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10 Business Training Courses

We’ve compiled a list of 10 business training courses to help you improve competency among your employees through a foundational knowledge of the business and a comprehensive understanding of the industry. Lessons from these learning courses include developing key business skills, identifying relevant strategies for the organization, understanding aspects of profitable growth, methods for improving productivity, and more.

10 Business Training Courses
Last published: 6th May 2024
SC Training (formerly EdApp) Business Training Course #1 - Business Developer

1. Business Developer

Available in SC Training (formerly EdApp), the Business Developer course is offered to help your employees learn essential business skills from the perspective of a business developer. This business success training course covers how business developers create strong relationships with clients, negotiate deals, and take advantage of new business opportunities. Then, it provides ways to manage existing clients with meaningful relationships and insightful conversations. It also dives into techniques in winning new clients. 

SC Training (formerly EdApp) is a learning management system that provides courses on business available for free in its course library, making them readily deployable for your teams. The course library is completely free and editable, giving you access to hundreds of readily deployable courses that you can edit and customize with your own expertise or with company-specific information – no need to start from scratch! The microlearning approach on its online courses also makes key information more digestible which helps improve their knowledge retention. Combined with gamification features, the lessons on this course are more fun and engaging for your learners. Through this, implementing business training management becomes more convenient for you and equally effective for your employees.


  • Developing strong relationships
  • Negotiating deals
  • Exploring Business Opportunities
  • Maximizing business with existing clients
  • Developing new clients

Cost: Free (up to 10 users)

Created By SC Training (formerly EdApp)

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SC Training (formerly EdApp) Business Training Course #2 - Business Operator

2. Business Operator

The Business Operator is another free business training course by SC Training (formerly EdApp) that’s focused on achieving the company’s revenue targets through an understanding of the principles of generating profits. This business training course begins with an introduction to the skillsets of a business owner that are essential in ensuring profitable growth for the company. Then, it demonstrates the importance of mastering the economics of the business and provides foundational knowledge on financial management. This business skills workshop also sets a guide in budgeting and planning to achieve revenue goals. As any business involves risks such as financial issues, this online course also includes a lesson on issues and risk management to support your employees as well as quizzes to reinforce new concepts. By training your employees on the basics of the financial aspect of the business, you can improve the performance of your teams to achieve measurable success for the company. 


  • Economics of the business
  • Budgeting and Planning
  • Issue and Risk Management

Cost: Free (up to 10 users)

Created by SC Training (formerly EdApp)

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FutureLearn Business Training Course #3 - Introduction to Business Improvement: Lean Six Sigma, Kaizen, and Problem Solving

3. Introduction to Business Improvement: Lean Six Sigma, Kaizen, and Problem Solving

Hosted in FutureLearn, the Introduction to Business Improvement course is designed to guide low- and mid-level professionals in improving work processes and eliminating wastes in the workplace processes. In this business training course, you’ll learn key business improvement tools and techniques, such as Lean Six Sigma and Kaizen. It also covers vital business issues, 5S methods of workplace organization, and ways to leverage Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) in problem-solving. Learners can enroll for free and the lessons are delivered through self-paced video learning. It also includes articles, audio, and practical activities for a comprehensive learning experience for any course of business.


  • Business improvement tools and techniques  
  • 5S/Workplace Organization
  • Benefits of a visual workplace
  • Problem-solving

Cost: Free

Created by FutureLearn

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Alison Business Training Course #4 - Business Productivity Training Course for Increased Profits

4. Business Productivity Training Course for Increased Profits 

The Business Productivity Training Course for Increased Profits available in Alison promotes smart work habits among your employees and increases productivity in the workplace. This leadership and business training course focuses on 4 areas of business productivity, which include productivity skills, project management, teamwork, and communication skills. Each lesson includes an introduction to relevant key concepts and skills, strategies, and tools to improve productivity among your employees.

By the end of this business short course, your learners will be able to check their knowledge and understanding with an assessment test. A minimum score of 80 percent is required for successful course completion. While the course is available for free, official certificates are only available for purchase.


  • Business productivity training
  • Project management training
  • Teamwork training
  • Business communication training

Cost: Free

Created by Alison

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SC Training (formerly EdApp) Business Training Course #5  - The Future of Work

5. The Future of Work

The Future of Work is a business training course offered by SC Training (formerly EdApp) for free. While this course is designed for business leaders, insights from the lessons can provide good foundational business knowledge and principles for your learners. It begins with an introduction to the trends in organizational design. It also includes lessons on using the Network of Team organizational model, working with distributed teams, and ways to manage them. It also provides cutting-edge work practices to help improve relationships in the workplace. By taking custom elearning courses and learning activities on one of the leading learning management systems available, your employees can develop a sense of leadership and cultivate a relevant operational model with one of these business training programs to keep up with the fast-paced industry. 


  • Future of Organizational Design
  • Using Network of Teams
  • Importance of distributed teams and ways to manage them
  • Cutting-edge Work Practices

Cost: Free (up to 10 users)

Created by SC Training (formerly EdApp)

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edX Business Training Course #6 - Business Strategy from Wharton: Competitive Advantage

6. Business Strategy from Wharton: Competitive Advantage

Available for free in edX, the Business Strategy from Wharton: Competitive Advantage is a graduate-level program aimed to develop a competitive advantage for your organization through successful business strategies. This business training course differentiates organization effectiveness and strategic positioning. Then, it recognizes external factors affecting a business to guide you in analyzing your industry, developing your organization’s strategic positioning, and navigating the highs and lows of being an entrepreneur. This course also provides key concepts for driving significant change within the organization by understanding topics such as perception, motivation, coordination challenges, etc. Lastly, it identifies conditions for creating new strategic opportunities. Through this business training course, your employees will have a deeper sense of the competition and establish a more strategic approach in the operations to help your business elevate your position in the industry.


  • Difference between organizational effectiveness and strategic positioning
  • Understanding strategic positioning
  • Maintaining a dynamic organization
  • Creating new strategies and initiatives

Cost: Free

Created by edX

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SC Training (formerly EdApp) Business Training Course #7 - How to Create, Spot, and Take Opportunities

7. How to Create, Spot, and Take Opportunities 

The How to Create, Spot, and Take Opportunities course is another business training course by SC Training (formerly EdApp) which reinforces key concepts in understanding and seizing opportunities as a leader. The lessons include tactics to shake up the complacency of success, including the movement of managers and trainers and the introduction of consultants. By taking this short course, your learners will improve their attitude and approach when presented with opportunities. 


  • Ways to shake up the complacency of success
  • Taking advantage of opportunities

Cost: Free (up to 10 users)

Created by SC Training (formerly EdApp)

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SC Training (formerly EdApp) Business Training Course #8 - Scale and Growth

8. Scale and Growth

The Scale and Growth business training course by SC Training (formerly EdApp) is designed specifically for SaaS startups to demonstrate the importance of growing and scaling up. This course provides information about the steps companies take to scale up their businesses, the common scaling issues faced by startups, and the ways to overcome those challenges. It also discusses the metrics used in measuring how effective a company has scaled up, which includes MAU, ARR, CAC, etc. The course concludes with a lesson on the positive effects of scaling up on employees, such as liquidity of equity shares after an acquisition. Overall, this course will help your employees recognize their roles and responsibilities in achieving success for the company by operating towards scaling up. 


  • Understanding scaling up for SaaS startups
  • Common scaling issues faced by startups
  • Measuring scaling and growth in SaaS startups
  • Positive effects of scaling on employees

Cost: Free (up to 10 users)

Created by SC Training (formerly EdApp)

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Universal Class Business Training Course #9 - Business Ethics

9. Business Ethics

The Business Ethics by Universal Class offers a comprehensive course about ethics and its application in different circumstances. This online training covers topics, such as business ethics, workplace ethics, compliance, responsibilities & impact, and consumer rights. Lessons are delivered through videos and supplementary articles. It also includes assignments to reinforce key information and tests knowledge retention through an exam at the end of every lesson. After successful course completion, learners are required to have a minimum of 70 percent as the final grade to earn a certificate. The course is designed for self-paced learning but only within 6 months upon purchase.


  • Business ethics
  • Importance of ethics in learning environment
  • Workplace ethics
  • Compliance training
  • Responsibilities & impact
  • Consumer rights

Cost: 50 USD (without certificate), 75 USD (with certificate)

Created by Universal Class

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SC Training (formerly EdApp) Business Training Course #10 - Entrepreneurship Post COVID19

10. Entrepreneurship Post COVID19

Hosted for free in SC Training (formerly EdApp)'s scorm compliant learning platform, Glaxotech E-Learning Ltd offers the Entrepreneurship Post COVID19 to reinforce the importance of embracing technology tools to sell and scale in small business development. This small business training course provides any small business owner with the essentials and key insights in preparing for the business post-COVID19. The lesson from this course strengthens digital platforms as a vital aspect in your marketing and branding strategy amidst the pandemic which enables your employees to adapt more efficiently.


  • Using technological tools for your business post-COVID19

Cost: Free (up to 10 users)

Created by SC Training (formerly EdApp)

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Enhance your workforce competence with business training

Having a foundational knowledge of business and a deeper understanding of the industry gives your employees a competitive edge in driving success in the operations within your organization. Employees who have the right attitude but lack business knowledge and skills fail to maximize their capabilities in driving tangible results for the company. Investing in business training programs can help your employees recognize their responsibilities in making a significant impact on the business and sustaining value-driven relationships with clients. To help you lead the industry with a competitive workforce, we’ve curated 10 business training courses to help your employees reinforce fundamental business concepts and skills, challenge competitors with innovative business strategies, and sustain stronger relationships with your clients.

Who Should Take Business Training Courses?

Business training is designed for employees working in any company whether a small business or large corporation. It is vital especially for new hires to be equipped with sufficient knowledge on key business concepts and principles, as well as a comprehensive understanding of the industry. It’s also equally important for existing employees to be refreshed on the aspects of profitable growth, ways to identify and develop relevant strategies for the organization, and techniques for improving practical entrepreneurial skills. Employees of any tenure in the business can surely benefit from business training courses.

Do you need Business Training?

Possessing key business and entrepreneurship skills is essential for keeping your operations running smoothly, and in growing your business. Without the right business mindset and skills, your teams will fail to maximize opportunities that will allow your business to step ahead of the competition in the industry. Through business training, especially for small businesses, you can grow your business more effectively. It will help your employees develop the right aptitude to perform their responsibilities in the operations, develop a strategic approach, and drive tangible results for the business. So, if you’re a training manager with a vision of growing and achieving long-term success in this industry, it’s needless to say that investing in business training should be your top priority.

How often should you do Business Training? 

It’s crucial for your employees to have regular business training. Their whole learning journey should start with a comprehensive onboarding experience on the foundation of knowledge about your business, the industry, the competitors, as well your specific processes and strategies. This way, they can confidently take on their new role in the business. It’s also essential to provide them with regular training to keep them updated on the changing demands of the customers and new trends in the industry. It also helps employees develop their fullest potential that will allow them to thrive, especially in fast-paced industries.

And the best part? Your team can complete courses anytime, anywhere, on any device.

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