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How To Sell to C-Level Executives


September 12, 2019



How To Sell to C-Level Executives

It is safe to say that selling to C-Level executives will present some obstacles. It is particularly important to be respectful of their time and to get straight to the point, refraining from beating around the bush.

We have outlined five top tips on how to effectively sell to C-Level executives.

Remain Insight-Driven

According to Deloitte, an insight-driven organization makes everyday decisions based on analysis, data and reasoning. Becoming insight-driven requires a technologically up-to-date company, in the creation of a holistic training strategy suitable to all employees.

Some of the benefits of remaining insight-driven are: (Deloitte)

  • Gain lasting competitive advantage.
  • Improve the quality of decisions with adequate insight.
  • Harnessing digital capabilities.
  • Develop learning agility to accomodate technology disruption.
  • Analytics capabilities enhance business performance.

Warm Introduction

First impressions for the delivery of important information are vital and must be paid close attention to. When approaching and presenting complex subjects to C-suite executives, being personable and approachable are pivotal to the effectiveness of your presentation of information or proposal.

Be Prepared and Thoroughly Researched

Understanding your request or sharing of information in great detail is essential for the most effective pitch 0r conversation. You are more likely to receive a positive response when your information is well thought-out and researched as the more information on the topic, the better, and the better you know the information, the more your ideas will be coherent.

Know What They Want

It is important to understand the needs and preferences of C-level executives for the match of your information with their perspectives. Although conflicting ideas are beneficial for the development of wider perspectives, remain considerate of their viewpoints and opinions, as with any professional and personal situations.

Strive To Be Trusted

Being trusted is in your, as well as those around you’s, best interest. Being trustworthy means that you are more credible and are sure to not lead those around you astray. Bring trusted brings good fortune to you in your corporate endeavours and provides more valuable opportunities in the workplace. Receiving information from a trustworthy source means that ideas are taken more seriously and are taken onboard.

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