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10 Safety talk ideas to discuss with your team


March 3, 2023



Safety talk ideas to discuss with your team

Organizing a regular safety talk is an effective way to keep your workforce informed of any potential hazards they’re likely to face at work. It's also a good opportunity to guide them through the best safety practices to protect them from any potential accidents and assure their health and safety. In this article, we’ll look at some safety talk ideas to consider for your next safety talk and gathering with your team. 

1. Emergency Procedures

Discussing your organization’s emergency procedures should be one of your top priorities during your safety talk. Needless to say, it’s vital to let your workforce know the do’s and don’ts during emergency situations to minimize harm. This safety talk idea also lets you identify any gaps in your emergency procedures and fix them right away before they're actually needed.

Safety Talk Idea - Emergency Procedures

Apart from organizing a safety talk, you can also work with the top LMS platform, SC Training (formerly EdApp), to further strengthen your team’s familiarity with your organization's emergency procedures. This training tool is equipped with customizable safety training courses such as Evacuation Plan and Fire Safety which you can share instantly with your workers. 

Safety Talk Idea - SC Training (formerly EdApp) Evacuation Plan course

These training sessions include a series of 5-minute safety topics that will increase your staff members' ability to react quickly in an emergency. Having a team that's completely prepared and ready to respond to an emergency would greatly increase the chances of both their safety and the safety of people around them in such unfortunate circumstances.

If there are any specific topics or emergency procedures that you’d like to go over, you can also take advantage of SC Training (formerly EdApp)’s course creator tool to build your safety courses from scratch. It’s incredibly easy to use and you don't even need any design or coding expertise to get started.

But if designing a training course doesn’t fit your busy schedule, you can also work with SC Training (formerly EdApp)’s talented instructional designers to bring your safety course to life. 

Start using the best training platform for your next safety talk session!

2. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

During your safety talk, it would be highly beneficial to also cover the right use of personal protective equipment (PPE), especially if you're managing a team in a high-risk industry. PPE can prevent injuries and save lives, so regularly reminding your workforce on how to use and maintain it correctly can go a long way in keeping them safe and protected from all the risks they face on the job.

Safety Talk Idea - Personal Protective Equipment

SC Training (formerly EdApp) houses a couple of PPE courses for different uses that you can use to further improve your team’s knowledge of this safety gear equipment. Their course library includes Warehouse Safety, PPE for General Dentistry, as well as Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), which is the perfect safety talk idea construction. 

Safety Talk Idea - SC Training (formerly EdApp) Personal Protective Equipment course

All these safety courses are available for free. They’re built with a responsive design, allowing your team to access these learning materials through almost any device, like laptops, tablets, and even smartphones. 

3. Hazard Communication

Dealing with chemicals on a regular basis exposes workers to a variety of health risks, from mild skin rashes to life-threatening conditions like leukemia and lung cancer. If your business falls under the chemical industry, then it goes without saying that hazard communication should be part of your regular safety talks with your team. 

Safety Talk Idea - Hazard Communication

For this safety presentation idea, it’s important to regularly refresh their knowledge of how to identify and label hazardous chemicals, as well as what they can do to avoid accidental exposure. It would be of great help to also check if they understand how to use the Safety Data Sheets (SDSs) to learn more about the properties of the chemical products they handle. 

4. Workplace Violence

Workplace violence is also a crucial topic that should be tackled as you gather your team for a regular safety talk. Discuss the most common workplace violence issues, such as sexual and physical harassment, bullying, discrimination, and racism. Offer your team some tips on how to spot and stop violent behavior, as well as strategies on how to de-escalate conflict situations. 

Safety Talk Idea - Workplace Violence

5. Ergonomics

Another great safety talk idea is to discuss ergonomics with your team. In its most basic form, ergonomics is the science of creating and enhancing work conditions to protect employees from common work strains and injuries and boost their overall productivity. 

Safety Talk Idea - Ergonomics

During the safety talk session, go over some ways in which your team can come together to improve ergonomics in the workplace. It could be anything from positioning desks and chairs to placing desktops and keyboards at elbow height. You can also take advantage of the meeting to ask them if there are any physical stressors that are currently causing them muscle strains, or if they have any ergonomic solutions that they’d like to share.

SC Training (formerly EdApp) has put together two ergonomics courses – Ergonomics for Manufacturing and Ergonomics for Retail – which can be used to teach your workforce ergonomic practices and reduce the risk of workplace injuries and accidents.

You’d be pleased to know that these safety training courses follow a microlearning design model, which means each topic is delivered in bite sizes to make learning more convenient for your team. They’ll only need at least 3-5 minutes to finish each lesson, plus they can use the device of their choice. 

Safety Talk Idea - SC Training (formerly EdApp) Ergonomics course

6. Slips, Trips, and Falls

Slips, trips, and falls are recognized as the second most common causes of workplace injuries. Even if there are good safety measures in place, these accidents do happen, so you should do everything in your power to minimize them and protect your workers.

Safety Talk Idea - Slips, Trips, and Falls

If you’re considering adding this safety talk idea to your next meeting with your team, then make sure to talk them through the key causes of slips, trips, and falls. Give them a step-by-step safety guide on how to prevent these accidents, like wearing proper footwear, cleaning up spills, and identifying and fixing tripping hazards.

It’s also important that you encourage them to report workplace issues such as wet or oily surfaces, cluttered walkways, or any uneven surfaces that might cause them to slip, trip, or fall. 

7. Vehicle Safety

Vehicle safety is a great safety talk idea to dig into if you're supervising a workforce involved in driving or operating vehicles. Discuss with them the importance of following safe driving practices.

Give them the necessary guidance on defensive driving techniques to cut down the risk of road accidents. And lastly, educate them on the importance of regularly maintaining their vehicles and reporting any issues or concerns to secure their safety on the road. 

Safety Talk Idea - Vehicle Safety

SC Training (formerly EdApp) offers a few vehicle safety courses that you can customize and deliver to your employees and drivers for free. There’s a course on Driver Safety, which goes over the driving practices that are considered risky, alongside basic driving safety precautions to prevent road incidents from occurring.

You’ll also find a two-part course on Defensive Driving that can help familiarize your workers with how to drive a heavy vehicle safely and responsibly. 

Safety Talk Idea - SC Training (formerly EdApp) Driver Safety course

These courses come with a series of interactive slides, games, and quizzes that are designed to increase retention and course engagement. They can be reinforced with achievements and completion certificates to turn your passive workers into active learners and make sure that they end the training with a solid understanding of vehicle safety practices. 

8. Electrical Safety

It can’t be stressed enough how electrical hazards can be deadly and life-threatening. For teams that are involved in any electrical work, it’s highly crucial to educate them on electrical safety and how they can carry out their tasks without running the risk of electric shock and burns. 

Safety Talk Idea - Electrical Safety

During your safety talk, dig deep into electrical safety measures to protect them from common dangers like an electric shock and burn, electrical arcing, and fire explosion. Additionally, you can use this opportunity to show them the right procedure to identify and report electrical issues. This way, they can be immediately addressed before they become potentially dangerous.

9. First aid

First aid is also a great safety talk idea to consider. A regular safety talk on first aid can give your team the ability to manage an emergency without confusion. Take advantage of this talk to show them basic first aid treatment, like performing CPR, applying bandages to an open injury, treating broken bones, and more. Also, it's crucial to train and educate them on how to keep a patient calm until professional medical help arrives.

Safety Talk Idea - First aid

10. Mental Health and Well-being

The last safety talk idea on this list is to discuss mental health and well-being in the workplace. Shed light on the leading causes of workplace stress and how your employees can manage and steer clear of those.

You can also use the safety talk as a way to encourage them to practice a healthy work-life balance and avoid daily burnout. Also, you can discuss with them your organization's initiatives about mental health as well as what can be done to support their mental needs.

Safety Talk Idea - Mental Health and Well-being


Jen Avelino

Jen is a learning expert at SC Training (formerly EdApp), a mobile-based training platform that helps corporates and businesses bring their training solutions to the next level. She carries an extensive writing experience in a variety of fields, including architecture, the gig economy, and computer software. Outside of work, she enjoys her free time watching her favorite series and documentaries, reading motivational books, and cross-stitching.

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