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How To Deliver the Best Microlearning


July 18, 2019



how to deliver the best microlearning

Microlearning has really taken the eLearning sector by storm thanks to its numerous benefits. It’s comprised of bite-sized learning nuggets which are created to meet particular learning outcomes or attain a specific learning objectives.

This post explores how to deliver the best microlearning practices.

Short Explainer Videos

Short explainer videos have already demonstrated their effectiveness when it comes to engaging learners. The growth of technology has further fuelled their significance. With no cost involved, companies can embrace social media video distribution, by starting an official YouTube account, WhatsApp account or IGTV. Learners can access this content from anywhere and any device.


An infographic takes a very small and focused piece of information and spells it out in an easy to follow format. Imagery, charts, and graphics come together to make an exceptional learning experience. The high-quality graphics grab the learner’s attention and subsequently aid the brain to devise patterns that help in information recollection and retention.     


Surprisingly, there is room for fun with micro-learning. Gamification is a technology that turns the learning process into a game. The learner advances through the various stages of challenges and tasks to achieve a particular learning goal and earn rewards. Essentially, gamification engages learners like no other technique and guarantees them higher levels of involvement.  

Incorporate Micro Podcasts

Podcasts are superb options for delivering learning nuggets since they are easy to create and can be conveyed conveniently via mobile devices. Meaning, your employees can access micro lectures from anywhere and consume them at their own pace. With millions of people getting their entertainment via podcasts nowadays, it only seems sensible to take advantage of this strategy from a micro-learning perspective.     

Pop Quizzes

After your members of staff complete certain training modules, you may wish to consider including pop quizzes into the process. To a large extent, this kind of micro-learning helps by increasing knowledge retention. When learners are presented with a quiz, they almost instinctually recall the content previously learned. Such questions should be few and must target a very specific topic or subject matter.

Micro-learning comes in various forms. But in reality, each of these formats or strategies all contribute to the same objectives: enhancing knowledge retention and skill development. Few, if any, learning methods can guarantee knowledge retention the way micro-learning does. So, isn’t it the high time your organization adopted this training approach?


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