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Top 10 Learning management platforms in 2023


November 7, 2023



Learning management platforms - SC Training (formerly EdApp)

In the world of online training and learning management systems, what you choose as your training LMS is crucial. And with the ton of options available, selecting the most suitable one can be daunting.

This article simplifies your decision by presenting a researched list of the top learning management platforms for 2023.

What is a learning management platform?

A learning management platform is a software application or online system designed to facilitate the management and delivery of educational and training content. It allows organizations, schools, and institutions to create, administer, track, and analyze courses and learning programs.

These learning management platforms often offer features such as content creation, learner registration, assessment tools, and reporting to enhance the learning experience and streamline the process. Learning management platforms are widely used in e-learning and corporate training to deliver structured and accessible learning opportunities.

Learning management platforms # 1 - SC Training (formerly EdApp)

SC Training (formerly EdApp) stands out in the realm of cloud-based LMS as a transformative solution, offering an array of robust features that streamline training, and it's entirely free.

SC Training (formerly EdApp) learning management platforms

One exceptional feature is its user-friendly course authoring tool with a drag-and-drop interface for crafting interactive courses effortlessly. SC Training (formerly EdApp) offers a library of free microlearning templates and integrates seamlessly with Canva. This lets users personalize courses effortlessly, resulting in professional-looking content without significant time or financial investments.

For those with time constraints, SC Training (formerly EdApp) extends a course creation service, using their expert instructional designers to collaborate directly with clients in course content development.

Apart from that, SC Training (formerly EdApp) offers a diverse catalog of pre-made corporate training courses within its cloud-based LMS. These courses feature engaging elements like games and quizzes, making sure learners remain enthusiastic and committed throughout their learning journey.

Cost: Free


  • Authoring tools that are user-friendly
  • A library of course templates
  • Services for course creation
  • Engaging, interactive course content

Enhance your corporate training with SC Training (formerly EdApp) today.

Learning management platforms # 2 - Cypher Learning

Cypher Learning has a diverse range of intelligent training features tailored to the distinct needs of various organizations and their training initiatives. It harnesses the power of AI and machine learning algorithms. These features assess each learner's performance and behaviors, promoting the tailoring of training programs to meet individual learning requirements.

Cypher Learning Learning management platforms

Additionally, the LMS training portal promotes learner engagement through gamification elements like points, badges, and certificates. It also accommodates various learning methodologies, such as microlearning, blended learning, and social learning, making it a flexible choice for a wide array of training scenarios.

Cost: Request a quote


  • Training with embedded machine learning
  • Earning points, badges, andcertificates

Learning management platforms # 3 - GnosisConnect

GnosisConnect is your gateway to cutting-edge cloud technology, purpose-built for both training managers and eager learners. This dynamic platform empowers users to craft an array of engaging learning content. This ranges from immersive videos and simulations to thought-provoking articles, enlightening podcasts, and interactive webinars.

Unlock learn Learning management platforms

GnosisConnect also guarantees that all your valuable training assets are secure within the confines of its digital infrastructure. Additionally, learners enjoy the flexibility of accessing these invaluable resources conveniently from their mobile devices, no matter their location.

Cost: Starts at 299 USD


  • Developing courses
  • Cloud-based Learning Management
  • Mobile-friendly training access

Learning management platforms # 4 - Totara

Totara offers versatile learning across all devices, putting a world of knowledge in your employees' hands. But the real excitement lies in its collaborative nature. It's not just about courses; it's your secret tool to elevate your workforce's skills and foster company-wide growth.

Totara Learning management platforms

Totara's clever feature automates course assignments based on roles and skills, crafting a personalized learning journey.

But, be aware, Totara isn't a one-stop-shop for course content. While it excels in blending courses, it lacks an extensive content library. If you seek a platform with a vast array of pre-made courses, your exploration continues.

Cost: Free


  • Compatible with all devices
  • Efficient group management
  • Tailored learning experiences

Learning management platforms # 5 - 360Learning

360Learning empowers your in-house experts, fostering collaboration within your learning ecosystem. This social learning management system facilitates this through a rich set of features. These include collaborative course development, mobile learning, analytics, insights, and seamless integration with human capital management (HCM) systems.

360learning Learning management platforms

It's a versatile solution, ideal for a wide spectrum of training needs, spanning from onboarding to leadership development.

The platform actively promotes social learning by offering discussion boards and group pages, encouraging your teams to learn from one another continuously. This eliminates the necessity for external training resources, resulting in a significantly more cost-effective approach.

Cost: Starts at 8 USD per month


  • Learning on the go
  • Data analysis and valuable insights
  • Integrating with Human Capital Management (HCM) systems

Learning management platforms # 6 - Tovuti LMS

If you seek an all-encompassing learning management system, consider Tovuti LMS. It streamlines content creation, delivery, and tracking for an effective learning experience. Tovuti's primary mission in social learning is to break down organizational silos, fostering team cohesion. Learning from peers is the most efficient path to growth.

Tovuti Learning management platforms

This social learning platform unites learners through remote learning capabilities and a virtual events manager, making sure they have engaging training programs and constant team connectivity. Additionally, it offers multilingual support, making it accessible for global teams.

Cost: Request a quote


  • Effortless content distribution
  • Analysis and reporting capabilities
  • Remote learning functionalities

Learning management platforms # 7 - Eloomi

Eloomi simplifies learning with a user-friendly Learning Experience Platform (LXP). It offers effortless content creation and access to expert-curated courses. After delivering courses, you can collaborate with learners to design personalized learning journeys for continuous growth.

Eloomi Learning management platforms

Social learning is fostered through performance management tools, encouraging dialogues among learners and team members. Empowering your teams to control their learning path, going beyond a fixed curriculum.

Cost: Request a quote


  • Ready-made courses
  • Expertly selected course collection
  • Course development

Learning management platforms # 8 - Coassemble

Coassemble, a cloud-based LMS software, offers seamless access on any device with its full responsiveness. It transforms static documents like PDFs and Word files into interactive courses with a choice of 30 lesson screen layouts.

Coassemble Learning management platforms

You can incorporate text, graphics, and interactive elements. Coassemble also simplifies access to your courses, processes, and procedures by promoting the creation of a centralized training hub for your teams.

Cost: Starts at 120 USD


  • Content authoring
  • Layout options
  • Centralized training system

Learning management platforms # 9 - IPIX LMS

IPIX LMS is a cloud-based learning management system that seamlessly blends mobile learning, social media integration, and a secure enterprise-focused platform. Developed by an experienced learning management platform in the field, it's a trusted choice.

IPIX LMS Learning management platforms

IPIX LMS is platform-agnostic, making it accessible from any device, and it empowers trainers to monitor individual learner progress effectively. It enhances engagement and participation through badges, leaderboards, points, and awards. Learners can access their training at their convenience via the mobile app, available for both iOS and Android.

Cost: Request a quote


  • Mobile app availability
  • Game-based learning elements
  • Tracking learner progress

Learning management platforms # 10 - ExpertusONE

Delivering digital training organization-wide is effortless with ExpertusONE, thanks to its intuitive interface. It's among the LMS providers offering seamless, automated learning delivery, eliminating the need for manual program searches.

ExpertusONE Learning management platforms

So, all learning materials within this LMS are accessible via mobile devices, allowing learning at any time, online or offline. ExpertusONE simplifies training oversight through its robust reporting system, allowing for easy export of custom reports to Excel with just a few clicks.

Cost: Request a quote


  • Automated learning distribution
  • Mobile-friendly access
  • Learning Management System (LMS) reporting

SC Training (formerly EdApp) is a mobile learning management system designed for today’s digital habits, delivering more engaging and effective micro-learning directly to learners anytime and anywhere.

Sign up for this learning management platform today.


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