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How to make a free quiz online with SC Training (formerly EdApp)


April 28, 2023



How to make a free quiz online with SC Training (formerly EdApp)

Adding quizzes to your training courses is an easy way to challenge your learners and check their knowledge of your topics. With elearning, there are now many fun and interactive ways to create quizzes. So in this article, we’ll show you how to make a free quiz with SC Training (formerly EdApp), a learning management system (LMS).

Why use SC Training (formerly EdApp) as a free quiz maker?

1. Features, features, features

SC Training (formerly EdApp) is an award-winning microlearning training app that makes every learning journey easy through:

  • extensive courseware, 
  • complete reporting and analytics, 
  • and powerful course creation tools. 
SC Training (formerly EdApp) quizmaker features - statistics on SC Training (formerly EdApp) admin dashboard

Basically, you can create amazing bite-sized training content and deliver them straight to your team’s devices without needing any design or coding skills. All you need to do is drag and drop your files! SC Training (formerly EdApp) has all the features you need to create simple, but effective training immediately.

2. Easy content upload with a template

The tool allows you to create microlessons from existing learning materials. When creating a quiz, you can upload content with SC Training (formerly EdApp)’s Excel spreadsheet template to create hundreds of questions in minutes. You can even convert PDFs, Powerpoints, and even other SCORM-compliant files to add directly to your courses. And of course, the course creator tool has over 80 content, quiz, and game templates that you just need to fill up.

SC Training (formerly EdApp) rapid refresh spreadsheet upload

3. Real-time analytics

SC Training (formerly EdApp) lets you track learners’ progress and responses for each question, so you’ll know exactly where to focus on. This feedback system makes SC Training (formerly EdApp) not just a quiz creator, but an entire online quiz platform that you can integrate into your training. You can even set up leaderboards and rewards to encourage healthy competition within your teams for even better engagement and completion rates.  

SC Training (formerly EdApp) real-time analytics with images of workers

Try SC Training (formerly EdApp) for free and experience hassle-free online quiz-making today!

A step-by-step guide to creating an online quiz in SC Training (formerly EdApp)

It only takes a few minutes to create an online quiz with SC Training (formerly EdApp)’s easy test maker called Rapid Refresh. This feature allows you to efficiently create simple interactive quizzes that you can send out in adjustable intervals to reinforce knowledge retention. As we mentioned earlier, it’s all simple and intuitive so you don’t have to worry. We’ve written a step-by-step guide to help you navigate the platform.

Step 1: Go to the Rapid Refresh Quizzes tab

Once you’ve created your admin SC Training (formerly EdApp) account for free, click the ‘Rapid Refresh Quizzes’ tab under the ‘Content’ dropdown menu. 

Rapid refresh step 1: go to rapid refresh quizzes tab

On the Rapid Refresh Quizzes tab, click on ‘Get started.’ Then, a window will appear and ask you to upload your questions. Choose ‘Download template’ to download the spreadsheet template (.xls) where you’ll add your questions.

Rapid refresh upload screen

Step 2: Add your questions and answers

Rapid Refresh quizzes follow a simple multiple-choice questions template. The spreadsheet template consists of an instruction page, an example tab, and 'FILL ME OUT' tab. The 'FILL ME OUT' tab is where you will be entering your quiz questions. 

Rapid refresh questions template example

Template breakdown

  • Column B: Enter questions here
  • Column C-H: Add your multiple choice answers here. There needs to be at least two to choose from.
  • Column I: Pick which one of your options will be the correct answer. Multiple correct answers can be added by using a comma plus a space (e.g. “A, C”)
  • Column J: Enter a reinforcement message here. This text will appear right after your learners answer the question. The message will be the same regardless if they answered correctly or incorrectly, so make sure that the message fits both outcomes.

Once you’ve completed the template, click ‘Choose file’ to upload your .xlsx file. Then click ‘Upload my file.’ Click ‘Continue.’ Then proceed to the next step after clicking ‘Schedule Quiz.’

Step 3: Select a quiz type

Select your delivery dates. Then choose one of the following quiz types:

  • One Session: This is a one-sitting quiz. Your learners will receive all the questions in this session, so if you want them to finish the quiz in one go, use this type.
  • Spaced Session: Questions will be spread evenly throughout multiple sessions. You can pick how many questions are delivered per session and the frequency of each session. This is effective for long-term training where you’re trying to engage your learners continuously.
Rapid refresh quiz types

Step 4: Customize your quiz

Go to ‘Settings’ at the top right corner. From here you can do the following:

  • Assign the quiz to different user groups.
  • Set prerequisites. You can lock your quizzes behind certain courses your learners need to take beforehand.
  • Customize quiz branding. This includes colors, logos, etc.
  • Adjust translations or language for your buttons.
Rapid refresh quiz settings/customizations

Step 5: Deliver your quiz

Once you’ve set everything up, your quiz should be automatically available to your learners. The following things will also be automatically available after you’ve created your quiz:

  • Leaderboards: This is enabled by default but can be switched off on the configurations page. The leaderboard for the quiz will automatically update as soon as a learner finishes a quiz in the series. How quickly a user reaches a score is also taken into account.
  • Analytics: A list of all of your quizzes can be viewed on the ‘Analytics’ menu where you can find information on individual or user group performances. For user groups, you can see the percentage of attempted and correctly answered questions. While for user performance, you can view a breakdown of time spent, question performance, and total correct answers.
  • Notifications: You can send learners Rapid Refresh reminders through email or push notifications. These are on by default but can be disabled manually. You can even use APIs to send Slack notifications via webhooks. 

What is the best free online quiz maker?

So, you might still be asking if SC Training (formerly EdApp) is the best quiz maker free out there even if it’s not primarily a quiz creator. SC Training (formerly EdApp) aims to be a holistic solution to all of your training problems. Why only use one feature when you can have more at no additional cost? Aside from Rapid Refresh, you can create interactive quizzes directly for your courses, so you don’t have to separate your lessons from your tests. This makes learning more efficient and engaging.

SC Training (formerly EdApp) creator tool preview for quizzes

And as we mentioned, the SC Training (formerly EdApp) course creator tool has over 80 different content, game, and quiz templates so you don’t just stick with the same multiple choice question types. Here are some examples of dynamic quiz templates that’ll make your next course so much more fun:

1. Categorize

This template asks your learners to drag and drop a statement or word into the correct category. This is commonly used for True or False questions but you can edit the categories to reflect anything you want.

SC Training (formerly EdApp) quiz template - Categorize

2. Chat

The chat template is a multiple-choice template that simulates chat text boxes. This is great for customer service-related questions that deal with client or customer responses. Again, all text is editable.

SC Training (formerly EdApp) quiz template - chat

3. Multiple Choice Images

To make your quizzes more engaging, stop using words and start using images because a lot of modern workers are visual learners. This template lets you add up to four images as answers to your questions. You don’t have to worry about image sizes or anything because the SC Training (formerly EdApp) creator tool dynamically adjusts screen sizes and image formats to look the best they can be.

SC Training (formerly EdApp) quiz template - multiple choice images

4. Missing Word

This is a classic fill-in-the-blank template where your learners need to drag the correct words to complete the sentence. You can even add extra words as distractors to throw your learners off. This is perfect for helping learners remember specific terms in the right context.

SC Training (formerly EdApp) quiz template - missing word

5. Dial

The dial template is an interesting one because it’s more specific to numbers-related questions. Your learners will answer your question by rotating the dial to a specific number that you can customize as well. If you’re aiming to improve your team’s estimation skills or simply require them to remember stats, this might be the template for you.

SC Training (formerly EdApp) quiz template - Dial

Creating effective quizzes is easy with the right tools. And with SC Training (formerly EdApp), they’ve got you covered every step of the way. And if you’re still feeling lost, check out this quick breakdown of Rapid Refresh to see the feature in action, along with interactive instructions to get you started. 

Create better online quizzes faster with SC Training (formerly EdApp)— it’s free forever. Sign up today!


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