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Top 13 onboarding LMS to explore in 2023


August 7, 2023


Darcy Dario


Onboarding LMS

Organizations can easily expand their team and onboard groups of employees using an onboarding LMS. These tools offer many advantages, but some are more effective than others in helping you train, evaluate and integrate your new hires. Here, we’ll weigh the pros and cons of 13 onboarding LMS to help you decide which is the right one for your organization.

But before we delve into these tools, let's talk about the use of LMS for employee onboarding.

The use of LMS for employee onboarding

A well-structured onboarding process guarantees that employees feel welcome, confident, and prepared to contribute to your business' success from day one. But, we all know that this is not an easy task. If you lack the time and resources to streamline your employee onboarding program, then you can turn to a learning management system (LMS). 

A learning management system (LMS) is a software application that offers a centralized platform for creating, delivering, and managing training content and programs, such as onboarding. LMS platforms have various tools, such as course creator, assessment, and tracking tools, making them an ideal solution to easily set up your employee onboarding program. 

Using LMS for your onboarding brings various advantages such as:

  • Better learning flexibility and accessibility for employees
  • Consistent training delivery
  • Personalized learning paths
  • Training scalability and cost-efficiency

Top onboarding LMS list - a guide for trainers

Now that we know the uses of LMS for employee onboarding, let's explore some of the best onboarding LMS tools in the market today and compare some of the best features.

1. SC Training (formerly EdApp)

SC Training (formerly EdApp) tops as the best onboarding LMS tool of today. With its vast selection of powerful features, this award-winning microlearning platform can help you train both your new hires and current staff hassle-free.

Onboarding LMS - SC Training (formerly EdApp)

It has over 1,000 courses available through its editable course library so anyone can find a course that definitely meets their training needs. These courses touch on different training topics for employees, such as management, healthcare, lean training courses, marketing, food hygiene courses, and so much more. You and your teams can access these resources from any device, allowing you to complete your coursework anytime and anywhere.

Custom Onboarding LMS - SC Training (formerly EdApp) Course Library

SC Training (formerly EdApp) also offers gamification features that can help you transform lessons and courses into more engaging learning experiences. Boring lesson slides can be been turned into a pleasant, gaming experience using templates that are based on video games. 

This gamification strategy can improve course completion rates and overall information retention among learners. A user-friendly data and analytics dashboard also allows you to view these completion rates as well as other learner progress metrics, including course progression and more.

Onboarding LMS - SC Training (formerly EdApp) Gamification

Additionally, SC Training (formerly EdApp) offers an easy-to-use sites & groups function that allows you to classify individuals for appropriate training based on their role, team, or seniority. By sending out emails or inviting links in mass, you can begin teaching your employees in a matter of minutes. If you’re short on time, SC Training (formerly EdApp) has a team of instructional designers who can build bespoke courses for you through their course creation services (add-on feature).

  • Cost: Free (up to 10 users), paid plans available
  • Features: Creator tool, editable course library, cross-platform, gamification, reporting and analytics, sites & groups, invite links, course creation services (add-on)

Transform your onboarding experience with the best onboarding LMS!

2. Onboard Learning Management System

Onboard LMS offers an easy way to handle onboarding and retraining programs for the energy industry. With their customer onboarding LMS solutions, your new hires will have access to their extensive libraries, spanning OSHA regulations, natural gas, propane, hazardous liquids, and more. This makes it easier for them to gain new knowledge about their tasks and quickly adapt to their roles.

Onboarding LMS - Onboard LMS

This onboarding LMS also features eWallet cards, which are essentially a more efficient alternative to traditional paper cards. They show real-time records of the training achieved by your employees, eliminating the hassle of reprinting qualification cards.

  • Cost: Available upon request
  • Features: Extensive libraries, eWallet cards

3. AcademyOcean

AcademyOcean is a great way to onboard and educate new hires about their roles. Its biggest feature is the ability to automate the entire onboarding process for your employees. From day one, your new hires will have access to structured content in interactive formats such as images and videos, including different assessments like quizzes and assignments. This custom onboarding LMS also includes portals and libraries to easily and effectively share company information. This can all be accessed through their phones, making your onboarding process more accessible. 

Onboarding LMS - AcademyOcean

While AcademyOcean does promote its easy-to-use creation tool, it doesn’t have an existing course library that can be edited. This requires you to create content from scratch which can take up time and resources. Additionally, this onboarding software isn’t available for free.

  • Cost: Starts at US25 per month
  • Features: Automation, interactive content, assessments, knowledge portals and libraries, mobile app

4. WorkRamp

WorkRamp is designed as an all-in-one corporate learning platform and LMS for onboarding employees, especially those in sales, support, retail, marketing, and HR. You can build onboarding programs with customized learning paths based on role, team, or seniority. Learner progress and performance can also be tracked with their data dashboards and analytics. WorkRamp features customizable calendar templates too, making it easy to onboard multiple new hires.

Onboarding LMS - WorkRamp

However, WorkRamp is a digital training management system that doesn’t work on mobile. But with its many integrations and existing features, it’s still possible to streamline the onboarding experience for your new hires on a computer or laptop. 

  • Cost: Request for a quote
  • Features: Customized learning paths, data and analytics dashboards, customizable calendar templates, integrations

5. AdaptiveU

You can grow your team and foster a culture of individual and company growth with AdaptiveU. This course management tool allows you to create onboarding training courses and training paths for new employees, as well as host compliance training for existing employees. AdaptiveU encourages collaboration with its ability to share content and check peer performance, allowing learners to share any relevant and helpful information. You can also generate learning reports to track individual performance.  

Onboarding LMS - AdaptiveU

While AdaptiveU promotes cloud-based and shared learning, this tool doesn’t support gamification. Without gamification, your onboarding process might feel like any other mundane task and not feel as engaging or interactive as it could be. 

  • Cost: Free, starts at US5 per month
  • Features: Course creation, training paths, content sharing, peer performance, reports

6. Academy LMS

Academy LMS is a custom onboarding LMS that allows you to create online course modules, set up multiple online quizzes, build lessons with different content formats, and communicate with learners with a built-in messaging feature. With their course management feature, you can easily create and deploy training materials for onboarding in different formats such as videos, PDFs, documents, or images. Also, new hires can download the Academy app to access their training content anytime, anywhere. This LMS software supports additional add-ons such as analytics, forums, SCORM compatibility, and more, but these additional features are being offered at additional prices.

Onboarding LMS - Academy LMS
  • Cost: Starts at US5
  • Features: Course creation and management, quizzes and assessments, different content formats, built-in messaging, mobile app, add-ons

7. Administrate

Administrate makes it possible to plan, organize, deliver, scale, and track all your onboarding resources in a single-centralized system. It includes features such as course templates, event management, integrations, and learner data and analytics. Additionally, it features virtual instructor-led training, allowing you to convert face-to-face training programs into virtual training sessions. 

Onboarding LMS - Administrate

Administrate doesn’t have an editable course library that you and your team can make use of, so all onboarding and training material would have to be created from scratch. Not to mention the interface may be intimidating for first-time users and will have to take some tinkering to get used to.

  • Cost: Request for a quote
  • Features: Course templates, event management, integrations, data and analytics, virtual instructor-led training

8. Cloud Academy

If you need a top training portal that allows businesses to create comprehensive learning content for both new hires and current employees, then Cloud Academy might be the right fit for your organization. This training tool features a content library that you can easily clone and customize directly from their platform. It also includes learning paths, training plans, quizzes, and exams. You can even create specific content for your organization with their content engine. Training and testing of skills can even be done offline, making your onboarding flexible.  Additionally, Cloud Academy offers free online courses for adults of all levels.

Onboarding LMS - Cloud Academy

In case this is relevant to your company’s training and onboarding, Cloud Academy’s course library focuses on technical skills rather than soft skills. The course library is limited to certain subjects like technology, cloud-based software, web services, and programming, and lacks courses for management, retail, and sales for example. 

  • Cost: 7-day free trial, stars at US9 per month
  • Features: Content library, learning paths, training plans, quizzes and exams, content engine, offline mode

9. 360Learning

360Learning is another LMS that promotes collaborative learning. The tool offers a collaborative authoring feature that supports course templates, video recordings, and cheat sheets. These add-ons help speed up the creation process. Similarly, the creation tool features different types of questions, such as multiple-choice, fill-in-the-blank, and true/false questions to encourage, engagement. With discussion forums, you can use social learning to help improve your learners’ knowledge and address knowledge gaps. 

Onboarding LMS - 360Learning

360Learning also supports mobile learning and an offline mode, taking your onboarding learning experience to another level. However, this LMS isn’t free and doesn’t feature an existing, editable course library like other tools on this list. 

  • Cost: Starts at US per user per month
  • Features: Collaborative authoring tool, course templates, videos, cheat sheets, different questions, discussion forums, mobile app, offline mode

10. Auzmor Learn

Auzmor Learn helps simplify employee training. With its course and lesson library, you and your team can have easy access to third-party content. Learning progress and performance can easily be tracked as well with customized analytics. You can use analytics to monitor learning trends, identify issues, and validate lesson completion. Similarly, you can have access to real-time results and insights that can help you improve learner performance. Auzmor Learn also supports mobile learning, with their software being compatible with screens of all sizes. 

Onboarding LMS - Auzmor Learn

However, Auzmor Learn doesn’t support gamification for a mobile training app. Additionally, the software also isn’t free despite its limited features and add-ons. 

  • Cost: Request for a quote
  • Features: Course and lesson library, customized analytics, mobile learning, real-time results and insights

11. Coassemble

Another onboarding LMS on this list is Coassemble. Coassemble allows you to transform static documents such as PDFs and Word documents into beautiful and engaging courses. With their course builder, you can choose from 30 lesson screen templates and make your content engaging with images, text, and other interactive elements. Additionally, Coassemble features advanced branding and workspace customization so that your training contents promote brand recognition and consistency.

Onboarding LMS - Coassemble

With integrations, you can connect Coassemble with your existing tools and streamline daily tasks. Unfortunately, this tool isn’t free, and although it has a course builder, it doesn’t have an existing course library. 

  • Cost: Starts at US9 per month
  • Features: Document conversion, course builder, lesson screen templates, advanced branding, workspace customization, integrations

12. Thinkific

Thinkific enables you to quickly develop professional-looking learning content for any kind of audience. Its user-friendly course builder doesn’t need any coding knowledge or technical expertise as Thinkific provides ready-to-use templates at your disposal. Courses can include live lessons, quizzes, assignments, certificates, and more so you’ll have plenty of options to lay out your content. Like other employee onboarding LMS software, Thinkific offers a variety of media you can add to your courses, such as video, audio, images, PDFs, or presentations.

Onboarding LMS - Thinkific
  • Cost: Starts at US per month
  • Features: User-friendly course builder, out-of-the-box templates, dynamic lesson types

13. Whale

Whale is an customer onboarding LMS that can be used for training employees, onboarding new hires, and documenting processes. With its intuitive editor and engaging templates, managers can build fun onboarding lessons regarding the company’s background and employee tasks that can then be automatically delivered to new employees in no time. It also includes a plug-and-play browser extension that can be accessed through the apps your team members are currently using. To receive insight into employee performance, skill profiles are available for managers to evaluate which employees require more training to acquire specific abilities and achieve team goals.

Onboarding LMS- Whale
  • Cost: Free trial, starts at US19 per month
  • Features: Browser plugin,  skill insights, custom integrations

Tips to design onboarding elearning that works

 Employee onboarding is more than just a process—it's an opportunity to shape a new hire's perception of your organization and equip them with the tools they need to thrive. Let's unpack some tips and strategies on how to create an impactful onboarding elearning programs that works.

  • Identify key learning objectives before creating your content.
  • Develop interactive and engaging content by using videos, quizzes, and other multimedia elements.
  • Implement assessments to measure your employees' understanding of the material.
  • Incorporate social learning elements such as discussions, forums, and peer collaboration to encourage knowledge sharing and a sense of community among new hires.
  • Create transparent communication about the onboarding process.

And there you have it – the building blocks for an effective and impactful employee onboarding journey. Through the careful identification of key learning objectives, the development of engaging and interactive content, and the incorporation of assessments and social learning elements, your onboarding LMS program can be a very powerful tool that will drive your new hires towards success and excellence.


Darcy Dario

Darcy is a learning expert at SC Training (formerly EdApp), a mobile-based training platform that helps businesses bring their training solutions to the next level with democratized learning. She has a background in content writing and specializes in eLearning and global communications. When she’s not writing SEO-optimized content, she’s trying to finish her video game backlog.

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