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May 7, 2019



Mistakes in Implementing Successful Microlearning

We understand how exciting it can be to implement a successful microlearning approach into your business learning. However, in order to successfully adopt this practice, crucial steps must be taken to ensure the most success.  Here are some very common mistakes that are made implementing microlearning.

1. Creating lessons that are too long – ‘not microlearning’

This is a common mistake, which takes away from the purpose of successful microlearning; learning in bite-sized chunks. The ideal length of a lesson should be approximately eight slides for maximum information retention. SC Training (formerly EdApp) purposely designs easy-to-process lessons to compliment the chunking approach.

2. Not designing lessons to be of multi-purpose

Successful microlearning has a multi-purpose aspect, as it takes into consideration the initial training, ‘brain boosters’, and on the job training support. When lessons are designed without these elements, they become ineffective and cannot be considered an effective microlearning approach.

3. Not considering opportunities for practice of new knowledge

According to eLearning Industry, practice is just as, if not more, important as training when it comes to microlearning. Although new knowledge may have been absorbed, without practice the learner is unable to apply that knowledge in real-life situations. In order to ensure skills are applied correctly and usefully in the employee’s role, emphasis must be placed on the need for the practice of knowledge.

4. Not having a prepared implementation plan

Preparing an implementation plan is crucial for an increase in employee engagement. In the lead-up to the implementation of a microlearning approach, some initiatives to onboard your employees may be to hold a workshop based on the benefits of microlearning, or perhaps alert employees via email. Once set up, notifications of the release of new lessons keep employees engaged and informed.  Ask our team for some great tips on how to successfully implement microlearning initiatives.

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If you’d like to know more about implementing a microlearning L&D strategy, get in touch with our team at enquiries@edapp.com. You can also try SC Training (formerly EdApp)’s Mobile LMS and authoring tool for free by signing up here.


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Guest Author Daniel Brown

Daniel Brown is a senior technical editor and writer that has worked in the education and technology sectors for two decades. Their background experience includes curriculum development and course book creation.

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