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10 Work skills examples (and how to develop them)


July 5, 2024


Bea Maureen Cayone


Work skills examples

Developing your team's skills is your first step toward organizational success. But deciding which skills to focus on can feel overwhelming.

Luckily, we're here to help out! Read our curated list of 10 essential work skills examples that can benefit employees across industries.

What are work skills?

Work skills refer to the abilities employees must possess to perform their jobs properly. These are divided into two categories: hard and soft skills.

Work skills example - Definition

Hard skills are earned from education or hands-on experience, like mastery of certain tools, platforms, and tasks for the job. Project management, accounting, and computer literacy are all examples of hard skills.

Meanwhile, soft skills are sharpened through relationship-building. Often non-technical, these are also known as character traits. Communication, empathy, and conflict resolution are soft skills crucial to any employee’s career advancement.

For your team’s career to grow, your skill development program needs the right mix of hard and soft skills. Browse this work skills list to get started.

Work skills example #1 - Active listening

The art of active listening is a skill you shouldn’t pass up. This means taking the time to understand other people’s feelings and thought processes before making decisions.

Work skills example - Active listening

Active listeners seek to avoid conflict and miscommunication, instead focusing on ways to solve the problem. There are different ways to build your team’s active listening skills. Set aside time to watch interviews together, enroll them in workshops, or conduct workplace training sessions.

Work skills example - SC Training workplace training

Mobile-first learning platforms like SC Training (formerly EdApp) are ideal for busy teams interested in skill development, as each lesson only takes under five minutes to complete. With 80+ course templates available, training your members to become active listeners will be a breeze!

Recommended courses on active listening:

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Work skills example #2 - Collaboration

Collaboration is key to a harmonious work environment. A team that relies on each other can expect better internal communication and faster turnarounds. It also creates a sense of community as everyone works toward a common goal.

Work skills example - Collaboration

Two or more people working together often produce the best ideas. Among professional skills examples, collaboration promotes unity and eliminates feelings of isolation among members. Encourage this skill through brainstorming activities, lunch and learn sessions, and group workshops. Or, facilitate team-building activities to give everyone a chance to socialize outside of work.

Recommended courses on collaboration:

Work skills example #3 - Empathy

Up next is empathy. Only a few possess the ability to understand the feelings of others. Soft skills examples like this are overlooked in favor of bolder actions. But really, empathy plays a huge factor in cultivating healthy relationships among colleagues.

Work skills example - Empathy

Everyone has their bad days, but too often people fear opening up. Remind your team that practicing empathy is a great way to support each other, and let them know that it’s okay to not always feel like giving their 100% every time. Lead by example and model empathetic behavior through compassion and active listening.

If you’re looking for ways to improve your management as a leader, consider taking this free course on empathy. It teaches you about the benefits and how to create a safe space for the team.

Recommended courses on empathy:

Work skills example #4 - Computer literacy

The digital landscape is ever-evolving. Advancements like artificial intelligence (AI) have completely transformed business operations, giving companies a better way of working.

Work skills example - Computer literacy

Don’t let your team get left behind on the newest developments! Computer literacy is a must-have skill to nurture their careers, and you can start by sharing the best online tools to simplify daily tasks. Offer targeted workshops or tutorials discussing the software and applications essential to their day-to-day operations.

On the flip side, the internet invites several risks as well. Careless actions can expose private company data to hackers. To avoid this, make sure to also train employees on cybersecurity.

Recommended courses on computer literacy:

Work skills example #5 project management

A highly sought-after skill in the workplace, project management refers to the system of planning, supervising, and executing projects from start to finish. To guarantee your project stays within budget and on time, seek help from your team. This allows them to sharpen their project management skills in the process.

Work skills example - Project management

Hard skills like this go hand-in-hand with active listening, adaptability, and attention to detail. As a team manager, you’ve got to explain collective goals, create actionable plans, and oversee your members.

Recommended courses on project management:

Work skills example #6 - Attention to detail

Another crucial work skill to have is attention to detail. When employees are committed to thoroughness and accuracy, it minimizes errors in the completion of tasks. This skill goes hand-in-hand with organization and time management.

Work skills examples - Attention to detail

Your team developing a keen eye for detail also affects your workload as a manager, since this leads to minimal supervision. The assurance that your members will deliver quality output each time is a privilege that not many enjoy.

You can set up review processes, encourage your team to use checklists for recurring multi-step tasks, and give regular feedback to help enhance their attention to detail.

Recommended courses on attention to detail:

Work skills example #7 - Critical thinking 

Sometimes, the answers aren’t always black-and-white. Critical thinking refers to those examples of skills that stem from the ability to self-reflect and recognize personal bias. To reduce errors in the workplace, encourage your team to think critically before making decisions.

Work skills examples - Critical thinking

If you need a cost-effective solution to help you out, consider SC Training’s microlearning platform. It offers lessons on critical thinking that are fully customizable and delivered in bite-sized chunks for better knowledge absorption.

Recommended courses on critical thinking:

Work skills example #8 - Adaptability

Implementing change at work is easy, especially if your team embraces the skill of adaptability. It’s the ability to adjust to changes without yielding to pressure.

Work skills examples - Adaptability

While it’s normal for employees to have occasional disagreements, problems can arise when no one is willing to adjust for the other. Teaching them to be adaptable early on will positively affect their stress management and professional growth.

Some effective strategies to develop your team’s adaptability skills include promoting a growth mindset and fostering an environment where it’s safe for them to experiment with new ideas, take risks, and learn from failures.

Recommended courses on adaptability:

Work skills example #9 - Leadership

For a team to achieve its goals, a leader must guide them to success. As everyone’s got unique skills and personalities, a great leader unites members and strategically pools their skills together.

Work skills examples - Leadership

Leadership is about offering guidance and support to everyone who needs it. As a manager, make it your ultimate goal to foster an inclusive environment where your members can thrive and express themselves comfortably.

Recommended courses on leadership:

Work skills example #10 - Ethics

The last work skill example is ethics, which simply means doing the right thing, even when no one’s looking. It embraces a set of principles and standards that organizations hold themselves to.

Work skills examples - Ethics

Some companies get so caught up in the rat race that they disregard morals. But this shouldn’t be! Honesty and integrity must remain the backbone of any business hoping to thrive.

Promote sustainable growth among your team by keeping ethics at the forefront of your actions. This is key to avoiding a toxic work environment.

Recommended courses on ethics:

What are the best skills to put on a resume?

If you’re an employee looking to prepare or upgrade your resume, remember to keep it brief but informative. HR professionals skim through hundreds of applications daily, so be smart when deciding which skills to include.

Select hard skills directly related to the position you’re applying for. You can then narrow down your soft skills list by reflecting on your strengths and seeing how they perform against the job’s day-to-day tasks. A mix of both is key to acing applications in any industry.

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Bea Maureen Cayone

Bea Maureen Cayone is a content writer for SC Training (formerly EdApp), an eLearning platform that delivers advanced solutions for companies to seamlessly train their teams. Beyond the workplace, she enjoys catching up on her never-ending reading list, playing the piano, and spending time with her dogs.

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