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Top 10 HR management system softwares in 2024


April 1, 2024



HR management system software

The center for efficiency in any company is its human resources (HR) department. However, handling the recruitment, training, payroll, and compliance of an entire workforce can get complicated.

Fortunately, there are HR management system (HRMS) software that can greatly improve your company’s internal processes. In this article, we’ll show you a list of the top HRMSs to help boost your company’s internal processes. 

What is an HR Management Software?

An HR Management Software is a tool that allows an HR department to do their tasks digitally. There are many HR management system software examples but most of them have these basic features:

  • Online employee database: a directory that holds all the important information of your employees
  • Self-service time tracking: a portal that allows employees to track their work time for monitoring, pay calculation, and benefits management
  • Payroll management: helps HR calculate and manage pay to follow any tax and labor laws before being sent to everyone
  • Automated workflows: performance reviews, boarding processes, and HR analytics reports that are automatically completed and filed without any direct supervision 

With that, let’s take a look at the best HRMSs in 2024. Take note of each HRMS’s unique features as they may be the perfect fit for your workplace. 

HR management system software #1 - SC Training (for onboarding and training)

For HR departments, SC Training is one the best tools to maximize employees’ onboarding and training potential. With 1000+ lessons available, including compliance training courses and other HR training topics, your workforce is only one sign-up away from taking their job to the next level.

HR management system software - SC Training

If you need a specific course made, the free AI create feature can do it in a few seconds. Have a slide prepared, an entire lesson planned out, or a manual created by writing down your topic in the text box. 

AI create - SC Training

Already have some old onboarding materials or training presentations? No problem! SC Training’s PowerPoint converter can easily convert old files into courses that can be viewed on any smartphone.

Powerpoint Converter - SC Training

Through the Analytics and Reporting suite, you can monitor your employees’ progress anytime as well as their current certificates, qualifications, and licenses. The app will let you know when any of these will expire so you can plan your next training session ahead of time.   

Recurring Certification - SC Training

Cost: Free

Key features:

  • Employee credential and qualification management
  • Creator tool
  • Gamification tools
  • Powerpoint converter 
  • Create with AI
  • Mobile app

Elevate your company’s training with the best HR management system software for learning and development.

HR management system software #2 - Deel (for remote team management)

In the modern age where work from home and international contractors are the norm, Deel has your back. This is an HR management software that’s free with easy-to-use features that can be used by anyone wherever they are located. 

HR management system software - Deel

Its simple interface and consolidated tools make sure that any process in the employee life cycle is quick and simple. A company of any level can smoothly implement Deel, especially businesses looking to scale by tapping into the global workforce.

Cost: Free; paid plans start at 49 USD per month

Key features:

  • User-friendly platform
  • API allows for customized automations
  • Fast onboarding and offboarding processes

HR management system software #3 - Workday (for enterprise management)

Workday is an all-in-one HRMS for all the operations of an enterprise. It provides an employee database, productivity and skill metrics, and automated workflow and payroll processes that remain consistent across several global branches.

HR management system software - Workday

This HRMS has also added machine learning and AI to its features. It can identify skill gaps and give upskilling recommendations based on recorded employee performance.

Cost: Contact for pricing and plans

Key features:

  • Powerful planning tools
  • Publishes comprehensive HR reports
  • AI-powered training and management

HR management system software #4 - Paycor (for optimizing payroll)

Paycor is a great choice for companies that need to improve their payroll systems and labor management. Employees can expect a simple and practical payroll portal that is also accessible on their smartphones. 

HR management system software - Paycor

Along with other HRMS features, it also allows employees to customize the payment method and interval of their pay. For U.S.-based businesses, Paycor can easily handle any requirements from state and federal tax laws.

Cost: Contact for pricing

Key features:

  • Easy-to-use self-service portal
  • Flexible payroll options 
  • Excellent mobile app

HR management system software #5 - BambooHR (for general HR management)

BambooHR is a fantastic HR software used by companies all over the world. Its main platform hosts all the tools a business would need such as a robust employee database, an efficient self-service time-tracking system, and an employee feedback tool.

HR management system software - BambooHR

The HRMS’ core plan also includes a tracking system that simplifies the hiring and onboarding process for your HR department. All of this data is then easily accessible and managed through neatly designed data reports.

Cost: Contact for pricing

Key features:

  • Specialized HRMS for your business 
  • Payroll and Time-off tracking
  • Third-party app integrations

HR management system software #6 - Rippling (for third-party integration)

Rippling is another HRMS for general management as it provides a suite of HR tools. Its main quality is its incredible integration feature that allows you to include about 500+ apps in your HRMS like Slack, Amazon Web Services, and Paypal. 

HR management system software - Rippling

You can also add more features as your company grows like their IT Cloud to secure employee data and manage company devices and inventory. Rippling’s payroll feature, for example, can automate foreign currency conversions and expense management.

Cost: Contact for pricing

Key features:

  • Customizable HR platform  
  • Incredible integration tools
  • Friendly for online and international teams

HR management system software #7 - Monday (for workflow management)

For businesses looking to improve the workflow of their internal processes, Monday is one of the best free HR software options. It is a work platform that can be transformed to assist with the recruitment pipeline, employee management, and HR requests. 

HR management system software - Monday

Monday provides the tools for a fully customized workflow that best suits your business’ HR process. You will receive real-time notifications of any updates in the system. 

Cost: Free, paid plans start at 27 USD per month

Key features:

  • Templates for employee directory and workflow
  • Excellent management models 
  • Learning management system

HR management system software #8 - Deputy (for time tracking)

If you need a digital solution to time tracking and management, Deputy is an easily adoptable tool. With this HRMS, shift schedules and workweek planning are easily shared with the managers and the employees. 

HR management system software - Deputy

Users can access Deputy through the website and mobile app to maintain time records, file for leaves, and exchange shifts. Managers can also get insights into employee performance to find performance gaps and optimize work schedules. 

Cost: Paid plans start at 4.5 USD a month

Key features:

  • Efficient shift scheduling 
  • Labor compliance tools 
  • Staffing forecast

HR management system software #9 - UKG Pro (for global workforce management)

UKG Pro caters to companies needing an HRMS for a big workforce. They offer a complete HR solution that is accessible to every employee no matter where they are. 

HR management system software - UKG Pro

UKG Pro tracks employee information, organizes digital documents, and automates multiple HR tasks like onboarding, transfers, and cross-boarding. There are further customizations for their HRMS to tailor it to your company’s current needs.

Cost: Contact for pricing

Key features:

  • A straightforward HR portal
  • Self-service for leaves, travel, and goals management 
  • Great Place to Work Hub
  • In-app messaging system

HR management system software #10 - Gusto (for SMBs)

If you’re a manager looking for a human resources software for a small business, Gusto might be for you. This HRMS has all the modern HR tools a business would use like an automated payroll system for local and international employees and a talent management tool that tracks employee reviews.

HR management system software - Gusto

For U.S. employees, Gusto can easily include any health and financial benefits to their payroll. These include a 401(k) savings account, health insurance, worker’s compensation, and commuter benefits.

Cost: 40 USD a month

Key features:

  • Quick payroll system 
  • Performance review database 
  • Online U.S. state tax registration


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