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Radiocentre, one of the UK’s leading broadcast companies, introduces SC Training (formerly EdApp) to launch microlearning program


August 25, 2020



Radiocentre uses SC Training (formerly EdApp) microlearning featured image

Radiocentre has selected our mobile-first learning platform to train their dispersed sales teams on radio advertising. As one of the UK’s leading broadcast companies, Radiocentre incorporated microlearning to successfully launch their new program at scale.

Founded in 2006, Radiocentre works to build and maintain a strong and successful commercial radio industry. The leading broadcast company also takes pride in educating their teams, enabling them to perform extremely well in their respective roles. Radiocentre’s lessons include how to use radio to target the right people at the right time, radio for both short-term business goals and long-term brand building.

Authoring Tool

With our intuitive and powerful authoring tool, Radiocentre was able to quickly create and deploy powerful content to their dispersed workforce, making it easier than ever to train their teams across the UK.

We started work on our e-learning programme last year in order to expand our offering to members beyond the training days we provide on-site at the Radiocentre office, knowing that digital learning would be more accessible for advertising sales staff across the country. Being able to offer this facility at a time when so many are currently working from home makes this more useful than ever.
–Judith Spilsbury, Head of Training, Radiocentre

Mobile-first, continuous learning

SC Training (formerly EdApp)’s built-in features like spaced repetition, peer learning, and gamification all encourage collaborative and interactive learning, which means that Radiocentre learners can easily absorb the information through short, bite-sized chunks to maximise interaction and retention. It also means that Radiocentre team members can experience the benefits of social learning by interacting with their peers, despite being remote. Ultimately, Radiocentre can successfully instil vital skills and competencies to their expansive teams through fun and interactive microlessons, making for a connected, inspired, and prepared workforce.

We love seeing how our platform continues to enable training around the globe, making learning more accessible than ever before. In the case of Radiocentre, our platform not only powers their program but also facilitates and even wider reach to their audiences, making it easier to train at scale, especially in the age of COVID-19.
-Darren Winterford, CEO, SC Training (formerly EdApp)

Welcome to the SC Training (formerly EdApp) family, Radiocentre!

To learn more about Radiocentre’s integration with SC Training (formerly EdApp), access the original article here.


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