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The Evolution of Learning and Development


August 27, 2019



The Evolution of Learning and Development


What is the evolution of Learning and Development?

Learning and development encompasses the practices surrounding the learning experience, whereby the training and development process determines how one learners and the extent to which they remember the content. The difference between training and development lies in the way one is taught, for instance, microlearning works on both aspects as it accounts for how the information is taught and how it is retained; the true purpose of training and development.

Learning and development has evolved greatly and rapidly over the last forty years. The significant shift has occurred between a focus on training learners to the facilitation of learning and meeting the needs and preferences of learners.

Technology allows us to monitor global changes in real-time, beneficial for the collection and application of accurate, new and instant data. Take us back forty years, scholars and students were often unaware of many global issues.

In a rapidly developing technological world, it is essential to train learners in agility and adaptability due to the fast-paced shifts in our economy and global partnerships. The fluidity of global processes calls for an effective and strategic way of handling our changes in various aspects, such as tuition in climatic changes, a health economy, social justice and humanitarian issues.

Training and Development & The Evolution of Learning

Learning has evolved amongst a constant of shifting learning theories, abiding by special ‘rules’ and recommendations, yet amongst all changes, one thing stays the same. The way the human brain works.

A few decades ago, the skill requirements of employees were centrally stored on a simplistic database, taking little account of, or none at all, the needs and preferences of employees to perform at their optimum. There are no links, nor resemblance, that can be drawn between this form of learning and development and our modern Learning Management Systems (LMS).

An LMS tailored to your learning and development department

Instead of traditionally teaching what is considered mandatory for the topic, modern L&D professionals focus on building on pre-existing knowledge of learners, as well as identifying areas of weakness. Filling in the gaps in learning contributes to the overall success of training strategies employed in organizations.


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Your LMS & The Evolution of Learning and Development

A good LMS in our technological age enables learners to be in control of their own learning within an immersive virtual learning environment. Modern LMS’s are disrupting the way we learn, improving the learning experiences of learners and improving rate of engagement and success. With mounds of information stacking up by the minute, a microlearning LMS must be implemented for the absorption of accurate and relevant information.

L&D has significantly evolved and will continue to rapidly develop in years to come. To stay at the forefront of the game, now is the time to adopt a mobile microlearning LMS to drive your organization to success.

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Daniel Brown is a senior technical editor and writer that has worked in the education and technology sectors for two decades. Their background experience includes curriculum development and course book creation.

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