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Ideas for customer service training


January 29, 2019



customer services training

Far too often, organizational leaders, businesses owners and managers struggle with how to train their frontline staff. Here are simple ideas for customer service training that can help you address some of the critical skills and behavioural changes you may be seeking.

Practice greetings and first impressions  

This may look straightforward and not worth your time, but consider how many times you have been improperly approached or greeted by customer support staff. Either the salutation was delivered poorly, half-heartedly or not at all. Do not take first impressions and greetings for granted. Train your customer care staff to deliver a positive and consistent greeting to every client.

Share system best practices

There are a variety of CRMs for small businesses and big ones to choose from, depending on the size of your team and what works best for your workflow. Ensuring all your customer service team understands the industry best practices which can make them more efficient with the CRM system, company’s register, customer feedback tools, etc. can free up more time which can be used in other important assignments.

Give real-life scenarios to connect with your reps

Examples received from the real-life experience can be used to highlight bad/good/better/best instances of working with customers. From these examples, you can encourage them to adopt the best ones and shun the bad ones.

View competitor customer service

Involve your customer service reps in contacting a competitor, to make an inquiry, utilize their service or purchase a product. This process will give your team insight into what other organizations do that works well and if it’s relevant to your company. This type of training can drive a positive change in their mindsets and perceptions.

Keep them updated on the company products and services

Always keep your customer service reps up to date with changing services and products. You can achieve this by introducing simple quizzes, visiting other departments, conducting team briefings and product tests. This process will help your reps to explain company services and products to your customers confidently, since they have an unlimited knowledge on the same.

Explore empowerment

Your customer care team should be aware of what they can and cannot do, to make customer support situation right. Training on empowerment helps your team feel empowered psychologically, on top of being actually empowered.

Motivate your customer service team

Besides training, one of the most critical aspects of enhancing customer experience is to motivate your customer service reps. Develop a reward system based on their performance, such as “customer service rep of the month.” You can also opt to give your team a treat by scheduling team-building activities, regularly.

Final word on ideas for customer services training

Customer service training should be relevant, fun and actionable; and if executed well, your employees will definitely become a point of reference in your industry.  We hope these ideas will help you include some new perspectives to your in-house customer support training.

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