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What Is The Fastest Way To Create A Digital Learning Course?


September 16, 2019



What Is The Fastest Way To Create A Digital Learning Course?

Time is money. This old adage has held true throughout the years and is a veritable guiding beacon for businesses. If and when organizations save time, they can use the saved time on other endeavors, which means more gets done in less time, thus increasing their productivity and making them more money.

A lot of corporate organizations do not relish the fact that a lot of time and resources are utilized in the creation, delivery, and consumption of employee learning and training courses, even though they know that employee development is very important. This is why organizations are always on the lookout for quicker ways to create digital learning courses, as well as to make the consumption of said courses quicker. Fortunately, there is a digital learning approach that makes both the creation and consumption of courses much quicker. You have probably guessed it by now – Microlearning. Most organizations that say they are on the L&D grapevine will know that microlearning courses are short and concise, and thus take much less time to consume, but did you know that these courses also take much less time to create? If you did not, do not worry, as in this article, we’ll discuss a number of ways organizations can create microlearning courses in no time.

1. Implement A Rapid eLearning Authoring Tool

When there is already a tool that lets you create digital learning courses quickly, why would you look any further? Rapid eLearning authoring tools have a number of preset templates, themes, images, and cut-out characters that let eLearning designers create microlearning courses in no time. There are a number of rapid eLearning authoring tools like SC Training (formerly EdApp), Articulate Storyline, Lectora Inspire, and even web-based rapid eLearning Authoring Tools like Articulate Rise for instructional designers to choose from based on their eLearning design and development needs.

2. Create Microlearning Courses From Existing eLearning Courses

Perhaps the best way to quickly create a digital learning course is to repurpose an old eLearning course in the form of a microlearning course. However, eLearning designers should understand not to convert half-hour of eLearning content into six 5-minute long microlearning modules as is, but understand what a microlearning module actually means, and then break the whole content of the old eLearning course into 6 focus points around which each microlearning module will be created.

3. Create Microlearning Courses Based On Evaluations

Microlearning courses do not take much time to create, however, finding a focus point for a microlearning course or module can take up a lot of time. eLearning designers can simply conduct a survey to ask employees about tasks they struggle with on a daily basis, or policies they have a hard time understanding. Then, once these have been determined, they can build microlearning modules or courses to solve each of these problems.

4. Create Microlearning Infographics

Unlike what a number of people might think, microlearning does not always need to be in the form of a course. Microlearning infographics are ridiculously easy to create, and thus take a very small amount of time, while turning stats, figures, tasks, and topics into a visual representation that learners can easily comprehend. eLearning designers must, however, make sure that they only stick to one topic in an infographic so as not to confuse learners.

5. Create Video-based Microlearning

As mentioned before, microlearning can also be video-based. In fact, because video is the format most modern learners prefer to consume content in, a lot of microlearning these days is video-based. Video-based microlearning is also easy and quick to produce, as it can be as simple as recording an expert narrating and doing simple tasks, and then editing it to add necessary text, graphics, animations, and the like.

The fastest way to create a digital learning course thus is to create it in a microlearning format, using one or more of the ways listed above. However, microlearning does not only take less time to create, but is also cost-effective, and also improves knowledge retention in employees due to its short duration, concise content, and engaging elements. Sounds like something corporate organizations should fight over to include in their L&D program!

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Guest Author Daniel Brown

Daniel Brown is a senior technical editor and writer that has worked in the education and technology sectors for two decades. Their background experience includes curriculum development and course book creation.

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