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10 Knowledge and Learning Management Ideas


August 31, 2021



Knowledge and Learning Management Ideas

Over the years, knowledge and learning management has been a hot topic among the learning and development community. This is mainly because this multifaceted strategy is widely considered as one of the most effective and advanced solutions for gathering and organizing information specific to the company. It enables employees to easily access and share business knowledge in a centralized database, maximizing the work competency and opportunities of an organization’s collective knowledge. It also fosters a culture of knowledge-sharing and cross-collaboration, allowing your team to advance the quality of their everyday work and the speed of their decision-making among subject matter experts.

Keep in mind, though, that knowledge and learning management isn’t as easy as passing information to your staff. To make it effective and successful, you must have a powerful strategic plan in place. This way, you can rest assured that your team will be able to fully absorb every important piece of knowledge about your company and apply them to their job functions. Here are 10 useful ideas and recommendations that will help steer your knowledge and learning management towards success. 

1. Curate accurate and reliable knowledge and learning content

It goes without saying that your learning materials and training initiatives are the backbone of your knowledge and learning management, which is why it is integral to curate them based only on reliable information and data points. Equipping your employees with accurate and valuable knowledge will help them make smart and timely decisions in the future, and most importantly, deliver accurate and consistent services to their customers and clients. All things considered, this strategy will greatly benefit your company’s bottom line and bring your business toward long-term success.

Knowledge and Learning Management Idea - Curate accurate and reliable knowledge and learning content

The first thing to keep in mind when creating your training initiatives and knowledge and learning materials is to ensure that your content comes from credible sources such as journals, research papers, and newspapers. You can also trust publications and blogs written by well-known authors, or online courses from reputable learning management systems, like SC Training (formerly EdApp). It is also advisable to build a knowledge database or learning platform with training activities, insights, and recommendations based on your company’s monthly sales reports, as well as customer surveys and feedback.

2. Transform content into engaging and beautiful learning materials

A winning knowledge and learning management program requires a detailed and thoughtful plan—it’s never enough to simply upload your knowledge content online and share it with your team. After putting together accurate and relevant knowledge, you need to make sure that these data points will become embedded in the long-term memory of your employees. To put it simply, you need to transform them into compelling and engaging learning materials and elearning software that your team will be able to enjoy and relate to. 

Knowledge and Learning Management Idea - Transform content into engaging and beautiful learning materials

You can start by breaking down your business information into bite-sized chunks—also known as the microlearning strategy. Basically, with this instructional design choice, you will present a specific topic or lesson in only 5 to 10 minutes. This technique reduces cognitive overload, which as a result can help improve knowledge retention and recall. 

How to promote a learning management system? Several platforms and training software can help you convert your knowledge content into highly engaging microlearning material and learning objects through different LMS ideas, like SC Training (formerly EdApp). All you need to do is choose from their 80+ intuitively designed templates, drag and drop your content, and hit publish on the authoring tool. Even better, this platform gives you the freedom to build courses from any topic, from healthcare to construction to b2b sales training courses, all up to you.

If you want to help your employees to take their skills to the next level, you can also browse SC Training (formerly EdApp)’s expansive library and deploy their ready-made microlearning courses and online-learning training programs. Among the most recommended courses that you can utilize include leadership training programs, marketing training programs, public speaking training courses, and more.

3. Gamify your knowledge and learning management content

Another great way to improve the effectiveness of your knowledge and learning management and learning environment is by gamifying your content. The application of gamification elements, such as leaderboards and scoring, has long been proven to inspire employees to work harder with their tasks and even score higher on skill-based assessments. This is primarily because it overcomes the boring and monotonous aspects of learning, making this mundane task and corporate train more fun and exciting. 

Knowledge and Learning Management Idea - Gamify your knowledge and learning management content

With SC Training (formerly EdApp), the application of such gamification elements into your knowledge and learning management is now easier than ever. Thanks to its user-friendly gamification tools and existing gamification templates, you can now transform your knowledge and learning materials into engaging lessons in minutes — not weeks or months. Some of the game template examples that you can use for your learning materials include letter jumble, find a word, next in order, true or false, image/word match, jeopardy game, and elevator game. You can even spice it up further by enabling timers or adding prizes and real rewards given on the learning management system.

Knowledge and Learning Management Idea - SC Training (formerly EdApp) Jeopardy Game

4. Leverage storytelling techniques

Storytelling, while often ignored, is one of the most effective ways to impart knowledge to your employees. By incorporating anecdotal evidence and case studies or transforming content into a relatable scenario, your employees can easily remember a message or lesson and effectively apply their acquired skills and knowledge in their work. This is because stories, in elearning development, put meaning into your information and data points, making them easier to grasp and understand. 

Knowledge and Learning Management Idea - Leverage storytelling techniques

The good news is that storytelling can be easily learned through training and exercises. You can look through our list of storytelling training courses to find a variety of ways to incorporate it into your knowledge and learning management process. 

5. Apply spaced repetition

Incorporating spaced repetition into your learning software and knowledge and learning management plan can help your employees learn, retain, and embed information in their long-term memory. Since lessons are distributed and retaken at increasing intervals, it encourages your employees’ brains to continue processing the information, rather than simply storing them in their memory and forgetting them later on.

Knowledge and Learning Management Idea - Apply spaced repetition

While flashcards are the most basic way to put the spaced repetition theory into practice, some corporations have progressed beyond this grade-school technique and reinforce this learning method in a more advanced and sophisticated manner. The idea is to help them absorb key concepts that they need the most in their learning experience, as opposed to simply supplying them with learning content that they’ve already demonstrated excellent retention.

Knowledge and Learning Management Idea - SC Training (formerly EdApp) Brain Boost

6. Promote peer-to-peer learning

Peer-to-peer learning is also a very effective way to transfer knowledge within your team. Unlike a formal learning setting, this method will allow your employees to learn from and with each other, instead of assigning a master-level instructor who will spoon-feed the information to them. Without the barrier of a teacher-student relationship, this learning method makes it easier for employees to ask more questions in real-time, enabling them to have a solid understanding of a certain topic. This technique also helps create strong and healthy teams as  everyone will be more inspired to work together and motivate each other to perform better. 

Knowledge and Learning Management Idea - Promote peer-to-peer learning

There are several ways to incorporate peer-to-peer learning into your knowledge and learning management. You can organize an informal training or meeting in a relaxed environment, where your employees will feel less intimidated to share their knowledge and experience. If you want to go digital, you can also leverage some social learning tools like Slack and Skype where everyone in your organization can easily communicate with each other. SC Training (formerly EdApp)’s forum-like Discussions also offer a safe space where your employees can lead the discussion and even provide real-time feedback to other team members. 

7. Translate your learning materials

Translating your business’ database and learning materials is extremely vital, especially if you are handling remote teams that are dispersed all over the world. First and foremost, it breaks the language barrier that prevents your global employees from learning. By allowing them to access the business knowledge in their mother tongue, they will be able to easily retain the new knowledge and information and apply them to their job function.

Knowledge and Learning Management Idea - Translate your learning materials

With SC Training (formerly EdApp)’s AI Translation tool, you no longer have to overspend or even spend extra hours on manual translation work. It harnesses Google’s powerful Machine Learning Cloud Translation Engine, allowing you to easily translate your content materials into over 100 languages within just minutes. It also automatically responds to your learners’ preferred language on their desktop or mobile devices, saving you an incredible amount of time identifying what learners and user groups are foreign-language speakers.

Knowledge and Learning Management Idea - SC Training (formerly EdApp) translation

8. Make your content mobile-friendly

According to Statista, the global number of smartphone subscriptions has already topped six billion, with several hundred million more expected in the following years. Given this trend in elearning, it’s no surprise that most employees are now turning to these devices to conveniently consume and also share information. So rather than seeing them as a distraction, why not use them to transfer knowledge to your employees?

Knowledge and Learning Management Idea - Make your content mobile-friendly

Making your learning materials easily accessible through mobile devices will give your employees the ultimate freedom to access them anytime and anywhere. Whether they’re on their way to a client or simply having a quick coffee break, these small pockets of time would be maximized and put to greater use with mobile learning. Given that learning will be delivered in bite-sized bits to accommodate their small screens, this method can also help enhance memory and knowledge retention. 

If you’re planning to incorporate mobile learning into your knowledge and learning management, SC Training (formerly EdApp) can lend you a helping hand. Through its mobile-friendly learning templates, you can easily author and deliver content that will perfectly respond on different mobile devices, like iPhone, Samsung, LG, and HTC. You can also use the preview tool to see how your learning materials will appear on your learners’ mobile devices before officially deploying them. 

Knowledge and Learning Management Idea - SC Training (formerly EdApp) mobile learning

9. Regularly track their knowledge and learning progress

The only way you can check the effectiveness of your knowledge and learning management plan is by keeping an eye on your employees’ learning progress. Apart from checking whether or not they have already completed their learning materials, knowing how they responded to your content will also give you some useful insights. Say your team took a little longer to finish their courses, then they might need some extra coaching. It could also indicate that the topic may have come a little difficult for them, or the learning approach isn’t exactly working as expected. 

Knowledge and Learning Management Idea - Regularly track their knowledge and learning progress

Employee learning trackers like SC Training (formerly EdApp) are equipped with an advanced analytics suite that can help you monitor your employees. For instance, its in-built course analytics will help you monitor your learner’s experience on each slide in a lesson, identify difficult sections and topics, and make real-time updates for stronger learning outcomes. You can also use this tool to see how many learners answered your questions, how many learners did so correctly, and how long it took for them to decide that answer on each slide and in your lesson overall.

Knowledge and Learning Management Idea - SC Training (formerly EdApp) analytics

Another way to check your employees’ performance is by providing them quick quizzes between modules or reinforcing an assessment at the end of their lessons. With this in mind, you can also utilize SC Training (formerly EdApp)’s online quiz creator tool Rapid Refresh to set up and send out your quizzes at regular intervals. The real-time analysis will be available to help you to identify where your employees stand in terms of their knowledge and skill level and pinpoint their strengths and weaknesses. 

Knowledge and Learning Management Idea - SC Training (formerly EdApp) Rapid Refresh

10. Celebrate your employees’ progress and reward their excellent performances

Recognizing your employees and rewarding their excellent performances can help boost their morale and motivate them to go an extra mile for your company. In fact, a recent survey found that affirmation, feedback, and rewards can encourage 37% of employees to stay in their team and improve even further their daily performance. Another study has also reported that those who feel valued by their companies enjoy their work and are five times less likely to quit.

Knowledge and Learning Management Idea - Celebrate your employees’ progress and reward their excellent performances

There are several ways to celebrate the outstanding performances of your employees. You can use SC Training (formerly EdApp)’s Achievements feature to customize banners and badges representing their milestones and share these achievements with the rest of the organization. If you’re short on budget, even a simple free coffee voucher or discount coupon can go a long way in expressing your sincere gratitude towards their hard work and contributions to the success of your company. 

Knowledge and Learning Management Idea - SC Training (formerly EdApp) Achievement

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