespoke learning experience for every single one of your team members.

Design. Incorporate self-paced and guided learning designs to engage and energize your learners. Morton McCann incorporates SC Training (formerly EdApp)’s tools to seamlessly drive social learning, catering to a wide range of learning styles while incorporating gamification and utilizing SC Training (formerly EdApp)’s real prizing options.  Including built-in assessments like SC Training (formerly EdApp)’s discussions and assignments feature to ensure the success of learning through instant coaching and mentoring opportunities. In light of COVID-19, having this feature that delivers the closest simulation to face-to-face, instructor-led sessions is a game-changer.

Plan. Decide when the best time is for your team to learn. Build a plan by workload and ensure deadlines are met throughout to cultivate fast and lasting results. SC Training (formerly EdApp)’s playlist feature gives you the freedom to create an optimal learning path along with options like custom push notifications to alert and remind learners of new or outstanding training material.

Learn. Collaborative, engaging activities embedded into workplace learning means ready-to-use deliverables. Take advantage of SC Training (formerly EdApp)’s lightweight platform, which enables desktop, mobile, and even offline learning. Track results through the microlearning platform’s analytic tools and ensure that concepts are fully embedded into your teams’ long term memory through SC Training (formerly EdApp)’s unique Brain Boost feature.

Impact. Experience the continuous impact on business outcomes and easily identify further opportunities for improvement. With SC Training (formerly EdApp)’s dashboards feature and analytics, tracking and measuring results has never been easier. If there’s an opportunity for improvement, make changes in real-time through SC Training (formerly EdApp)’s authoring tool and deploy to your learners within minutes.

SC Training (formerly EdApp) Brain Boost

Effective blended learning

We needed to provide a blended customer experience with the convenience of remote learning and the responsiveness of a face-to-face instructor-led session. SC Training (formerly EdApp)’s combination of micro-learning and social learning on a mobile-first platform ensures that customers get the training they need at the time and on the device of their choice.
Steve Rudland – CEO, Morton McCann Ltd.


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