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10 Construction safety training courses

Construction safety training creates better and smarter crews you can always rely on. In an industry where serious incidents are too common, make your site stand out using the safest practices and the best procedures. Build your team’s skills and knowledge with these ten construction safety courses. 

Construction safety training
Construction safety training - SC Training

OSHA Focus Four Hazards | Fall Hazards

At the top of the list is a program that protects your team from the leading cause of fatalities in construction sites. This SC Training Focus Four course on fall hazards guides workers through the right measures and equipment to secure themselves against the workplace’s riskiest hazard. 

The construction safety training helps workers recognize on-site fall hazards and gives the right methods for protection. Instruction on guardrails, safety nets, and personal fall arrest systems are all outlined for your crew. 

This safe construction training also helps your team use ladders and scaffolds properly. You can be sure workers comply with fall protection, as the course relays the application of OSHA’s requirements to the safety method. 

This Fall Hazard program is only one of the many construction health and safety trainings you can grab from SC Training’s course library. Deliver quality, mobile-friendly worksite protection knowledge that your team can use anytime, anywhere.

Created by: SC Training

Length: 5-10 minutes per lesson (self-paced)

Certificate: Available

Cost: Free (up to 10 users)

Construction safety training - Compliance Training Online

Construction Chemical Hazards & Toxic Substances

Chemical and toxic substances are common in construction. Mercury, lead, polyvinyl chloride, and asbestos are all hazardous materials your crew can encounter every day on-site. Compliance Training Online’s course raises awareness of the dangerous effects of exposure to these elements. 

The program trains workers in hazard communication, exposure control methods, and exposure limitations for the most effective protection against chemical hazards and toxic substances. It also covers key terms and health monitoring to complete the course.

Created by: Compliance Training Online 

Length: 1 hour 

Certificate: Available after completing the exam 

Cost: Starts at 39.95 USD/user

Construction safety training - SC Training

OSHA Focus Four Hazards | Struck-by Hazards

Sites are unpredictable. With many moving parts and equipment, being struck by materials can lead to serious injuries for your workers. This program trains them for these hazards and protects them from swinging, flying, rolling, and falling objects. 

SC Training’s course delivers practical assessments and situational analyses that improve your team’s recognition of struck-by hazards. The construction safety training builds your workers’ awareness of the different risk types and teaches them how to avoid them. 

This safe construction training focuses on application, guiding your team to eliminate dangers and keep moving objects to a minimum in working areas. It tests crew members' hazard protection abilities and makes OSHA compliance better. 

The course helps your team apply safety skills by turning training into games. SC Training’s gamification tests trainees’ knowledge and connection-building through fun, easy tasks.

Created by: SC Training 

Length: 5 to 10 minutes 

Certificate: Available 

Cost: Free (up to 10 users)

Construction safety training - National Fire Protection Association

Construction Site Fire Safety Fundamentals Online Training

Electrical components and combustible materials on-site make fire safety training necessary. Including this program in your construction training courses builds your team’s fire safety practices, measures, and prevention. 

The National Fire Protection Association’s course emphasizes personal responsibilities to keep work sites safe from ignitions and spreads. It trains your team on hazard identification, standards compliance, and safety applications.

Created by: the National Fire Protection Association

Length: 1 hour 

Certificate: Available 

Cost: 56 USD

Construction safety training - SC Training

OSHA Focus Four Hazards | Caught In or Between Hazards

Your team needs to understand how easy it is to get caught in or between machines, objects, and structures on-site. As part of the four most common hazards in construction, this SC Training course builds workers' awareness, recognition, and minimization of these risks. 

The comprehensive program identifies workplace situations for workers to be cautious of these hazards. It orients them on the protection methods when working with rolling, sliding, or shifting equipment.  

This safe construction training improves understanding by defining caught in or between hazards and the different kinds. The course is a great overview that develops tool safeguarding and workplace protection. 

Your worksite holds different pieces of equipment and houses unique tasks. You can edit this training program to specify it to your crew’s jobs, just like other SC Training courses. Add more safety knowledge your team needs for better effectiveness.

Created by: SC Training

Length: 5-10 minutes per lesson (self-paced)

Certificate: Available

Cost: Free (up to 10 users)

Construction safety training - Hard Hat Training

Ergonomics Construction Online Training

Repetitive intense motions like lifting, carrying, and handling materials lead to different damages to bones and joints. Hard Hat Training delivers a general safety course on the proper working postures and ergonomics to perform physical tasks. 

This detailed and scientific program encourages better practices and techniques for ground-level, overhead, and hand-intensive labor. It emphasizes maintaining a healthy spine and back through the physical work of handling in construction.

Created by: Hard Hat Training

Length: 1 hour 

Certificate: Available 

Cost: 39 USD

Construction safety training - SC Training

OSHA Focus Four | Electrocution Hazard

This construction safety training is perfect for workers who use overhead lines, cable harnesses, and circuit assemblies. The threats of improper insulation, grounding, and line contact put them at risk of shocks or burns. 

SC Training’s course saves your team from those hazards and more. It trains them on the safest work practices with electrical equipment, including proper handling and maintenance. The program also boosts protection by helping workers differentiate conductors and insulators. 

The construction health and safety training introduces workers to circuit protection devices, additionally orienting them on the dangers of working with electricity in damp conditions. Overall, it emphasizes good procedures and secure conditions. 

Construction training programs like SC Training combine digital training with in-person assessments. Skills like electrical safety need regular improvement and testing, and a tool like this gives you the power to do both in one, easy place.

Created by: SC Training

Length: 5 to 10 minutes 

Certificate: Available 

Cost: Free (up to 10 users)

Construction safety training - ClickSafety

Heat Stress/Heat Illness for Construction

Weather conditions, like heat, are one of the factors in construction you can’t control, but you can control how your team responds and adapts to it. This training program guides your team to identify, recognize, and control heat stress hazards. 

ClickSafety’s course helps workers understand the illnesses that hot weather conditions bring on-site, giving them the correct safety measures to keep themselves healthy. Its OSHA guidelines and protective equipment training also help teams avoid heat stress.

Created by: ClickSafety

Length: 20 minutes 

Certificate: Not available 

Cost: 40 USD

Construction safety training - SC Training

Confined Spaces

Building worker’s awareness of confined spaces and their hazards saves them from excessive heat, toxic atmospheres, and irregular oxygen levels. SC Training’s course delivers all that to help your team assess their surroundings and avoid closures. 

This program details the dangers of confined spaces for your team, exploring the risks of confinement, limited access, and restricted airflow. It trains them to identify these hazards and how to address their risks, as instructed by OSHA. 

The course also guides your team to evaluate when it’s necessary to enter these enclosures and how to keep themselves safe when inside. 

Even with your crew’s busy schedule, you can be sure they complete their valuable construction safety training. With SC Training, courses, like this, are divided into quick, small lessons that pack so much knowledge and can be finished in as fast as five minutes.

Created by: SC Training

Length: 5 to 10 minutes 

Certificate: Available 

Cost: Free (up to 10 users)

Construction safety training - OSHA Education Center

OSHA Personal Protective Equipment Certificate Course

Covering the different types and applications, OSHA Education Center’s personal protective equipment course is complete and versatile. It discusses hazard assessment and choosing the right PPE for the situation. 

The program also explores the standard requirements for eye and face protection, respirators, hand guards, and other body protection. This course fits all positions and tasks for construction thanks to its wide coverage in pieces of equipment.

Created by: OSHA Education Center

Length: 1 hour 

Certificate: Available

Cost: 24.95 USD

The best on-site work starts with construction safety. These are the procedures, protocols, and regulations your organization sets to maintain a safe and productive workplace. The practice lays the standards for equipment usage, hazard protection, and risk assessment within your team. 

With the industry creating the second most fatal occupational injuries, construction safety builds a strong crew, capable of audits and safeguarding measures that minimize incidents and comply with standards. Your workplace sees better morale, motivation, and relationships between workers. 

What is construction safety training? 

Construction safety training educates your crew on the right skills and knowledge to create a safe and productive worksite. It raises their awareness of the risks and hazards they can encounter in the workplace, equipping them to assess and address these dangers effectively. 

These construction courses help workers to operate machines, handle materials, and comply with standards properly. They become smart, calculated, and responsible for the well-being of their team. Construction safety training creates a complete and capable crew you can trust to be effective. 

What are the safety hazards in construction? 

The construction site faces many hazards that your team should be trained to address. For awareness, here are the common on-site risks to guard your workers against: 

OSHA Fatal Four 

OSHA identified these four hazards as the leading causes of physical and financial losses in the industry. The Center for Construction Research and Training found that these four accounted for 65.2% of fatal injuries in construction between 2011-2022

  • Falls -  This hazard causes workers to lose balance or body support leading to a fall. This comes from elevated work areas, floor openings, and unstable surfaces. Fall hazards can also be created through unguarded steel rebars and misused ladders. 
  • Struck by -  This hazard creates contact or impact with objects or pieces of equipment that results in worker injuries or fatalities. These are incidents created by impact alone from flying, falling, swinging, or rolling hand tools, debris, or building equipment from the site. 
  • Caught in or between - This hazard comes from tight spaces that cause worker injuries from being squeezed, caught, crushed, or compressed between objects. Cave-ins, unguarded machines, trenches, or heavy equipment can pull or press crew members. 
  • Electrocutions - The hazard is any electrical equipment that exposes workers to dangerous amounts of electric energy. These could be shocks, arc flashes and blasts, and explosions. The risk comes from improper insulation and grounding, power line contact, improper use of cords, and exposed wires. 

Other common safety hazards in construction 

Besides the fatal four, here are the other hazards that are common on-site 

  • Chemical - These toxic substances cause health and physical damage from exposure. Some common construction materials contain chemicals like lead, silica, benzene, and asbestos that put workers at risk. 
  • Fire - These are on-site objects that can cause an uncontrolled fire ignition. Machines, lighters, scraps, thinners, welders, and radiators can ignite and fuel the fire when combusted with oxygen. 
  • Repetitive motion - These are frequent physical tasks that lead to torn ligaments and muscles when overexerted without recovery. Repeated lifting, pushing, and pulling can injure workers’ limbs. 
  • Weather stress - These are extreme weather conditions like heat, cold, winds, rains, and storms that can cause many health and safety problems. Heat can cause dehydration, colds lead to hypothermia, winds create struck-by hazards, and storms produce electrical hazards. 
  • Confined Spaces - These are manholes, crawl spaces, pits, and chambers that are too small to stay in for long periods. Tight spaces create toxic atmospheres, abnormal oxygen levels, flammable atmospheres, and extreme heat. 

Build the most productive worksite with construction safety training 

Construction safety training equips your team to be effective in their roles, without compromising their well-being. The safest methods create the best jobs in this industry. 

Sites can be unpredictable, with many factors that you can’t control. Take charge then of what you can - practices, procedures, attitudes, and habits, and you can improve that through construction safety training. 

Create the most effective construction safety training by signing up for SC Training today!

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