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Microlearning Success Stories


August 15, 2019



Microlearning Success Stories

Immersive learning is essential for the engagement and boosted productivity of learners in your organization. The most effective way to formulate an immersive microlearning environment is by implementing an element of interactivity into your learning strategy. 

An immersive learning experience is often memorable and holds learners’ attention, this is essential for the retention of information and ability to retrieve pieces of knowledge on demand. There are different purposes of these learning experiences, including:

1. Stimulate exploratory learning

2. The creation of a productive environment

3. Training in practical applications and problem-solving abilities

4. To encourage behavioral changes

Stimulate Exploratory Learning

Exploring different approaches to learning is important for the engagement and continual stimulation of learners in an educational environment. This allows learners to establish how they learn best and their preferences, making for an opportunistic approach to learning. Microlearning provides various options to learners, allowing them to choose which course they would like to progress through at any given time. Microlearning also incorporates unique learning tools, such as gamification and spaced repetition, thus these elements give learners the ability to experiment with different types and forms of learning.

The Creation of a Productive Environment

An ongoing training objective is the continual development of an increasingly productive learning environment, in which learners can personally and professionally grow. Successful immersive microlearning results in a more informed, engaged and productive workforce, the ultimate goal of forward-thinking organizations.

Training In Practical Applications and Problem-Solving Abilities

To make your training strategy a worthwhile investment, employees benefit most from learning programs where they are able to physically apply knowledge to real life situations. Alongside an effective learning management system, microlearning offers the effect of on-the-job training. This means that employees receive various benefits simultaneously from microlearning alone.

To Encourage Behavioral Changes

When learners are able to personally relate to existing learning behaviors and situations, they are more likely to develop emotional attachment, thus enabling changes in the behavior of individuals. This doesn’t just mean shift from one belief to another, but also building upon pre-existing knowledge for a more informed and intricate understanding of corporate processes and functions.


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