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Why microlearning works


January 16, 2019



why microlearning works

The concept is simple: deliver short, easy-to-complete lessons to learners which they can do anywhere and at any time. Here’s why microlearning works…

The Forgetting Curve

People naturally forget things over time. Whether it’s forgetting someone’s name thirty seconds after an introduction or forgetting a wedding anniversary; we all fall foul of this sometimes. Despite these being of a more-personal nature, they do stand out as good examples of the forgetting curve. The number of times we encounter information coupled with the time intervals between them, greatly influence our ability to retain information.

How does microlearning help?

Microlearning or nano learning helps by getting short, easy lessons in front of learners just as the forgetting curve is starting to kick in. Imagine that you’d forgotten someones name thirty seconds after meeting them and your phone beeps with a reminder of what it was. Two or three reminders and it is cemented in your mind, that’s how microlearning works.

Small lessons for ease of learning

Microlearning is just that, micro. Five minutes maximum. They are designed for employees to do anywhere at anytime. This allows information to be reviewed when needed by individual learners rather than in planned training sessions. This ensures that lessons are delivered when the learner needs them. Keeping things short also keeps learners interested and keeps things to the point.

How to deliver microlearning to employers

Delivery of microlearning lessons to employers couldn’t be easier these days with mobile technology. Mobile learning platforms like SC Training (formerly EdApp) allow employees to author stunning, engaging course and have this delivered straight to the pocket of learners. Every course completed will provide analytics on the level of engagement and retention of knowledge that has been achieved. This is a great way to track the learning of your staff.

why microlearning works with SC Training (formerly EdApp)

Why microlearning works? It’s fun!

You can also enhance engagement of learners by implementing gamification into lessons. By rewarding the top learners with prizing and having leaderboards for your learners engagement levels will skyrocket. Every company that we have seen implement these methods has reported much higher levels of staff engagement in learning. With better staff engagement comes smarter, more efficient employees ready to add to the bottom line.

If you’d like to learn more about SC Training (formerly EdApp) and microlearning get in touch at enquiries@edapp.com. You can also try SC Training (formerly EdApp)’s Mobile LMS for free by signing up here.

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