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Why The Personalization of Learning Is Essential


October 8, 2019



Personalization of learning

Adaptability is a great benefit of eLearning over the Instructor-Led Training or ILT. It is easy to attract more learners to any asynchronous online course. However, the comfort of scaling eLearning has resulted in the depersonalization, a “one-size-fits-in-all” approach.

Simultaneously, personalized eLearning is important to allow every employee to achieve it to their full potential. Microlearning provides a solution having the capability to provide eLearning which is both personalized and scalable.

Businesses Flourish with Microlearning

As businesses mature and grow, the skills that employees require also alter. In the world which is rapidly changing, as well as where our needs are developing at a rushing rate, the organizations which are most expected to flourish will be those which give opportunities to learn quicker together.

It’s not about using the existing sources more proficiently, it’s also about creating as well as sharing the new knowledge. Instead of using the technological advancements to automate the tasks and decrease the staff, microlearning yokes technology to supplement people’s capabilities.

Learning can become scaled within the organization—helping coworkers collaborate— and on a bigger scale, using social learning with the other organizations. An example is eLearning Guild conferences where microlearning is used amongst the professional aristocracies.

Different Shades of Microlearning

An approach too narrow to microlearning can result in businesses not enjoying the most important advantages. If a business’ knowledge of scalability starts and ends with providing eLearning assets to more and more people, or making fewer assets with the hope of improved efficiency, it needs a stronger employee following to fulfil them.

In the case of ineffectively employed microlearning, extensive content is joined into the single eLearning curriculum or course. So, different employees are exposed to redundant or irrelevant eLearning as the one-size-fits-for-all courses include materials which they already are familiar with as well as the material which they do not require for their parts.

This is why the correct application of microlearning to your employee training strategy is ample to organisational success.

Custom-Made and Accessible

The one-size methodology rests on the wrong belief that microlearning is expensive and incompetent to develop, as well as being impossible to scale. Microlearning allows personalization by providing learners control. Different microlearning platforms offer continuous and on-demand learning for employees. Usually, microlearning is available on desktop or mobile devices, transporting learning into the workflow. It allows learners to select when, where, as well as how to utilize microlearning at the groundwork of personalization.

Adaptability is constructed into many microlearning solutions including aspects like the capability of scale content. You can add or modify content anytime as well as automatically distributing it to learners who need it. In the case you cannot do that, you must use a conventional eLearning course, although the benefits of contemporary microlearning will not be reaped.

Small and Quick Content

The comfort of participating in personalization, scalability, and adaptive content makes microlearning a wonderful choice for different requirements.

Microlearning highlights small, intently focused content units. These could be text, podcasts, videos, or interactive actions. The medium differs, however, the objective to answer any particular requirements quickly if the learner wants it, will not happen.

In different microlearning platforms, the developers can make these smaller content units quickly and use them immediately. This huge amount of content protected in the comprehensive eLearning courses is broken into concepts and topics which can be gritty.

Every learning session is small however learners are stimulated to engage frequently. They can effortlessly search for any particular units and topics which they require. This ensures that they often interact with the relevant content.

Microlearning – An Open Solution

Microlearning is an adaptable and flexible solution which can be personalized, scaled, and targeted in myriad ways.

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Guest Author Daniel Brown

Daniel Brown is a senior technical editor and writer that has worked in the education and technology sectors for two decades. Their background experience includes curriculum development and course book creation.

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