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How to Train Remote Sales Staff with Mobile Learning


July 11, 2019



How to Train Remote Sales Staff with Mobile Learning

Training a distributed group of sales staff can be complicated at times due to the training of various competencies required by employees. Keep your team reaching and exceeding company goals by bringing the most modern learning strategy to the table. We feel the pain of slow or temperamental Skype calls and dispersed teams. If one part of your team is based in London, another New York and the rest in Sydney, we have the perfect training solution for you. Training staff with mobile learning.

Training your distributed workforce

Ineffective training of your distributed workforce can lead to a lack of understanding and underdevelopment of critical skills required for effective performance in their role. To avoid this, it is essential to set up the right training infrastructure to support ongoing training. Mobile learning provides a long-term solution to the challenge, whereby training is easily and continually accessible to employees anywhere in the world. The course material is also tailored to the specific needs of the employee, meaning content remains relevant to their role.

Lack of face-to-face interaction

The absence of face-to-face training is a disadvantage at first glance, however, mobile learning creates an experience for employees which encapsulates a training on-the-job effect. Despite being able to maintain a rapport with your employees, face-to-face intervention is a mundane approach to training your staff, whereas mobile learning provides much more.

How to deal with poor operational efficiency

Poor operational efficiency occurs when employees perform with inconsistent effort, being unable to reach their full potential in their daily operations. Efficiency is significantly increased with mobile learning as time does not need to be set aside in working hours for training, as course material is available to employees at times suitable to them. Whether it is on their commute to work, waiting at the airport, or even a leisurely walk with your dog. Whatever you’re into, really.

Maintain regular communication

Staying in the loop with employees near and far is essential for overall enterprise success. Mobile learning allows learners to reach out for answers and receive answers instantly, facilitating a sense of support and value.

Customise training

Customised training is the crux of effective sales staff training as content remains relevant to the skills required to successfully perform their roles. Presenting learners with information specific to their role also prevents cognitive overload, boosting overall knowledge retention and productivity.

Utilise just-in-time training

Just-in-time training (JITT) means that content is continuously accessible to your distributed workforce. Yep, employees are able to quickly access reference materials in situations of need, whether they are on the floor and need to effectively answer a customer question, or preparing for an important meeting.


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