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10 OSHA construction training courses online

Construction training brings out your team’s finest work. Set up your crew for success by equipping them with the safest practices, procedures, and techniques to bring on the worksite. Improve the standard for builds and safety with these ten OSHA construction training courses.

OSHA construction training

Head Protection (US)

Headgear is one of the easiest ways to keep your crew safe, but incorrect use can be dangerous. SC Training (formerly EdApp)’s Head Protection course corrects and improves the use of helmets on your site.

The refresher course details the different types of headgear and the appropriate time to use them. It also trains your team on the maintenance, usage, and storage of head protections so they can maximize their guard against falls and dropping objects.

As an OSHA construction training course, it compares the agency’s recommended safety helmet with the common hard hat - highlighting the added protection, security, and comfort it gives your members.

Your crew can complete this anytime during their busy schedule with the help of SC Training’s mobile-first training approach. Construction courses are made accessible to members anywhere using the device they prefer.

Created by: SC Training

Length: 5-10 minutes per lesson (self-paced)

Certificate: Available

Cost: Free (up to 10 users)

OSHA construction training - SC Training

Fall Prevention (US)

Versatile for different construction roles, this fall protection training delivers many safety applications that your crew can bring to the job site. The course trains members to stay safe and productive on top or around ladders and scaffolding.

These tools are essential but create many hazards. When trained under this program, your team learns the proper inspection and usage of this equipment.

As one of the best online courses in construction, it explores how to identify and minimize fall hazards. It also includes case studies that raise awareness of the common accidents and avoidance of this workplace risk.

The lessons are detailed but quick. The course is divided into short pieces for direct and focused team microlearning. With SC Training, your team gets valuable construction training that improves their work regularly.

Created by: SC Training

Length: 5-10 minutes per lesson (self-paced)

Certificate: Available

Cost: Free (up to 10 users)

OSHA construction training - OSHA.com

OSHA Construction Training Course

This OSHA 30-hour construction training covers the industry basics for safety, health, and procedures. Perfect for both members and managers, OSHA.com delivers a complete course on identifying, addressing, and reporting the hazards of the job.

As an accredited outreach course, it trains your team to resolve construction safety issues while complying with regulations. The program issues Department of Labor wallet cards that add to your crew’s credentials.

Created by: OSHA.com

Length: 30 hours

Certificate: Available after completing the post-training survey

Cost: 59.99 USD

OSHA construction training - Hard Hat Training

Excavation and Trench Safety Online Training

Hard Hat Training’s OSHA construction training gives a comprehensive course for excavation and trench competency. To avoid the threat of collapses, the lessons cover soil classifications, protective systems, and atmospheric considerations.

The course is great for both beginners and those looking for competent person accreditation. This four-hour-long program helps improve shoring, whaling, and testing for the safest crew work over and underground.

Created by: Hard Hat Training

Length: 4 hours

Certificate Available

Cost: 79 USD

OSHA construction training - SC Training

Hazard Communication in Construction (US)

Created in compliance with OSHA standard 1926.59, this course by SC Training goes beyond the principles of hazard communication. It connects chemical labels and safety data sheet interpretation with the right procedures to handle dangerous substances.

Approved by the American Society of Safety Professionals (ASSP), the refresher helps maintain your crew’s grasp of HAZCOM symbols, texts, and pictograms. As a result, they’re more capable of handling chemicals safely and effectively.

You want to make sure your team retains as much knowledge of hazard communication as possible. With the course’s gamified experience, your team enjoys in-lesson games that help them remember the construction safety practices they’ve learned throughout the training.

Created by: SC Training

Length: 5-10 minutes per lesson (self-paced)

Certificate: Available

Cost: Free (up to 10 users)

OSHA construction training - SC Training

Lead in Construction (US)

This OSHA construction training refreshes workers on lead exposure and control at work. It’s a complete review of the chemical’s presence in construction and its health effects.

Your crew can find traces of lead in demolition, plumbing, electricity, and many other roles. Delivering this course retrains them on hazard communication, protective measures, and regulation compliance to protect them from the highly toxic metal.

This ASSP-reviewed SC Training program also emphasizes the long-term health benefits of lead protection for your members and their families. It keeps the team safe not only at work but also at home.

Created by: SC Training

Length: 5-10 minutes per lesson (self-paced)

Certificate: Available

Cost: Free (up to 10 users)

OSHA construction training - OSHA Education Center

OSHA 10-Hour Training Online

This online course offers training on the OSHA focus four - falls, caught in or between, struck-by, and electrocution. Your team learns to guard themselves from the most common hazards in construction.

Great for entry-level workers seeking certification and accreditation, OSHA Education Center’s program also discusses workers’ rights, employer expectations, and responsibilities for safety. They also issue a DOL wallet card after completion.

Created by: OSHA Education Center

Length: 4 hours

Certificate: Available

Cost: 59 USD

OSHA construction training - Compliance Training Online

Construction Concrete and Masonry

This introductory course explores concrete and masonry requirements, safety practices, and responsibilities. Specializing in 29 CFR Subpart Q, relevant members are trained on cast-in-place, precast, and lift-slab standards.

Your crew also learns the requirements for necessary tools such as storage, mixers, trowels, buggies, and saws. Compliance Training Online’s program is in-depth and comprehensive about the skill while maintaining a self-paced approach.

Created by: Compliance Training Online

Length: 2 hours

Certificate: Available

Cost: Starts at 39.95 USD/user

OSHA construction training - SC Training

Respiratory Protection Awareness (US)

There’s plenty of dust, chemicals, and pollutants in construction sites. With this SC Training course, your team learns the importance of respiratory protection and the best practices in each building situation.

The OSHA construction training teaches your crew the different types of respirators and the best times to use them. They’ll become familiar with the various ways to reduce hazards from metal fumes, solvent vapors, and oxygen shortage.

Besides respirators and other forms of protection, members take on different control methods to minimize hazards. The course also tackles safety plans and maintenance for the most effective respiratory safeguards.

Your team faces respiratory protection challenges that are unique from others. With SC Training, you can edit the course to add and revise key information - improving the distinct conditions of your construction site for success.

Created by: SC Training

Length: 5-10 minutes per lesson (self-paced)

Certificate: Available

Cost: Free (up to 10 users)

OSHA construction training - SC Training

OSHA First Aid Standards

Nothing beats being prepared for unfortunate situations. SC Training’s OSHA First Aid Standards course equips your team to perform immediate emergency responses.

These detailed lessons train members to assess both non-life-threatening and life-threatening emergencies. It prepares your team to determine the right procedures for treating these injuries.

This OSHA construction training also discusses the required contents of a first-aid kit. In connection, it details the standards of the agency for emergency administration. That way, you’re sure that your procedures are correct, compliant, and legal.

The course’s interactivity keeps members hands-on with this first-aid training. Engagement is crucial when lessons help save lives. You can be sure of that with SC Training’s games and blended learning functions.

Created by: SC Training

Length: 5-10 minutes per lesson (self-paced)

Certificate: Available

Cost: Free (up to 10 users)

Be the safest workplace in a high-hazard industry. Construction safety builds the most productive site your crew can trust. The trade is agile work around hazardous conditions, but that doesn’t have to be the case for the members of your site.

Construction safety sets on-site rules and procedures that minimize accidents. It’s the practice of standardizing protocols, inspections, and usage to remove risks from roles. This workplace measure includes safeguarding, audits, and training.

Implementing construction safety makes work better and faster. Your team is focused and driven when they feel secure. They’re equipped for the challenges of building while complying with regulations.

What is construction training?

Construction training is one of your best tools to improve safety. It communicates the right methods and attitudes for your crew to use in their roles. This construction safety practice trains your team on the safest and most effective ways to accomplish their job.

Construction training helps members find, control, and eliminate the hazards they face with their jobs and equipment. It boosts their capability, builds their skills, and updates them on innovations.

It’s important to note that construction training should be performed regularly. Training isn’t limited to new hires; it’s also a great way to keep your existing employees as sharp as possible.

What are OSHA’s training requirements for construction?

To align with the standards, here are the OSHA requirements for construction training:

  • Complies with the Secretary of Labor - Training should be within one of the programs established and supervised by the Secretary.
  • Complies with OSHA standards - Training should follow the safety and health regulations set by OSHA.
  • Specific to construction roles - Training should cover the unique hazards, regulations, handling, risk recognition, and first-aid that are different for each position in construction.
  • Comprehensive and detailed - Training should fully discuss the hazardous conditions, substances, and stock they could encounter, as well as the appropriate safety measures.
  • Includes emergency response - Training should teach members the organization’s emergency plan. They should be trained upon hiring and whenever changes to the plan are made.

Build successful job sites with OSHA construction training

The best builds are the safest ones. OSHA construction training improves skills, safety measures, and work practices to help your team reach their best.

Construction work can be unpredictable, with many variables capable of dictating outcomes. Equipping your team with the proper knowledge and attitude prepares them for any problem they may encounter on the job. Beyond safety, training builds success.

Deliver OSHA construction training to your team using the best safety training platform. Sign up for SC Training today!

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