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10 Car salesperson training courses

Auto sales require knowledge of vehicle features, warranty packages, documentation, etc. And of course, a strong set of sales skills that ensure closing deals every time. To help your teams become better salespeople, we’ve compiled a list of car salesperson training that covers everything from negotiation to sales strategies and customer experience.

Car sales person training
SC Training (formerly EdApp)

The Language of Sales by SC Training (formerly EdApp)

The foundation of any good salesperson is the language of sales. This includes building customer relationships, creating persuasive arguments, and talking through tough situations. This car salesperson training by SC Training (formerly EdApp) tackles all these important sales language topics through concrete scenarios and examples.

This three-part car salesperson training program is built with a microlearning model, which simply means every lesson is bite-sized but packed with highly targeted information. The lessons include how to build customer trust and relationships, all with interactive scenarios to engage learners. Your learners will also dive into creating arguments alongside car sales tips on how to navigate tough deals.

And to tie these all in, the best thing about SC Training (formerly EdApp) courses is that it’s accessible to all types of teams through the mobile-first design. All lessons and courses can be delivered straight to your team’s mobile devices. This is great for sales reps that are always on the go but still want to improve their existing skill sets.

Created By: SC Training (formerly EdApp)

Cost: Free

Scope: building customer relationships & cultivating trust, building convincing arguments, navigating tough situations/scenarios


Negotiation Fundamentals by SC Training (formerly EdApp)

Every auto deal is a negotiation challenge –  you need to know how to strike the best deal between you and the customer. And many consider negotiation to be an art. So, SC Training (formerly EdApp) created this negotiation fundamentals course to help your reps build a strong foundation for navigating deals. This course covers the importance of negotiating (in all aspects of life), ways to develop negotiation skills, influencing from the ground up, and inside tricks.

And if you’re working with a team of salespeople, you can incentivize taking the course by making it a competition. SC Training (formerly EdApp) courses have built-in gamification with leaderboards and real rewards to foster healthy competition among team members. Some healthy competition is always a great motivator for salespeople!

Created By: SC Training (formerly EdApp)

Cost: Free

Scope: the importance of negotiation, how to develop negotiation skills, influencing authority, the art of getting what you want


Creating a Positive Customer Experience by SC Training (formerly EdApp)

Customer service is an underrated aspect of sales. But if you can guarantee positive customer experience across the board, then you’re most likely to have return customers and brand loyalty. And it’s not that difficult, it’s all about mastering the small things. 

The course will cover everything you need from tips for car salespeople on customer service, simple ways to impress your customers, effective customer conversations, and foolproof strategies to impress your clients.

Created By: SC Training (formerly EdApp)

Cost: Free

Scope: Role of customer service in customer experience, impressing customers, how to make good conversations with customers, how to engage customers


Closing a Deal by SC Training (formerly EdApp)

The goal of every sales rep is closing the deal. But how do you get there? What are the hurdles, and how can you overcome them in your sales journey? This SC Training (formerly EdApp) sales training program talks about the modern sales techniques your salespeople need to adapt to modern sales problems. For example, the course dives into how sales work in the post-COVID world. 

To create agile salespeople, this course will take your rep teams through modern sales strategies based on research and experience. They’ll be taken through interactive scenarios that’ll challenge their understanding of sales and customer relationships. And all of these in a quick and easy three-part microlesson.

Created By: SC Training (formerly EdApp)

Cost: Free

Scope: modern sales strategies, relationships with stakeholders, closing deals during/after COVID-19


Dealing with Difficult Customers by SC Training (formerly EdApp)

The thing with sales is that you’ll never know what kind of customers you’re going to be getting. So, it’s honestly best to be prepared for any situation. This course is all about dealing with difficult customers and strategies on how to act during these tough situations. You can turn any difficult customer into a longtime client with the right techniques and mindset.

The course will take your reps through the types of customers based on traits. The lesson emphasizes that it’s the tough customers that have the potential to be your best ones because they speak their minds. By learning how to productively respond and handle criticism, you can close better deals. 

Created By: SC Training (formerly EdApp)

Cost: Free

Scope: types of difficult customers, how to respond to guest complaints, how to handle errors in deals, dealing with intoxicated customers


Building a Customer-Focused Culture by SC Training (formerly EdApp)

It’s no secret that Amazon built its empire through customer obsession. Putting all of your customers’ needs first guarantees success in all aspects of your sales initiatives. 

This SC Training (formerly EdApp) course is about how to build the foundation of customer obsession by fostering a customer-focused culture within sales teams and initiatives.This quick three--part microlesson tackles the definition of customer focus, understanding buying habits, and delivering customer-focused behavior within teams. 

And if you’re a training manager looking to use this as a foundation for other sales training, you can easily edit this course with SC Training (formerly EdApp)’s course creator tool.It’s got an easy drag-and-drop template with Canva integration to make designing easy and seamless even without prior design experience. Aside from customizing branding, you can easily add existing learning materials in PDFs, PPTs, or other files.

Created By: SC Training (formerly EdApp)

Cost: Free

Scope: What customer focus means, understanding buying habits, delivering customers through customer-focused behavior


Active Listening by SC Training (formerly EdApp)

We often think of salespeople as highly skilled smooth talkers, but we forget that the best sales reps are great listeners. Active Listening by SC Training (formerly EdApp) is a car salesperson training that dives deep into the fundamentals of listening as a sales skill. You can make better conversations that lead to better deals when your customers feel like they’re being heard.

The first lesson in this course is about active listening in sales: what it looks like and why each type is important. This seamlessly connects to the next lesson on the core principles of active listening like building rapport and trust. There’s also an important lesson on reading between the lines in conversation, in other words, nonverbal communication. And it all wraps up in a practical lesson on the ways to overcome the barriers of active listening.

Created By: SC Training (formerly EdApp)

Cost: Free

Scope: active listening in sales, principles of active listening, nonverbal communication, barriers to active learning


Advanced Negotiation by SC Training (formerly EdApp)

We’ve covered a negotiation fundamentals course earlier, and it’s also important to have a course ready for reps that are ready for the next level. This advanced negotiation course is the next step to growing a team of confident and competent sales representatives. Here they’ll learn negotiation stages in depth, strategizing negotiation plans, dealmaking, and even coalitions.

This course explores the bigger picture of sales and negotiation, going beyond just interpersonal conversations with customers. You can see this program as a stepping stone for building car salespeople that are innovative and strategic.

Created By: SC Training (formerly EdApp)

Cost: Free

Scope: stages of negotiation, sequencing strategies and tactics, dealmaking, building coalitions, information sharing at the bargaining table


Solution Selling Strategy by SC Training (formerly EdApp)

Selling cars isn’t just about selling a product your clients will drive around. Effectively selling a car means you’re able to offer customers a solution to their problems. Solution Selling Strategy by SC Training (formerly EdApp) covers the basics of this client strategy as a basis for every sales deal. If you’re looking for training ideas for car sales beyond negotiation and communication skills, this is it.

The course will discuss solution selling 101, scoping risks and opportunities for solutions, creative problem solving, and creating a solution selling action plan. 

Created By: SC Training (formerly EdApp)

Cost: Free

Scope: Solution selling 101, risk and opportunity for solution selling, creative problem solving, solution selling action plans


Selling Strategies and Interacting with Customers by SC Training (formerly EdApp)

This car salesperson training program by SC Training (formerly EdApp) is more of a practical training course designed to teach reps about concrete ways to create a positive customer experience. This course will discuss how to greet customers, selling by asking questions, value-based selling, and sales closing strategies. Again, this course as with all SC Training (formerly EdApp) courses is completely self-paced.

It’s easy to take this course remotely so that your teams don’t have to sit through long and boring lectures. This is why we consider SC Training (formerly EdApp) as one of the most effective automotive industry training platforms because of how accessible and dynamic it is.

Created By: SC Training (formerly EdApp)

Cost: Free

Scope: greeting customers, selling by asking questions, using curiosity to sell, value-based selling, sale closing techniques

Build a team of confident and competent salespeople today with these car salesperson training!

When you think about great car salespeople, you just think about smooth-talking people. But there’s so much more to car sales than meets the eye. There’s a lot of thought and strategy put into creating, building, and closing deals. We’ve created an expansive list of amazing training ideas and topics that your rep teams should learn about. We’ve included everything from advanced negotiation to active listening, and even long-term sales planning courses.

Help lose your teams’ auto deals today with effective car salesperson training!

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