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10 Crowd Management Training Courses

We’ve created a list of ten crowd management courses to help prepare both managers and employees in the security, safety, and hospitality sectors to deal with situations involving crowded environments. Here, they’ll learn about different factors such as strategic planning, organizational skills, and safety protocols to ensure that a safe gathering takes place regardless of the number of attendees.

Crowd Management Training Courses
Last published: 13th May 2024
SC Training (formerly EdApp) Crowd Management Training Course - Crowd Management

1. Crowd Management by SC Training (formerly EdApp)

Crowd Management by SC Training (formerly EdApp) is a crowd management training course that helps you run big events, like sales or product releases, and ensure everyone’s safety in the venue. It starts by stressing the importance of event preparation by having a system in place, such as ensuring that entry and exit points are well-designated and that the police and fire departments are informed about the event.

Anticipating the number of people can be difficult but it’s also a must to be prepared and have additional staff on shift, including security personnel. It also includes a lesson on what to do during the event, such as reinforcing guidelines and keeping communication lines open among employees as well as customers. As emergencies or accidents can arise in big events, it also has a lesson on how to handle them by training staff in basic first aid and knowing where the first aid kits are placed.

Due to the nature of the job, not all retail stores have the luxury of gathering employees in a classroom for a sit-down training program. This makes SC Training (formerly EdApp) the perfect training companion, as this course can be taken anytime and anywhere on both computers and mobile devices. This course is fully editable so you can customize and personalize it to include branding and details specific to your event and organization.

Cost: Free (up to 10 users)


  • Event planning & reparation
  • Event duration guidelines
  • Handling emergencies & accidents

Created by SC Training (formerly EdApp)

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Meirc Training & Consulting Crowd Management Training Course - Crowd Management and Control

2. Crowd Management and Control

Meirc’s Crowd Management and Control course was developed to equip learners with the importance of planning and preparing events with big crowds. It starts with an introduction to best crowd management and control, which outlines the responsibilities of event staff and first responders, homeland-security measures, and legal requirements. It then examines crowd dynamics and behavior, which includes topics, such as types of behavior, principles of queue management, and the 3 Ds for crowd safety. For the safety of event participants, learners will also learn about crowd risk assessment and safety planning. This course includes interactive activities to engage learners, such as group discussions, case studies, hands-on practical exercises, and group projects. While this course is comprehensive, it’s not self-paced and is on the pricier end.

Cost: 2750 USD


  • Introduction to crowd management & control
  • Crowd dynamics & behavior
  • Crowd risk assessment
  • Safety planning

Created by Meirc Training & Consulting

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Emergency Planning College Crowd Management Training Course - Introduction to Crowd Safety Management

3. Introduction to Crowd Safety Management

EPC’s crowd management training course was designed to help you hold a safe and successful public event that attracts large crowds. Lessons in this course will tackle key legislation & guidance requirements, hazard management, federal emergency management, crowd analysis, crowd safety planning, resilience, and contingency planning. By the end of this course, learners will be able to identify major risks to crowd safety, create a crowd safety plan and put it into action, manage emergencies like storms and other natural disasters, and mitigate hazardous disasters. If you need training on this topic specific to your organization’s needs, they also offer bespoke courses.

Cost: Starts at £835


  • Risk management
  • Crowd analysis
  • Crowd safety planning
  • Emergency response

Created by Emergency Planning College

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Cranfield University Crowd Management Training Course - Crowd Sciences and Crowd Management in Practice

4. Crowd Sciences and Crowd Management in Practice

When preparing for a large event, the venue or space where it will be held is always an important consideration. Cranfield University’s crowd management training course focuses on how space and environment affect the way that people behave and interact with one another. Here, learners will explore crowd behavior in three dimensions: number, density, and individual or collective behavior. It also includes lessons for emergency preparedness and management, evacuation planning, and policing management to ensure the security and safety of eventgoers. This course is delivered live online and there will be in-depth discussion and interaction with speakers. It will take around 5-6 hours to complete this course, which can be disadvantageous for learners with a tight schedule.

Cost: £250


  • Use of space
  • Dimensions of crowd behavior
  • Emergency procedures
  • Evacuation planning

Created by Cranfield University

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TrainMyGuard.com Crowd Management Training Course - Crowd Management

5. Crowd Management by TrainMyGuard

TrainMyGuard.com’s crowd management training course aims to prepare learners to manage crowded events with confidence. In this course, they’ll be able to understand the difference between crowd management and crowd control, and how customer service skills play a big part when dealing with attendees. It also touches on topics, such as crowd dynamics, crowd behavior, fan behavior, and mob mentality while highlighting the role of security professionals in preventing and responding to incidents. This 2-hour course comes with quizzes, assignments, and a final test where learners will need to get a minimum of 80% to get a certificate. It can be taken anytime but the course must be completed within 90 days from signup. 

Cost: $35 CAD (exclusive of GST)


  • Crowd management vs. Crowd control
  • Customer service
  • Crowd dynamics
  • Physical security

Created by TrainMyGuard.com

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Seably Crowd Management Training Course - Crowd Management for Yachts

6. Crowd Management for Yachts

Seably’s crowd management training course is intended for crew members who are looking to work on a commercial ship. In a confined marine vessel, like a yacht, it’s crucial that personnel know how to handle passengers and keep them safe on board given the limited space they’re in. One of the topics covered in this course is managing individuals during incidents like fires, inclement weather, and acts of terrorism. Learners will also discover how human behavior is an important aspect and will be able to identify four common groups based on how they react to emergencies. It also tackles the importance of having clear communication, such as making an announcement and using short commands and appropriate hand signals. This course can be completed in 44 minutes and a state-approved Standards of Training, Certification, and Watchkeeping for Seafarers (SCTW) certificate will be issued after.

Cost: 49.99 USD


  • Handling guests during crises and emergencies
  • Human behavior
  • Managing people and crowds
  • Communication guidelines

Created by Seably

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Center for Campus Fire Safety Crowd Management Training Course - Crowd Manager Training

7. Crowd Manager Training

The tasks and responsibilities of a crowd manager before, during, and after an event are covered in this four-part course from the Center for Campus Fire Safety. It teaches learners various prevention strategies to avoid serious incidents by planning in advance through conducting pre-event inspections and making sure that fire systems are working properly. This course will also discuss how to handle an event in case of unfavorable weather conditions and any power outage as well as when and how to evacuate attendees. This course includes quizzes and further reading material which can be completed in 2 hours. A score of 80 or higher is required to be awarded a certificate of completion.

Cost: 19.95 USD


  • Prevention strategies
  • Reacting to inclement weather
  • Evacuation protocols

Created by Center for Campus Fire Safety

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National Investigative Training Academy Crowd Management Training Course - Crowd Control Training

8. Crowd Control Training

NITA’s Crowd Control course helps security personnel properly plan and execute crowd mitigation techniques when large gatherings occur in public spaces. It first defines crowd control then identifies what causes a crowd and what attracts them. The course then proceeds by teaching learners about the different types of crowds and crowd formations. Other topics discussed here include crowd management techniques, crowd assessment and readiness, and security behavior. This self-paced course takes 4-6 hours to complete and a certificate of completion is issued once a learner gets a passing mark on the final assessment.

Cost: 149 USD


  • Definition of crowd control
  • Types of crowds
  • Crowd management techniques’
  • Security behavior

Created by National Investigative Training Academy

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Learnful Crowd Management Training Course - Risk & Safety Management for Crowds & Events

9. Risk & Safety Management for Crowds & Events

The objective of Learnful’s crowd management training course is to aid learners in reducing risks and ensuring that an event is well-organized. Here, learners will discover the ins and outs of planning and delivering safe events through case studies and real-world event projects. They’ll also learn about disaster preparedness, incident management, proven planning and public safety management tools, and how to develop an emergency management plan of their own. While this course is delivered live online, a recorded session can be accessed by enrollees so they can revisit lessons and learn at their own pace.

Cost: €1100


  • Event planning
  • Safety management tools
  • Developing a safety plan

Created by Learnful

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SCTW Online Crowd Management Training Course - STCW Crowd Management

10. STCW Crowd Management

This course from SCTW online is another crowd management online training course required for seafarers to ensure the safety and well-being of big crowds of passengers on board ships. The course kicks off by providing learners with a brief history of SCTW and how it was brought about by historic ship accidents. Lessons in this course include passenger assistance, life-saving appliances & control plans, and communication procedures. After taking this course, learners will be able to safely control and communicate with crowds in case of emergency. It takes 4 hours to finish the entire course and a certificate of proficiency will be given.

Cost: €60


  • SCTW history
  • Assisting passengers
  • Emergency communication and response

Created by SCTW Online

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Expand your knowledge and skills with crowd management training

Crowd management is the process of preparing and directing how the general public gathers at an event and moves within their environment. While every event and location is unique, having the basic knowledge and skills to prepare for large crowds is vital. With crowd management training courses, your teams will be equipped with the knowledge and skills they need to handle crowds and be prepared for any adverse situations. As managing big events can pose serious problems, such as hazards, injuries, and fatalities, equipping your teams with the proper training ensures that large gatherings proceed in an orderly and problem-free manner.

And the best part? Your team can complete courses anytime, anywhere, on any device.

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