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January 11, 2019



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The world of eLearning is a broad church: some learning management systems date back to the turn of the Millennium while the latest versions offer advanced features like cloud distribution and translation. What you choose makes a big difference in learning outcomes: lengthy eLearning courses which take 40 minutes to complete (and many weeks to create) typically see completion rates struggle to clear 20 per cent. With that in mind, here are our five LMS UK tips…

LMS UK: 5 features you need in a modern Learning Management System

The following five features will help you get the best for your LMS UK needs. Read on to discover more:

1. Microlearning

More than just a buzzword, microlearning is taking the corporate training world by storm. By reducing lessons into easily-digestible, bite-sized chunks, learning becomes much more effective and knowledge retention is dramatically improved.

Microlearning works to result in more information being absorbed in a shorter amount of time. It can be used for various types of training and by various types of organisations. For instance, it can be used for compliance training at a consulting firm or product training at a retail store. 

2. Spaced repetition

Small, interactive and engaging lessons mean it’s simple and practical to repeat them. Spaced Repetition – repeating lessons using a specific schedule until knowledge is embedded – is enormously effective. The best LMSs also offer advanced features by remembering which answers a user got right and so focusing on those where they struggled.

SC Training (formerly EdApp)’s integration of spaced repetition is in its unique feature, Brain Boost. Brain Boost analyses each user’s data, based on completion rates and areas of weakness, to gather questions on various topics for the learner to revise. This gives L&D managers the opportunity to identify any potential gaps in learning, enabling them to refresh learners’ minds until they are able to grasp complex concepts.

lms uk learning management system

3. Peer Learning and interactive templates

Experts say that one-third of company training should be done by colleagues – the people who already work in your organisation and know its practices and policies the best. But it’s hard for them to create lessons if they’re not already L&D professionals. However, by using microlearning-oriented interactive templates, it’s simple to transfer basic questions and answers into engaging interactive templates.

4. Gamification

When learning doesn’t feel like learning it’s at its most effective. Adding competitive features and prizes encourages learners to do better too.

5. UK LMS requirement: Rapid authoring tool

Typical LMS systems require expert L&D professionals to develop content for them using authoring tool software. This means a great deal of courseware takes weeks to expensively compete and updates rarely happen. However, with Rapid Authoring Tools that are integrated into the LMS. This means courses can easily be created and updated by non-experts.

If you’d like to know how SC Training (formerly EdApp) can help with your UK LMS requirements, get in touch at enquiries@edapp.com or get in touch at SC Training (formerly EdApp) Microlearning, 40 Islington High St, London, N1 8EQ. You can also try SC Training (formerly EdApp)’s UK LMS and authoring tool for free by signing up here.

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