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Top 10 Employee Skills in 2022


October 20, 2022



Top Employee Skills in 2022

Keep your employee skills in check to attract employers and remain competitive in your organization with this list of top employee skills in 2022. The skills listed here will give you an idea of what skills are in demand in 2022, what their importance is, and which ones you should consider honing.

1. Analytical Thinking

With data science-related job roles emerging in the corporate world, especially for tech industries, analytical thinking skills are becoming more in demand in the list of top employee skills in 2022. Analytical thinking is the ability to solve problems creatively or create strategies by first evaluating and interpreting available data and trends. With this skill, you’ll be able to rise above complex problems by approaching them logically. 

Top Employee Skill 2022

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2. Organizational Skills

In fast-paced environments, it’s important to be able to stay organized when given different tasks, ideas, information, and more. Having organizational skills allows you to prioritize and perform multiple tasks efficiently. Being organized also lets you carry out your duties in a systematic manner, which can significantly improve your productivity so you can achieve your goals. 

Top Employee Skill 2022

3. Product Management Skills

As the market becomes more competitive, your product or service should be able to keep up with the customers’ growing demands or needs. This is where the importance of having the knowledge or skills for product management comes in. With this top employee skill in 2022, you’ll be able to easily understand the pain points and recognize the needs of your customers. Similarly, you’ll be able to create tailored and timely solutions for them. This way, you’ll become a champion for your customers and be their voice within the organization. 

Top Employee Skill 2022 -

4. Project Management Skills

Also included in this list of top employee skills in 2022 are project management skills. This pertains to skills needed to make sure that projects come to life successfully. These projects can be developing new software, building a website, constructing a new building, and so on. So, the skills you’ll need here include planning, decision-making, budgeting, problem-solving, and communication. With project-management skills, you’ll be able to execute projects in a systematic and efficient manner.

Top Employee Skill 2022 -

Being able to communicate effectively is a key skill in project management, especially when it comes to planning, collaborating, and delegating. You can learn these skills with SC Training (formerly EdApp)’s Communication in Project Management.

5. Account Management Skills

Account management skills refer to skills needed for overseeing and maintaining strong relationships with clients. It entails having industry knowledge and interpersonal skills in order to understand client needs or problems, as well as communicate them to the internal teams and other stakeholders. Aside from that, you’ll also need skills for analyzing and interpreting data about campaigns, projects, consumer behavior, and the like. Through these skills, you’ll be able to effectively represent the client within the organization while also nurturing mutual value for both.      


Top Employee Skill 2022 -

6. Communication Skills

Regardless of your industry, communication skills come in handy when articulating your ideas and interacting with colleagues or customers, whether written or verbal. Also part of this top employee skill in 2022 is being able to understand information and relay key messages in various forms, such as e-mails, PowerPoints, videos, documents, and more. Having communication skills also helps when working with a team as you’re able to express yourself effectively.

Top Employee Skill 2022 -

7. Collaboration Skills

Having collaboration skills means that you know how to take advantage of your strengths and resources while working with a group to accomplish a common goal. This will not only help boost productivity but also increase both the quality and quantity of the team’s outputs. Similarly, mastering this skill allows you to become more approachable and reliable as a part of a team. 

Top Employee Skill 2022 -

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8. Leadership Skills

Leadership skills remain on top of our 2022 employee skills list, even if you don’t assume a leadership role in the workplace. When you develop this skill, you’ll have the mindset of a leader when carrying out your duties. That means you go above and beyond to achieve certain goals or overcome issues or problems. It also pushes you to give strong support to your team members or even clients. 

Top Employee Skill 2022 -

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9. Problem-solving Skills

With problem-solving skills, you’ll recognize issues or problems and come up with logical or creative solutions. Challenges won’t scare you. Instead, you’ll be able to remain resilient in handling and solving as you can think of many possible solutions and select the best one. Not only that but being a problem-solver means you can also be decisive in crucial situations. 

Top Employee Skill 2022 -

Learn how to approach challenges logically and methodically using SC Training (formerly EdApp)’s Problem Solver course. It emphasizes the value of innovative problem-solving. It also discusses several decision-making methods for every situation, as well as the different concepts of creative issue solutions.

10. Presentation Skills

Having presentation skills means that you have the competence and confidence to speak to an audience while keeping them engaged. People have a very limited attention span, so having this skill comes in handy in making sure that you’re able to send your message across and have your audience really pay attention to it. Presentation skills don’t only refer to your ability to speak with an audience. It also entails being skilled in making your presentations in a way that is concise and yet still interesting. This skill can also be helpful if your role involves pitching proposals, presenting reports, or even just brainstorming within your team.

Top Employee Skill 2022 -



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