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Steps To Micro Mastery


September 18, 2019



Steps To Microlearning Mastery

Microlearning is on its way to become the gold standard of learning in the future. This means that corporate organizations need to step up their eLearning game and not only implement microlearning in their employee learning and development program, but master it.

As the modern individual gets more and more accustomed to short, relevant and engaging content due to spending time on social media and modern applications, organizations have to make sure that they offer their employees eLearning in the same format. However, mastering microlearning requires thorough research, and of course, knowing what a perfect microlearning course looks like.

In this article we will discuss what steps corporate organizations can take to master microlearning and hold a competitive edge over other organizations in these changing times.

1. Design Learning For Mobile

When we say design learning for mobile, it means that an organization’s eLearning team must think about how the module and course content will look from the perspective of a learner. They must design keeping in mind that their courses will be viewed on mobile screens, and thus they must know how to fit course content on the screen in a way that is visible, while ensuring that not too much content is presented on each screen. Also, they must remember to use minimal text while using infographics, interactivities and videos to the max. Don’t forget to offer links leading to useful resources for learners that want to learn in a little more detail.

2. Have A Look At Successful Microlearning Examples

If you want to perfect your microlearning, have a look at the already created masterpieces. Organizations like Pandora, Bayer and Coca-Cola Amatil already use microlearning to train their employees. Have a look at their microlearning modules to understand what makes it a shining example of microlearning. All three of these examples utilise SC Training (formerly EdApp) as their mobile-based microlearning LMS. Pick up the points you think can be used in your own organization’s microlearning courses, while also looking for nuances which can be tweaked to suit your organization’s microlearning.

3. Focus On Guiding Learners Into Applying Skills

Microlearning is short, to-the-point and just-in-time learning. Do not waste valuable time in starting from the very beginning. Show your learners how to do a particular task, then let them try to do it as shown, and finally offer them feedback on how they performed. Modern learners do not have the time to beat around the bush and will appreciate courses that cut to the chase and give them what they want and need.

4. Give Learners Full Access

The most important factor in microlearning mastery is that your employees must immediately turn to your organization’s microlearning courses. Create microlearning courses that explain every important skill or detail that employees are required to know in order to do their jobs efficiently. Then, give them the power to quickly access microlearning from their mobile devices whenever and wherever they want. This can be facilitated by a cloud-based LMS, such is offered by SC Training (formerly EdApp). When your employees will become accustomed to quickly check their organization’s microlearning library for every problem they face on the job, they will undoubtedly learn to do things efficiently.

5. Keep Updating Your Microlearning

Perhaps the most important thing to understand is that microlearning is the learning strategy of the modern world and the modern world is dynamic and fast-paced to say the least. Everyday new information is available, trends change and better ways of doing a particular task are discovered. Your microlearning library must reflect that and should incorporate every new market update into your microlearning courses. This way, your employees will always learn and live in the now.

Do not panic or worry if you cannot perfect your organization’s microlearning courses in the first few months of their deployment. Mastering microlearning is no easy feat, as the learning strategy is still in its infancy and there is lots to be discovered about it. Just keep your ear to the ground for any new advancements or tips and keep experimenting until you get the right microlearning ingredients to create the perfect, steaming recipe of learning for your employees. Finally, do not give up on microlearning now because mastering it today will save you a lot of trouble in the future, making your organization a microlearning veteran in the future.

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Guest Author Daniel Brown

Daniel Brown is a senior technical editor and writer that has worked in the education and technology sectors for two decades. Their background experience includes curriculum development and course book creation.

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