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10 Retail Training Platforms


February 15, 2023



Retail Training Platforms

Retail training for employees helps to develop product knowledge and excellent customer service skills. This leads to positive customer experiences, which increases your customer base and overall revenue. As a business, you can train your retail workers more effectively with the help of online technologies like retail training platforms.

Retail Training Platform #1- SC Training (formerly EdApp)

SC Training (formerly EdApp) is the retail training platform that will cover all your employee’s course needs. The service makes it extremely easy for trainers to create, upload, convert, manage, and analyze training materials and classes. You can either create your courses from scratch with its intuitive, easy-to-use creator tool or take advantage of its editable templates and course library resources. 

Retail Training Platforms - SC Training (formerly EdApp)

All of these features and benefits can be taken full advantage of by all users, even those with little to no technical knowledge. SC Training (formerly EdApp) pushes micro lessons to any of your learner’s devices where ever they are. These bite-sized lessons mean that your retail staff can conveniently digest learning material without disrupting their work schedule and affecting your bottom line. 

The Rapid Refresh built-in quiz maker allows you to collect feedback, and identify areas where you need to change training strategies to improve employees’ retail knowledge. 

Cost: Free


  • Rapid Refresh
  • Editable templates
  • Creator tool

Join SC Training (formerly EdApp) for free and start using one of the retail training platforms today!

Retail Training Platform #2-  CrossKnowledge 

CrossKnowledge is a retail training platform created to transform your team and business with lasting results. The service caters to small, medium, and large enterprises. It is a useful platform for retail training, onboarding, and overall employee development. It is a versatile LMS that can be deployed as a mobile application, SaaS, and via cloud systems. 

Retail Training Platforms - CrossKnowledge

Compared to other course maker tools, CrossKnowledge allows training managers to add new users, archive users, grade activities, browse course history, and create branded user login pages. On the other side, users can register themselves for courses without admin help. 

Cost: Contact for pricing


  • Mobile-friendly 
  • SaaS
  • Customizable log-in pages

Retail Training Platform #3- Didacte 

Didacte can standardize the onboarding and training of your staff in a simple, centralized, and secure environment. This retail training platform helps to train your team members while tracking their progression. You do not need to be tech-savvy to use the software to create, host, and manage your training content. 

Retail Training Platforms - Didacte

Classes can be conducted in virtual classrooms and also in real life. Didacte is built around quality and ease of use for its customers. The team at Didacte can help you create a training plan based on your organization's retail training goals. This solution has a lot of amazing features but currently doesn’t support integrations.

Cost: 7,000 CAD per year


  • Progress tracking 
  • Virtual or IRL classes
  • Onboarding

Retail Training Platform #4- Learningbank 

Learningbank is a user-friendly, intuitive retail training platform. It allows users to save time with automated processes. You can use the software to build engaging content or use ready-made learning content. It is best suited for organizations that have over 100 employees. 

Retail Training Platforms - Learningbank

This LMS gives trainers the opportunity to distribute, track and analyze their training in one place, digital or in real-life training. The courses are mobile-compatible, so learners can access them on mobile devices. This platform is supported by a fairly good support team so that’s a plus. 

Cost: €4 per user per month (Min. 100 users)


  • Content authoring
  • Content library
  • Progress tracking

Retail Training Platform #5- Nimble 

The Nimble retail training platform provides a simple-to-use user interface for training managers to use for keeping track of employee training. This versatile platform has a small learning curve, allowing you to get up to speed with its management, tracking, and reporting features in mere hours. Speaking of reporting, the software has comprehensive analytics for the best learner insights. 

Retail Training Platforms - Nimble

Nimble is a security-focused platform. It is ISO27001 and cyber essentials certified, meaning your data is surely protected. The service offers an unlimited free trial option for you to check out all the features before you commit.

Cost: Contact for pricing


  • Reporting
  • Security-focused
  • Unlimited free trial

Retail Training Platform #6- Innform 

Innform allows managers, trainers, clients, suppliers, and employees to access training all in one convenient place.  The retail training platform is SCORM compliant so you can upload SCORM files, also create customized courses, quizzes, and training manuals for all parties. 

Retail Training Platforms - Innform

Training is automatically delivered to each learner. As a manager or trainer, you get to organize your learners into groups and assign different supervisors to each training group. You also get to track the progress of each team. There are a variety of payment plans available and no additional cost is incurred for implantation and support. 

Cost: Starts at £1 per month


  • Brand customization
  • SCORM compliant
  • Progress tracking

Retail Training Platform #7- Dokeos 

Dokeos is a powerful retail training platform designed to meet training goals. This software meets FDA and EMA compliance requirements and integrates with Salesforce®. You get to design customized training modules from scratch or upload existing training material into the platform. 

Retail Training Platforms - Dokeos

Trainers get to track the progress and assess the skills of each learner with questionnaires or scenario testing. The interface is accessible on browsers, mobile devices, and desktops to users at any time, anywhere. You can get support for the service via chat, or phone support. 

Cost: Contact for pricing


  • FDA-compliant 
  • Integration with Salesforce®
  • Supports uploads

Retail Training Platform #8- Maple

MapleLMS is a retail learning platform that is both secure and scalable. The platform is SaaS-based and AI-powered. Training is delivered online and on demand. The service is highly customizable and can be managed easily by non-technical users. You can integrate MapleLMS with the Salesforce® making it easy to train employees, customers, and partners. 

Retail Training Platforms - Maple

You are provided with help in conducting tests, and exams to assess your learner's comprehension of the training materials. The service helps more than 2 million users in over 20 countries around the world. The LMS is white-labeled so you can use this as an opportunity to strengthen your branding. 

Cost: Contact for pricing


  • AI-powered
  • Mobile supported

Retail Training Platform #9- Redseed 

The team at Redseed are experts in instructional design and corporate training. This retail training platform offers customizable courses, an easy-to-use dashboard, comprehensive, and a user management interface that can be mapped to your business structure. The automation tools help you save time on administrative and user management tasks. 

Retail Training Platforms - Redseed

Unlike other retail training apps, RedSeed focuses on changing employee behavior a mission helped by its leader-led coaching system. With Redseed, you can upload your SCORM courses and host them on RedSeed for your learners to access. 

Cost: Starter package (up to 20 courses) at 9.80 USD per user per month (250 users)


  • Customizable courses
  • Leader-led coaching
  • SCORM compliant

Retail Training Platform #10- Digits 

Digits is a retail training platform that is both configurable and customizable. As a training manager, you can use the skills analysis function to identify learning gaps. Learners are treated to an intuitive user interface. It is a white-labeled retail training platform and can be customized to represent your company’s brand and culture. You can add customized logos, colors, graphics, and more. 

Retail Training Platforms - Digits

Even the content on the landing page can be configured based on the elearning challenges of your learners. This platform is best suited for medium and large enterprises.

Cost: Contact for pricing


  • Customizable landing page
  • Analytics
  • Intuitive learner interface


Guest Author Gavoy Small

Gavoy Small is a guest author at SC Training (formerly EdApp) who specializes in ESL Teaching, Content Production, and Customer Service.

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