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10 Agile Training Courses

We’ve created a list of the best Agile training courses to equip your teams with essential knowledge about the principles of Agile and help them produce excellent work results. These courses were designed to teach them about the best practices, techniques, and methodologies that they can easily apply in their day-to-day tasks.

Agile Training Courses
Last published: 7th May 2024
SC Training (formerly EdApp) Agile Training Course - Agile Sales Management

1. Agile Sales Management

This course by SC Training (formerly EdApp) aims to educate learners on the importance of having an Agile approach in the sales environment. It explains what Agile sales management is and the strengths of implementing this methodology in account-based selling. Learners will then find out the different strategies for implementing Agile in their sales management, including holding stand-up meetings, forecasting sales, and keeping consistent track of all goals in CRM.

The Agile method may seem like a daunting concept that’s difficult to comprehend. But with SC Training (formerly EdApp)’s microlearning design model, learners will have access to well-designed and visually informative lessons to help them better grasp and retain your training content. Also, this course is fully editable, which means that you can customize it to make it your own. SC Training (formerly EdApp)’s easy-to-use authoring tool lets you take advantage of over 80 intuitively designed templates to populate with your content. You can even import PowerPoint training and automatically convert it to beautiful microlessons with a single click.

Cost: Free (up to 10 users)

Scope: Agile methodology, Agile sales, Agile implementation strategies

Created By SC Training (formerly EdApp)

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Learning Tree Agile Training Course - Agile Fundamentals

2. Agile Fundamentals

This course by Learning Tree will provide you with the essential knowledge on how to be Agile at work. It teaches the importance of being Agile together with the different values and principles. Learners will discover how to apply them in product development while maintaining focus on the delivery of customer value. This course will also explain the different Agile methodologies so you can determine what’s best for your team. Learners can take this course either through blended or instructor-led training. A certificate of completion will be provided, which is recognized and respected by Agile thought leaders.

Cost: Starts at US $1090

Scope: Agile methodologies, Agile principles, product development

Created by Learning Tree

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Coursera Agile Training Course - Agile Meets Design Thinking

3. Agile Meets Design Thinking

Coursera’s Agile Meets Design Thinking course focuses employees to develop an effective approach to create excellent products that bring value to customers. It begins with uncovering the Agile Manifesto to allow your team to learn more about this approach. It discusses the problems that Agile solves and the incremental steps to determine if their practices of Agile are working. It will also teach learners about developing personas and problem scenarios and translating them into user stories for driving value. Coursera recommends a bit of familiarity with software development, although not required, so learners can better understand the topics on this course. This course takes approximately 10 hours to complete. 

Cost: Free

Scope: Agile Manifesto, problem-solving using Agile, creating Agile user stories

Created by Coursera

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edX Agile Training Course - Agile Mindset Introduction

4. Agile Mindset Introduction

This course by edX will encourage learners to embrace an Agile mentality and help them become successful at work. It discusses the difference between ‘Being Agile’ and ‘Doing Agile’ and the importance of having an Agile mindset. This course is taught by a digital manager from Rolls-Royce, providing learners a real-life application of the Agile mindset. By the end of this course, learners will be able to adapt Agile principles to improve their flexibility and also recognize the importance of collaboration. While this course is self-paced, it takes around 2 weeks to finish it.

Cost: Free

Scope: Agile mindset, basics of adapt mindset, Rolls-Royce case study

Created by edX

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Simplilearn Agile Training Course - Agile Scrum Master Certification

5. Agile Scrum Master Certification

If you’re looking for training content that teaches Agile with a focus on the Scrum methodology, this course by Simplilearn is perfect for you. It introduces the Agile way of thinking through the Agile Manifesto and its principles. It also provides a basic overview of Scrum and the scrum process. In this course, learners will learn how to start their Agile journey and discover best practices and tips to avoid common pitfalls like iterative tasks and backlog projects that they may encounter when adopting Agile. This course consists of 5 hours of self-paced videos and 20 hours of instructor-led training, which can be quite long for learners with short attention spans.

Cost: Starts at US $899

Scope: Agile Manifesto, Scrum basics, agile roadmap, Agile Scrum best practices

Created by Simplilearn

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BrainStation Agile Training Course - Agile Training

6. Agile Training

BrainStation’s Agile Training course is suited for organizations and individuals looking for a guide in implementing Agile at work. In this course, learners will know about the principles and theories behind the Agile process and its effectiveness for a project. Learners will also discover how to plan projects using epics and user stories. To effectively execute and implement projects, this course will also discuss using different tools such as Jira and Confluence. This training can be taken onsite or live online so you have to consider your schedule.

Cost: US $3950

Scope: Agile theory, Agile planning, Agile execution

Created by BrainStation

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Cprime Agile Training Course - Agile Boot Camp for Non-Software Work

7. Agile Boot Camp for Non-Software Work

While Agile is mostly used for software development, it can also be applied to different types of business work. This course by Cprime points out why organizations should adopt an Agile approach by explaining the basic concepts and their benefits. This course will also discuss the leading Agile methodologies, such as Scrum and Kanban, teaching you how to determine which one is best to use based on the scenario. Also, the Agile methodology focuses on delivering excellent results, which means that it’s vital to have a great team behind it. In this training, you’ll also learn the components of high-performing agile teams and the steps to building one.

Cost: Starts at US $1295

Scope: Agile principles, building an Agile team, Agile methodologies

Created by Cprime

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Villanova University Agile Training Course - Applications of Agile Principles

8. Applications of Agile Principles

The Applications of Agile Principles is the second course of Villanova’s Agile certification program. It’s best suited for learners who already have a foundation of Agile concepts and knowledge of certain topics like extreme programming and agile framework. It discusses the qualities and skills that a successful Agile leader should possess to help them build a high-performing scrum team. It also emphasizes the importance of collaboration at work and establishing team ground rules to achieve desired outcomes. Among the other topics covered here are adaptive planning for Agile projects, project management, and the significance of product ownership.

Cost: US $$2,295

Scope: Agile leadership, advanced product owner concepts, Agile project management

Created by Villanova University

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FutureLearn Agile Training Course - Successful Agile for Digital Teams

9. Successful Agile for Digital Teams

This course by FutureLearn aims to provide digital teams with an understanding of Agile and its real-world applications. It provides a comprehensive overview of Agile principles and practices that contribute to higher quality outputs. Learners will also learn more about different Agile methodologies, the common challenges for each, and the various ways they can be addressed. This course takes 2 weeks to complete and comes with a certificate of achievement upon completion.

Cost: US $94

Scope: Benefits of Agile, Agile processes & techniques, Agile methodologies

Created by FutureLearn

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Alison Agile Training Course - Agile Essentials: A Practical Guide to the Agile Process

10. Agile Essentials: A Practical Guide to the Agile Process

Alison’s Agile Essentials course provides concise and easy-to-understand lessons about the Agile process. It defines Agile and explains how it differs from other traditional approaches. This course will also help learners identify the different Agile methodologies and their use cases. Other topics included in this course are effective user story writing, Agile project management, and best practices in Agile development. This course takes 3 hours at the most to finish and comes with a certificate of completion.

Cost: Free

Scope: Principles of Agile development, Agile methods, user stories, project management

Created by Alison

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Maximize work process efficiency with Agile training

The Agile methodology has quickly grown in popularity in the software development realm and has become the top driving factor for delivering excellent results. The good news is that it can also be used by any individual or organization, especially those dealing with requirements that constantly change over time. Providing your employees with Agile training helps them transform into a rapid, high-performing team who are flexible to change, collaborative, and passionate about continuous learning. As a result, your business can achieve superior product quality and higher customer satisfaction, which can boost your team’s morale and motivation.

And the best part? Your team can complete courses anytime, anywhere, on any device.

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